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Complete Security

We offer the best OW 2 smurf accounts that can be bought with over 100 secure payment methods. SSL encryption comes as standard, and we continue building trust to remain the most reliable OW 2 account provider on the market.

Instant Delivery 24/7

After buying an OW 2 smurf account, our fully automated delivery system activates immediately. Within a few seconds, your unique order is generated, including the login details and security question of your new account.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer lifetime warranty and live chat support for all OW 2 smurf account holders. Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you are experiencing any difficulties that were caused by us.

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Lifetime guarantee on all OW 2 accounts
Our lifetime guarantee on all accounts provides you with a new acc, if your account is banned through any defect of our own.

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Overwatch 2 Account Shop FAQ

Overwatch 2 account shop is a service where we sell accounts that were leveled and/or ranked up by our employees. All accounts come with full information, including the security question, and a lifetime guarantee for any defects caused by us.
You will get the account info instantly to your email address.
We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, Skrill, Klarna, iDeal, Nordea, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more.
The accounts get banned extremely rarely, however, if that happens for a defect caused by us, we will gladly replace your account with another one from the shop.

Advantages of buying an Overwatch 2 account

Having a secondary Overwatch 2 account, or even your primary if you’re getting back to the game has numerous advantages. For instance, if your main is stuck in a certain skill rating, it can be wise to buy an account that’s higher and simply skip the lower SR ranges filled with trolls, and nobody has time for that. Or, if your main is quite high, it’s great to get a lower one to have fun now and then, maybe play with your lower rated friends and so on.

For instance, on a secondary account you can polish your skills on the hero that you don’t usually play, you can also understand more about the player’s mentality in certain tiers, whether that’s lower or higher than you are. You can practice new strategies that you can implement on your main account. The advantages are numerous, don’t hesitate and grab your new account with instant delivery, now.

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Your personal info and payment method are in safe hands


Our next-gen website is secured with the latest SSL security protocol that encrypts the data between you and the server, this ensures that nobody can sniff on anything you submit on our website.


We only offer secure payment methods that have been proven to safeguard your and our information for years, we have a multi year experience in selling accounts and boosting accounts.


Your purchase is completely anonymous, nobody will know that you purchased an Overwatch 2 account from Boosting Factory.

Loyalty program designed for you

Customer satisfaction is what we value deeply. Returning customers with a smile are what cheers us up the most. Therefore, we designed a loyalty program that gives back to loyal customers.

Everyone that’s part of our boosting and account shopping platform will have it’s own loyalty ranking which grows with every purchase you make. The rankings go from Bronze to Grandmaster and each time you rank up, you obtain a new personal discount coupon bigger than the last one. You can use the coupon to get a discount on any future orders. On top of that, telling your friends about our services and referring them will get you and him store credit cash that you can also use at any point.

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