Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Doomfist and hopefully teach you how to play him just like myself or one of my Overwatch boosting squad teammates.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the guide itself where I’ll start with Doomfist’s abilities.

Doomfist Abilities

Doomfist’s passive is called The Best Defense…, his LMB is Hand Cannon, his E is a Seismic Slam, LSHIFT is Rising Uppercut, RCLICK is Rocket Punch and his Q is Meteor Strike. Let’s start with the Hand Cannon.

Hand Cannon [LMB]

Infamously called Shotgun Sniper, Doomfist’s LMB is a shotgun with a maximum of 4 ammo and up to 66 damage if you land all pellets. Works best on the closer range and reloads for 0.65 seconds per shot.

It’s crucial to save 3 or 4 shots for an engagement and use them between your abilities as a link for maximum damage. Your shooting animation is canceled whenever you use an ability. Also, practice trigger discipline so you don’t shoot at enemies at a distance where they currently are but rather predict where they will be a moment later in order to land as many pellets as possible.

Rising Uppercut [LSHIFT]

This is a melee ability that does 50 damage, knocks enemies into the air for 0.6 seconds and its cooldown is 6 seconds.

One of the main rules for Doomfist is to know your combos. The general rule is two abilities to engage and one ability to escape combo. For example, your uppercut combo is Punch + Shoot and then Slam out.

Seismic Slam [E]

This ability makes Doomfist leap forward and smash into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him. Deals 49-125 damage and has a max range of 15 meters. The area of effect is 8 meters with a 6 seconds cooldown.

The main seismic slam combo is the Shoot > Slam > Shoot > Uppercut > Shoot and escape if needed. Slam is used primarily for engagement while Punch is used for setups or escapes. Some people use Punch for engaging but that’s not ideal since you want to be fast and slam is fast, it’s also AoE.

There are generally two types of slams, a ground slam, and a targeted slam. When considering a ground slam it’s basically a slam when you jump onto an enemy team from high-ground. It deals more damage, but it’s slower, makes you susceptible to CC, and less accurate in general. Against heroes like Brigitte, Moira or McCree you need to be extremely careful because they can interrupt your ground slam.

The second is the targeted slam which is more precise, faster, and more resistant to CC, however, it deals less damage. When using Slam as an escape, in 99% of cases you want to use it at an angle to hide and try to re-engage and not directly to your team because you lose pressure and a new opportunity to engage. This also applies to escape Punches.

Rocket Punch [RCLICK]

Rocket Punch allows Doomfist to lunge forward after a charge up and knock an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they hit a wall after the knock. It does 50-100 damage with the punch and another 50-150 with a wall impact. The Max range is 20 meters.

It’s worth noting that you can prolong your punch which is mostly used to wait around the corner or bait an enemy while setting up for a better angle. You also need to press jump right at the end of your punch to preserve momentum and travel a little more.

Punch is often used only to reach the engagement angle faster and then engage with Slam or to escape an ugly situation.

A turn punch engage / move is hard to explain in text, but essentially you punch when you’re out of the line of sight let's say on a 45-degree angle, and when you start traveling, you quickly turn in the direction you want to come out and resume your travel there, often enemies don't even see you before it’s too late for them and helps you avoid getting CC’d and taking less damage during the move. If you manage to turn this whole thing into a proper engagement and link a combo that’s great.

A diagonal punch is also hard to explain so maybe it best to google a video of it, however, it’s when you charge up a punch against some kind of a wall of obstacle diagonally which “glitches” it a little and allows you to go into the air where you can follow up with a slam or uppercut depending if you’ve reached the target, for example, an enemy sniper.

When you become a more experienced Doomfist, you can combine turn punch + diagonal punch on some places too.

Meteor Strike [Q]

Doomfist’s ultimate allows you to jump into the sky and then crash back onto the ground dealing a lot of damage. The area of effect is split into the inner and outer ring, inner does 300 and outer ring 20-200 damage. The inner ring is 2 meters while the outer ring is 6 meters and the cast time is 1 second.

There are a couple of ways of using Meteor Strike, the first and most basic one that everyone does is to simply combo it with your combos mentioned above in the guide in order to deal maximum damage. The second one is to actually use the ult in order to “leave the fight” for 4 seconds while your other cooldowns are back up and then resume your aggression or escape the fight altogether.

The third one that most Doomfists don’t use is to actually use it to position yourself on high ground such as tall buildings, houses, and so on. This means you will not get any damage out of your ult and that’s why most people don’t use it, and therefore, most teams won’t expect it. When you reach your desired position with the ult, you will engage by using one of the tips mentioned in the guide above.

Final words

First of all, thank you for reading my Doomfist guide! I hope you learned something. While it’s hard to explain many of the things in the text, you can probably find it on YouTube for better understanding.

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Happy hunting!

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