The Very First Overwatch 2 Boosting Service

Thank you for visiting Boosting Factory, the best site to experience a Premium quality Overwatch 2 boost. Sounds like a bold claim right? It’s not – We take boosting Overwatch 2 accounts very seriously.

So what makes us the best site to buy an Overwatch 2 boost? Our core belief is great customer service and premium quality boosting service. All our boosters are professional and semi-professional players, and some even compete in high prize-pool tournaments such as ESL, GosuGamers, Dreamhack and more. This ensures that your account is handled by professionals and professionals only. Not only this but we revolutionized the Overwatch 2 boosting market by introducing various additional features, loyalty programs, flexible orders and so on.

We were the very first boosting service on the market, meaning that we started our Overwatch 2 boosting service the first day Ranked play was introduced and have been going strong since. Not every boosting service can say this and we’re proud we made the market more advanced and safer place for everyone.

We firmly believe in transparency and honesty here at Boosting Factory, so below you will find the reasons of why we truly are the best and safest site to buy an Overwatch 2 boost. If your question isn’t answered below then check out our FAQs on the service pages.

Premium Quality Over Quantity

Here at Boosting Factory, treating each customer, new or old, like a part of Boosting Factory family is what we strive for. Unlike many other cheaper boosting websites, we prefer a more 5-star-hotel feel to our boosting service and customer support. 7 days a week support is available via Live Chat, Skype or Email. You’re welcome to come and stay.

94% of Our Customers Return

We were the first boosting service to enable customers to publicly display reviews, so that the future customers can see that we are indeed the Premium boosting service. We also encourage our clients to post the name of their booster so their friends or future clients can request that specific booster.

You may notice that you cannot leave a review before you have purchased a service and we completed it. Meaning that all reviews are honest and can only be left once and only after the service has been completed, with no option for future editing. If you’re still not convinced, check out our excellent reviews on our official Facebook page.


Our website is secured by state of the art HTTPS, meaning that all information that you provide to us is completely secured and encrypted with the latest SSL technology. All data including your passwords is hashed with the latest hashing technology as well.

All Regions and Platforms

We have professionals from all over the world that play on multiple platforms, such as PC / PS4 / XBOX. All regions pay the same price in their currency of choice.

Simple and Carefree

We understand that these days people don’t have much time, and especially not enough time to waste on long and dull checkout and boosting procedures.

Order Tracking

Customers have the ability to register or checkout as a guest, both ways are provided with access to our next-gen dashboard where customers can track their order, match history and chat with their booster.

Same Day Delivery

Over 90% of our orders are started within minutes after purchasing, and completed the same day, unless it's a larger order that cannot be completed in the same day.

Customer Safety and Anonymity as a Priority

Customer safety is at the heart of everything we do. We do everything in our power to ensure that your details and payment information are as secure as possible – meaning there is no risk at all in purchasing an Modern Warfare boost from us. Make sure you always check that wherever you buy an CoD MW boost, is indeed a safe place to buy.

Boosting Factory Is a Registered Business in The European Union

Unlike many other boosting websites, Boosting Factory is a registered legal entity. Its registered business name is B-FACT d.o.o. with headquarters in Petrova 118, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

A legal registration adds a premium layer of professionalism to our brand and services. If you’re nearby, feel free to stop by!

Over a Dozen Payment Methods Through Secure Payment Gateways

We use PayPal, CCBill, Skrill, and Bitpay as our primary payment processors. This means that we do not see your payment details at all – they are all safely and securely handled by our respective payment gateways using state of the art encryption.

Each of the four payment gateways features multiple payment options such as most credit card companies, banks, and cryptocurrencies. They also allow you to pay in any currency at all, using your preferred payment method as it will automatically convert it into USD/EUR. We are always looking at adding new secure payment methods.

7 Days a Week Live Support Availability

Our customer care team is here for you every day. Have you chatted with one of our specialists already? John, Alice, Adi and others are here for you each and every single day, most of the holidays included.

You can reach them via Live Chat by pressing the chat button on the lower part of the website, or multiple methods on our Contact page.

Personalized Loyalty Program

We love rewarding our customers and especially our old customers that keep returning after being serviced by one of our professionals.Like we’ve said, the whole Boosting Factory team takes boosting seriously and play the game themselves, even the customer care team.

Therefore, each customer can earn personalized discount coupons that are obtained by leveling up on our website, the more you spent with us, the bigger your permanent loyalty coupon will be.

Referring friends to our website provides cash benefits in form of store credit for you and your friends. Amazing, right?

Customers Love Us

As we’ve said before, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do here at Boosting Factory. We want people who buy Modern Warfare boosting from us to be fully satisfied with their purchase.

We ask every customer who buys from us to complete a review describing their purchase experience. All these reviews, be they positive or negative, appear in our page – we do not have the ability to edit any of them. This way you can see for yourself what our customers really think of us. We’re very proud of our past record, so if you do have any queries or questions then please get in touch with our customer care team via Live Chat / Contact Us page.

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