Hey hey hey! Are you good with Reaper? Not as good as you’d like to be? No worries! Today I’m going to teach you how to become a Grandmaster Reaper and melt enemies with ease.

I’m a professional Overwatch 2 player here at Boosting Factory’s Overwatch boost section. I play Reaper often during rank boosting orders and I will show you how you can become a sick Reaper too.

Let’s see why Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper is so good.


Reaper is a hero that’s moving from Tier S and Tier A back and forth on our Overwatch 2 tier list, meaning that he’s often a must pick, and other times a balanced pick. You can’t go wrong with him if you want to increase your Overwatch rank.

Reaper’s immense hard carry potential is due to his ability to pick off on tanks, just as he can on squishier targets. When to go in, who to target, when to use abilities and much more follows below, do yourself a favor and do not skip any sections!

Reaper Abilities

Passive: The Reaping

Raper's passive is straightforward. You heal yourself for 35% of all the damage dealt including melee and environmental kills. (Yeah if a guy drops off the map...)

Primary Fire: Hellfire Shotguns

Reaper's primary fire is also very straightforward. He fires 2 shotguns one after another and it deals damage. It has 8 ammo and headshot multiplier.

Wraith Form

Reaper's first ability is Wraith Form, he transforms into a shadow and cannot take damage for a short period of time while gaining 50% more movement speed.

He is also cleansed of all status effects and reloads his weapons during it. You can cancel the ability so be careful not to cancel accidentally, but do cancel when you must.

Use it to get out of dangerous situations. Reaper's Wraith Form makes him invulnerable for a short time and makes him move faster, so it's a great way to get out of trouble.

Use it to flank: Reaper can move quickly through enemy lines and behind them in Wraith Form, which makes it a great tool for flanking. Once you're behind enemy lines, you can attack them from a direction they don't expect and do a lot of damage.

Finally, remember that Wraith Form also reloads Reaper's weapons. If you find yourself running low on ammo, activate Wraith Form to reload and prepare for your next attack. For example if you're chasing someone, fire the 8 bullets you got, turn to Wraith Form, chase him further to close the gap and fire again with reloaded weapons.

Lastly, you can grab health packs while in Wraith Form so that's great too.

overwatch 2 reaper fan art

Shadow Step

Reaper's second ability allows him to mark a destination and teleport to it.

Plan ahead. Shadow Step has a short cast time, and if you use it in the wrong place or at the wrong time, it can leave you open to attacks. To get the most out of this ability and avoid getting caught by enemies, plan your moves ahead of time.

Use it to get to high ground. Shadow Step is a quick and easy way to get to high ground. Look for ways to use it to surprise your enemies or get an advantage on the battlefield.

Combine it with Wraith Form: If you're in a tight spot, you can quickly get to safety by using Shadow Step and Wraith Form together. Just keep in mind that this combo can leave you stuck for a short time without a way out, so use it wisely.

Shadow Step can be used to quickly close the distance between you and your enemies, letting you sneak up on them and attack them when they aren't expecting it. Just be careful not to use this strategy too often, or your enemies will learn to counter it.

Be aware of what's around you. You can use Shadow Step to teleport to a place you can't see, but it's important to know what's there before you use it. Make sure you won't land in a bad place or right in the middle of the other team.

This ability can be used while Reaper is in the air. While it is being used, Reaper will fall much more slowly.

You also make a distinct sound when you teleport and nearby enemies will hear it.

Ultimate: Death Blossom

Once you pop your ultimate, you start spinning and dealing masive damage in an 8 meter radius. You move 50% slower and can be interrupted. However, you also get healed for all the damage you do via your passive.

Position is very important. Since Death Blossom is a close-range ability, positioning is very important for it to work. Before you use your ability, try to get as close to your enemies as possible so that you can hit as many of them as possible.

Use it with Wraith Form or Shadow Step. Death Blossom leaves you open to enemy attacks, so using it with Wraith Form or Shadow Step can help you get into position or get away after using the ability.

Wait for the right time to use Death Blossom. It's a powerful ability, but enemies will know about it and be ready to stop it. Wait until the right time to use it, like when the enemy team is busy or when their shields are down.

Be aware of your surroundings. It's easy to get tunnel vision when using Death Blossom and only pay attention to the enemies right in front of you. But it's important to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for possible dangers coming from other directions.

It's important to talk: Death Blossom can change the way a game goes, but it works even better when used with your team. Let your team know when you're planning to use the ability so that they can provide support and help create an opening for you to use it.

overwatch 2 reaper fan art

Hunt and Pounce Playstyle

The first thing you need to understand is that Reaper’s fights don’t last very long because you only engage when it’s the right time. While Reaper is fairly easy to play, mastering him by being a precise sharpshooter and hitting those close-range shots with your “shotguns” is mandatory.

Using Wraith Form

As soon as a fight starts, you don’t want to use your Wraith cooldown immediately. In most situations there are 2 reasons to use your Wraith form:

  • Dodge an incoming ability or CC
  • Pull back
  • Reload to stay alive afterwards

Team fight strategy

Before I explain these 3 situations. I’m going to tell you how to behave in a team fight. Your first objective is to assess the situation, poke and try to punish enemy players trying to push. This means tanks and divers. Your dmg to tanks is insane and you should be abusing it.

While you’re doing that, you need to check are any enemy flankers trying something, such as an enemy Reaper. If they are, your goal is to punish them alone, or shot call to your team that they need to be punished. At that point, if they’re still alive, they will try to retreat and your goal is to chase them down and finish them off.

After the enemy flanker is punished and killed, your goal is to be more aggressive and start pushing into the enemy team because they now lack burst damage to punish you just like you punished them.

You need to keep looking for these opportunities to either zone or punish enemy divers/flankers and find yourself a spot to commit hard versus the enemy team. Reaper needs to be extremely precise and close to the target when it comes to aiming, so learn about hitboxes and practice your aim.

When your cooldowns are on, your best bet is to retreat to a cover either walking or wraithing before you reload and get your cooldowns back. You cannot “soft-engage” with Reaper, it needs to be a full commit and people need to die!

Playing the high ground

Reaper’s teleport ability allows you to reach high ground and look for an opportunity to either ult or drop-down and simply murder the unaware enemies from behind. Reaper’s ult will be most effective if they don’t expect it. Try to pull this move in your games and you’ll be surprised how good it is.

Using Teleport

Many Reapers will use teleport to engage behind the enemy team, similar to what I said in playing the high ground above. However, a better teleport playstyle is the one where you save up your teleport to get behind enemy teams after an engage when they’re actually retreating.

Essentially by doing that you put the enemy team in a sandwich between you and your team, making them panic and scatter, allowing your team a full team wipe. Do this only when you know they’re scared and are for sure retreating because they know they’ll lose, that’s the time to FINISH THEM.

overwatch 2 reaper fan art

Reaper Tips

1. Don’t Wraith into the fight, you’ll mostly end up dying and be left without escape mechanics. Wraith is best used to dodge abilities, especially crowd control ones.

2. If you get, for instance, hooked and waiting to exit the stunned mode, hold down the Wraith button, don’t spam it, just hold it, it will be used immediately when the game allows it.

3. Try to save teleport for escaping, the trick is when you’re running away, get out of the line of sight of the enemy, let’s say behind a wall, then teleport far away preferably to high ground.

4. If you teleport in order to engage, try to teleport from high-ground to low ground, or the opposite to achieve maximum sneakiness.

5. After you’ve, for example, dodged a CC ability or death with Wraith, as soon as you’re out, jump in any direction to keep dodging abilities.

6. Solo ulting is not a terrible idea, especially in higher ranks, don’t be afraid to secure a kill if necessary.

7. Before ulting, you need to make sure enemies’ CC abilities are down so you don’t get punished.

8. Spam both crouch and jump when ulting, you want to be unpredictable.

9. If you’re stuck in a poor team fight, spam tanks in order to stay alive.

10. Reaper has no alt-fire, you can bind the key to something spammable such as crouch or melee.

Final words on the Reaper guide

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed my Reaper guide and that you will become a Grandmaster Reaper in the future!

If you’re stuck as Reaper, try our Overwatch coaching and one of our professionals of your choice will help you master him. If you, however, want to increase your Skill Rating as Reaper, you can purchase a rank boost, ask us to play Reaper and stream it for you. That way you get the SR and learn how to play Reaper like a pro. :)

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