The long awaited Overwatch Tier List by the Overwatch boost pro team is here. Note that this is purely for Solo Que purposes in the 1500-4000 SR range, pure raw strength for playing with random strangers. Some heroes will perform better than their current tier in higher and lower SR ranges.

Also, some heroes could be tier 1 on one map and tier 3 on the other map, the same goes for team comps, therefore, this is a rounded up tier list for general purposes.

So without further ado, let's find out who are the best Overwatch characters.


Tier 1 - These are the best characters, they are picked in most of the games and they fit almost every team composition.

Tier 2 - If you cannot choose anything from Tier 1, go for Tier 2, these are balanced picks.

Tier 3 - These are not necessarily terrible but they perform worse than the Tier 2 and Tier 1 heroes when not played exceptionally and may do better in organized team play rather than Solo Queue.

overwatch tier list damage

Tier 1 - Tracer, McCree, Mei, Symmetra

Tier 2 - Doomfist, Sombra, Echo, Pharah, Reaper, Ashe, Hanzo, Junkrat

Tier 3 - Bastion, Genji, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Soldier:76

overwatch tier list tank

Tier 1 - Reinhardt, D.Va, Zarya

Tier 2 - Orisa, Winston, Sigma, Wrecking Ball

Tier 3 - Roadhog

overwatch tier list supports

Tier 1 - Baptiste, Lucio

Tier 2 - Zenyatta, Ana, Mercy, Brigitte

Tier 3 - Moira

Reasoning Behind the Best Overwatch Characters Tier List

Echo [Damage] Echo was added in Season 21 as a new DPS hero. On PTR she was the strongest DPS by far, they toned her down a little, however, I still believe she is Tier 1 currently.

Sigma [Tank] Sigma is the newest addition to the game and is quite hard to play and master. He offers both very strong defensive and offensive abilities, with his shield being very easy to reposition to the correct angle and with his Accretion combined with his primary fire enabling the player to deal amounts of damage compared to a damage hero. When in the right hands, he's an amazing hero and currently in a balanced Tier 2.

Baptiste [Support] Baptiste is now again Tier 1 after Brig nerf.

Ashe [Damage] Ashe is the latest damage hero added to the game, she is capable of outputting a very high amount of damage, with the drawbacks that her mobility is quite limited along with the fact that to deal the most damage she needs to be scoped in for every shot, which reduces awareness and makes it easier to be killed. However, her raw power is great so she is a great Tier 1 pick.

Wrecking Ball [Tank] Wrecking Ball had a rough start but after people learned how to play him, he is in a better spot overall. Although in most cases he is still outclassed in usability by main tanks that have shields, such as Reinhardt and Orisa. Overall there are times where he is a very strong pick, however, he is not as viable as other main tanks. He is currently in a balanced Tier 2 spot.

Brigitte [Support] After rework, Brigitte has been quite weaker, but still amazing if you know how to play her right. Currently in great shape Tier 1.

Moira [Support] Moira’s ability to quickly heal up multiple teammates at once, combined with her strong mobility on a low cooldown puts her in a great position, especially compared to other supports, who usually don’t have nearly as much mobility and versatility. Moira is currently in a balanced spot. Tier 2.

Doomfist [Damage] Doomfist is great on KOTH maps such as Illios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis and Busan. His Rocket Punch is an extremely strong ability, capable of killing the majority of the heroes in one hit, that combined with his other two abilities, which can be used either to engage or disengage makes him one of the best damage heroes. Currently in balanced shape, Tier 2.

Lucio [Support] Lucio is one of our Overwatch boosting experts’ favorite Heroes. He shines when he is played in a pre-made team with coordination. He is quite squishy, his projectiles are pretty wobbly, but his amazing flexibility, versatility and incredible sustain make Lucio a top pick for every team. Recent changes have put him in a weak Tier 3 spot.

Reinhardt [Tank] Every Overwatch player should be able to see the importance of his glowing shield, and the necessity of hiding behind it, however, usually his shield is outclassed by Orisa’s shield. His insanely strong defensive role should be apparent to all who play with him. Try to spend some time to practice your Charge ability - it can feel heavy once it's activated, and you will want to ensure that you hit your target. We also believe Reinhardt is currently Tier 2.

Junkrat [Damage] Junkrat is one of those Heroes that is best when he has a strong team. Otherwise, he can have limited damage output, no way to gain health in fights, and no special mobility- other than the springboard he gets from bouncing from his traps. He's one of the best at harassing your enemies - especially when you are waiting for your dead teammates to come back. Currently balanced Tier 2.

Widowmaker [Damage] A good Widowmaker player will cause the enemy team to have headaches. Unfortunately, when she is zoomed in on the action, she is vulnerable to being picked off by an aggressor. She is also countered quite hard by the double shield meta. Widowmaker is now Tier 1 of our Overwatch Tier List if you are an expert sniper, but she can be extremely tough to master and isn't Tier 1 if you cannot handle her.

McCree [Damage] Our Overwatch boosting team loves to play McCree, but he suffers from his lack of mobility options in battle. You also need very quick reactions to win the duels that you will find yourself in. Fortunately, his Flashbang grenade is really great for locking down a squishy for a kill, and masters of this Hero can make a huge difference to a team's fighting power. He is a strong pick in almost every situation where close combat is expected. Right now he's in a balanced tier 1 spot.

Reaper [Damage] His teleportation skill gives him the ability to sneak behind enemy lines quickly, and he also can put out absurd amounts of damage at close range. Wraith Form is an extremely strong skill, allowing him to feel quite safe, even while engaging very close to the enemy team. He is currently in Tier 2, but our Overwatch Boost experts will let you know if anything changes.

Sombra [Damage] Sombra requires extreme Team coordination which you do not see often in Solo Queue, also requires some insane skills to shine with her which is overall a bad combo to be climbing alone with. However, she's currently in a weak T3 but can be considered T2 too.

Mercy [Support] As much as we enjoy playing Mercy when we are with friends, it is much harder to win when she is played with random teammates. She's has a fun mix of buffs to play with, but you need to be playing with players who are cognizant enough to know that they are being sustained by said buffs - something that is a lot to ask for in solo queue. Mercy has been buffed recently and is now Tier 1.

D.Va [Tank] While in general, we are big fans of D.Va, and we're glad she recently got buffed and is now Tier 1.

Winston [Tank] Winston is currently quite weak due to the popularity of heroes that are very strong against him, Sigma, Reaper, Orisa. He can be played in certain scenarios, although they are few and far between.

Genji [Damage] After the last June buff, Genji is now a great Tier 1 at least for now. Part of his placement in this tier list will depend on your own skill and proficiency at the game, as he is extremely tough to play at a high level. If you can somehow connect his amazing mobility skills and precision aiming, place him at least a tier higher than he currently is in your personal list.

Hanzo [Damage] Hanzo has a higher skill-cap than the others that you will find within his specific category. His Lunge ability gives him really strong mobility and coupled with the high DPS of Storm Arrow he can be extremely deadly. His great wall-climbing ability allows him to reach some empty spots, but he needs to choose his focuses carefully once he gets into position, and finish them off fast.

Mei [Damage] Not only does Mei have a huge truckload of crowd-control to frustrate her enemy team, but she also summons a huge wall of ice that gives an extremely annoying barricade for her victims to have to deal with. Her immobilizing Ultimate Ability requires you to have a team that can capitalize on the opportunity. She is in a balanced Tier 2.

Pharah [Damage] Pharah's sheer ability to destroy opponents from the air by dishing out an absurd amount of damage makes her a really solid pick on some maps. Her extreme mobility allows her to scout out the situation from above, then prioritize most menacing threats to your teammates. A bunch of recent nerf patches have made her just a tiny bit more vulnerable than she had been in the past but our Overwatch Boosting team decided to keep her Tier 2.

Soldier: 76 [Damage] It's so tempting to think that Soldier: 76 is just another run-and-gun Hero at first glance - and it's not an accident that he is the first character you encounter during the tutorial - and yet there is still plenty of mastery to be made here regardless. His DPS is extremely strong, his Sprint ability allows him to return to the thick of battle very quickly, and the group heal can sometimes be the sole difference between victory and an embarrassing group wipe. He is a fantastic all-round fighter who can justify his spot on pretty much any team and map. Currently in a balanced Tier 2.

Tracer [Damage] There was once a time that every Overwatch player on earth would have had Tracer occupy the very highest part of our tier list, but things have changed quite a bit in recent months. Players have learned to play around her rapid re-positioning skills, and although she's still good at taking out those pesky turrets and Bastions, both Bastion and Torbjorn have realized the immediate danger a Tracer always represents. She's a pretty twitchy Hero to play as well, skilled players can still shine with her, with enough practice, although for a while now she’s been quite weak overall due to the focus on high HP tanks, shields and a lot of stuns. Currently great Tier 1.

Roadhog [Tank] Roadhog truly excels at frustrating the enemy team, due to his very intimidating presence which comes with a massive health pool. His physical size, along with his regenerating ability, gives him the ability to stay around for an extremely long time as he pokes his opponents or pulls them for a quick smack in the face. He's a very solid tank that can singlehandedly dictate the course of his battle when played to a high standard.

Symmetra [Support] There really is a lot to like about Symmetra, she was also reworked to make her better. Unfortunately, as our Overwatch Boosting experts point out, she doesn't have much for mobility, and her overall weapon range is fairly short. However, her weapon is able to deal a huge amount of damage after charging up and it regenerates ammo while damaging shields, which is extremely useful against any shield tanks. She dies in fights pretty fast, and she has a very high skill floor and ceiling. Currently weak Tier 3.

Zarya [Tank] As a strong Tank Hero, Zarya is as tough as solid nails and makes for an amazing obstacle for her enemy team to deal with. Everything about her screams pure survivability, from her personal shield that provides a massive buff to her health, to her deployed shield that is used to keep her teammates alive a bit longer. However, she does rely on having a strong main tank player on her team to give her energy through her friendly shield and to create space for her to deal damage. If your teammates can’t do this, head over for an Overwatch Boost. Her damage output - based on the damage that her shields absorb - is not really that bad either, especially when you take into account her role in the game.

Bastion [Damage] Bastion really loves to move throughout our Tier List. Due to the quite prevalent bunker comp, he's now close to the top of Tier 2.

Torbjorn [Defense] There is a good amount of love for Torbjorn out there and it comes for a very good reason. Turrets are sure to provide a huge pain in the neck for your opposing team, and if they lack the knowledge to switch Heroes to neutralize the threat, then you can be sure that they will find themselves trailing all match long. The only problem is that the player base has started to figure out the urgency of eliminating this threat, so he is struggling to fight hard in the current metagame. After his recent rework he got nerfed quite a bit and fails to find footing compared to other damage dealers capable of doing more than him, however, he's currently in a balanced Tier 2.

Zenyatta [Support] Zenyatta is amazing support with a high damage potential between his Orb of Discord and his own damage, however he just doesnt fit most of the comps now, he is strong in some but no overall consistency.

Ana [Support] Ana is a high skill cap hero due to relying on skill shots for healing, however, she compensates heavily by being very rewarding if you play well and land your skillshots. Currently an amazing Tier 1 spot.

Orisa [Tank] Orisa is a great team tank and fairly easy to play, varies a lot in the tier placing, was broken, then too weak, but now she's again a great pick.

Closing Words

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed. In case you still want professional help, we offer Premium Overwatch Skill Rating boosting by some of the world's best players. Get your OW Placement games boost done with a high win rate and start your Season the right way. :)

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