Hey everyone, today I’ll cover Orisa, the Numbani Guardian. An overall excellent tank hero that you will surely dominate with after following my tips and tricks below.

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Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Who Is Orisa

Real Name: Orisa, Age: 1 month
Occupation: Guardian Robot
Base of Operations: Numbani
Affiliation: None
Role: Tank

Summary Of The Developer Introduction

If you’re just skipping the video because it’s too long, our Overwatch boost team prepared a summary of the key points:

  • Orisa is a tank hero for Overwatch.

  • LMB is a projectile-based machine gun that has more range than any other tank in the game.

  • RMB will send out a pulse (just like Zarya’s Gravitation Surge). Once RMB is clicked again, all targets within its radius will be pulled together for a short period of time. It is an ability mainly used for repositioning targets, so mainly a mini Gravitation Surge.

  • “Fortify” will make Orisa tougher as well as stops all crowd control from affecting her. An example of such an ability is Pharah’s concussive blast.

  • “Protective Barrier” is Orisa’s defining ability. It closely resembles Winston’s bubble but just about half the size of it. It also goes straight out to the direction it is targeted at.

  • As for her ultimate “Supercharger”, Orisa will take the drum off her back and then throw it on the ground. This item will be placed in a certain position targeted and can be killed by the enemy.

Why was there another tank being added to the game?

Developers have looked into the tanks present in the game right now, and through careful analysis, they realized that the community/players needed more tanks that are more of the “anchor-tank” role.

Anchor-tanks anchor the team and build everything around them.
For example, Reinhardt. Other tanks are present such as Winston, but their role is highly reliant on their mobility and harassment. For example, Roadhog punishes enemy players who are out of position.

Orisa's Abilities

Fusion Driver [LMB]

Orisa’s LMB fires an automatic projectile gun that does sustained damage at 11 per bullet. While shooting, she moves 30% slower, her maximum ammo is 150 and a rate of fire of 720 RPM with a reload time of 2.55 seconds (longest in the game).

Fusion Driver [LMB] Tips

Fusion driver is not to be used against the enemy backline due to the slow aim and inconsistency of it, while backline is usually small, mobile and difficult to hit. What you should be targeting with your LMB are the shields and tanks in the front.

You can, of course, halt a Genji or a Lucio on top of you and try to land some headshots or at least for their escape cooldowns. But mostly it’s about the shields and tanks in the front such as poking down Rein’s shield before he even comes into close range.

One more alternative is to pressure enemy snipers in order to simply disrupt them, force them to relocate or generally just mess with them.

Halt! [RMB]

A gravitation charge is fired and can then be detonated, slowing enemies nearby as well as pulling them towards the explosion. This is similar to Zarya’s ult but less powerful and low duration of 0.65 seconds with a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Halt! [RMB] Tips

Halt can be used as a tool to buy time, for example, halting behind the enemy team in order to gain time for your DPS, allowing your Ashe or Hanzo to put in another cooldown.

Another way to use it is to pull enemies out of cover, for example, Genji who is trying to escape a fight but has no cooldowns left. And the third way is to sync your Halt with your team’s abilities such as Pull Flux, Pull Accretion, Pull Blade, Pull Dynamite, Pull Firestrike, Pull Dash, and so on. This won’t be easy but it’s doable.

It’s also important to know how to use Halt in different environments. You don’t want to Halt too high because the enemy that was Halted will have time to get back onto land. If you Halt too low, this could cause clipping of an edge of the surface, simply, aim between those two, some kind of middle ground.

And lastly, you need to call out your Halts, for example, a few callouts would be. “Halt in 2 sec!”, “Pulling by [area]!”, “Pulling Junkrat!”. It’s important your team knows what’s going on with your Halts so they can react adequately.

Fortify [LSHIFT]

A temporary damage reduction ability (Reduces damage taken by 40%) that also makes her immune to crowd control abilities. The buff lasts for 4 seconds and has a 10-second cooldown. Orisa also biomes immune to crowd control and stuns that allow her to escape from abilities such as Graviton Surge and Gravitic Flux by Sigma.

Fortify [LSHIFT] Tips

Most Orisa players will Fortify as soon as her shield is down in order to survive a little while her shield’s cooldown comes up, however, this usually isn’t the best idea. You want to use Fortify when actually required during a full-on fight when the enemy team is in your face, and not when they poked down your shield but the fight didn’t even start.

This is basically the only tip, learning when to use Fortify in order not to waste it.

Protective Barrier [E]

Orisa throws a barrier that protects her and her allies from enemy fire. The barrier looks like a stationary version of Reinhardt’s with 600 health. The barrier lasts for 20 seconds if its health holds up. This ability is a great contributor to Orisa’s nature as a tank and allows for an alternative to Reinhardt.

Protective Barrier [E] Tips

When it comes to this barrier, it’s all about the angle, timing, and placement of it. When it comes to the angle, you want to angle the barrier in a way where there are minor and preferably no line of sights to your team behind it.

The timing part is the most crucial, similar to Fortify, using it ahead of an actual fight is simply a waste. You should only place it when your team is ready to commit or their team has committed to a fight, anything in between is a no-go.

And thirdly, placement of the shield. Many low SR Orisas place the shield a fair distance ahead of them making it quite useless when enemies close distance. You need to place it somewhere where the enemy team can’t just walk past by it and make your shield useless. This of course, varies depending on the map you play on.

Supercharger [Q]

Orisa deploys a device that will increase allies’ damage that is within her line of sight. It increases damage dealt by 50% to allies within a 25-meter radius as well as lasts for 15 seconds. The supercharger can be destroyed and it has 200 health.

Supercharger [Q] Tips

One of the most basic ways to use it is to drop it around a corner where the beam from it has a line of sight to you but not the enemies so they can’t destroy it. If you want peak performance, use it a little before you reach the corner to minimize the casting time delay and make it deploy right when you reach the corner.

Another way of using it is shield + supercharger and then blowing up cooldowns and playing fast to swing the fight quickly in your favor. Similar to the barrier, you want to use your supercharger when your team is ready to commit or the enemy team has committed, otherwise you will have wasted the cooldown.

General Orisa Tips & Tricks

  • 1. When you use Supercharger and lose line of sight to it but come back after, it will take 1 second for it to work again.

  • 2. Halt will cancel your reload. So, if you accidentally reload you can use Halt to cancel it and keep shooting.

  • 3. Melee will also cancel your cooldown in case you don’t have Halt ready but you stop shooting.


I hope you enjoyed my Orisa Guide and that it will help you progress. I would like to take a second of your time and tell you about our Overwatch boosting services. My colleagues and I can help you reach any SR in Overwatch, do your placement games, and even Top 500. You can play with us or we can play on your account. It is of course, risk-free with over 1700+ reviews.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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