Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you a fun list of all Overwatch characters and their real names. Everyone knows their hero names, but do you know their real name?

I dug around the web in order to give you real names of all Overwatch heroes and I will update this list whenever a new Overwatch hero is released! So let’s start. :)

Overwatch Heroes Real Names


Ana’s real name and age: Ana Amari, 60

Ana is one of the earliest members of Overwatch. When the Omnic Crisis did heavy damaged on Egypt, the country was very weak and short on security forces. They had to rely on skilled snipers to support them.

One of them was Ana, who was considered to be one of the world’s best. Her highly skilled marksmanship, instincts, and decision making made her a perfect choice for the Overwatch strike team in hopes to end the war.

Everyone must find their cause.


Ashe’s real name and age: Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe, 39

Ashe is the leader of Deadlock Gang and a very famous figure in the criminal underground. She was a child in a very wealthy family surrounded by privilege. However, her parents didn’t deal with her enough and she was mostly around her butler Bob.

By chance, she met a local ruffian Jesse McCree who did crimes with her as a partner. She realized that the adrenaline and outsmarting her enemies while escaping from the consequences was her true calling.

My business, my rules.


Baptiste’s real name and age: Jean-Baptiste Augustin, 36

Baptiste is a trained combat medic and an ex-Talon agent who now uses his skills to help people who have been hurt by the war.

He was one of the 30 million kids who lost their parents in the Omnic Crisis. He had limited resources and opportunities so he enlisted in the military. The Caribbean Coalition was his new home. He was always led by the innate desired to help everyone so he served in an elite part of the Caribbean Coalition as a combat medic.

No dying on my watch.


Bastion’s real name and age: SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, 30

Bastion was a siege weapon in the Omnic Crisis, he is now a curious robot who explores the world but is very wary of a fearful humanity.

He was initially made for peacekeeping with humans, but his kind was converted against humans in the Omnic Crisis. After the crisis ended, nearly all of his kind were destroyed or disassembled but Bastion remains a symbol of the horrors to this day.


Brigitte’s real name and age: Brigitte Lindholm, 23

Brigitte is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn, she was the first of his kids to have an interest in mechanical engineering. She spent most of her free time in her dad’s workshop learning how to build. However, her primary interest was armor fabrication and defensive systems, unlike Torbjörn who was famous in offensive systems and weapons.

I will prove myself!


Cassidy’s real name and age: Cole Cassidy, 39

McCree is the outlaw armed with his peacekeeper revolver, he prefers to deal justice on his own terms.

He was already a big shot name as a member of the Deadlock gang, however, he was busted in an Overwatch operation. They gave him a choice, rot in jail or join us. They wanted his expert marksmanship skills and resourcefulness for Overwatch’s covert ops division, Blackwatch.

Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.


D.Va’s real name and age: Hana Song, 19

D.Va as you probably know is an ex-pro gamer who now uses her skills to be a mecha pilot who defends her country.

About 20 years ago, South Korea was attacked by a big Omnic robot that rose up from the East China Sea. The massive robot did a lot of damage to the cities before it was driven back under the waves. To be prepared, the South Korean government invested in a mecha unit called MEKA who will protect South Korea from any future Omnic threat.

I play to win.


Doomfist’s real name and age: Akande Ogundimu, 45

He was recently freed from jail and he already wants a new world conflict because he believes it will make humanity stronger.

Doomfist was born in a well-standing Nigerian family who deals with prosthetic technology. He is a highly intelligent and charismatic man and he helped expand the business while doing what he loves - martial arts. He competed in many African tournaments by utilizing his speed, intuition, intelligence and strength.

Only through conflict do we evolve.


Echo's real name and age: Echo doesn't have a name and age Echo is an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles.


Genji’s real name and age: Genji Shimada, 35

Genji once rejected his cyborg body but now he made peace with it and discovered higher humanity.

He was the youngest son of the master of the Shimada clan of ninjas, he lived a luxurious life. The family’s illegal business was not in his interest, and while he was amazing at ninja training, he lived more of a playboy life. After his father died, his brother Hanzo wanted Genji to be a bigger part of the business but Genji didn’t want to which resulted in a fight where Genji nearly died.

Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor.


Hanzo’s real name and age: Hanzo Shimada, 38

Hanzo is a master bowman and an assassin. Just like Genji, he is a part of the criminal underground run by the Shimada family. He is the eldest son of the Shimada master and was bound to become a new leader. From an early age, he was trained to be responsible and a good leader. Martial arts, swordplay, and bowmanship were his strengths.

With every death comes honor. With honor, redemption.


Illari’s real name and age: Illari Quispe Ruiz, 18

Illari trained every day as a child to become a member of the Inti Warriors, a group of noble defenders who are also experts at using solar energy. After a terrible accident killed all the other Warriors, Illari is filled with guilt and promises to make up for what she did.

Face the sunrise!

Junker Queen

Junker Queen’s real name and age: Odessa "Dez" Stone, mid 30s

Odessa Stone and her family were banished by Mason Howl who had become king of Junkertown so they became part of Wastelanders and fought to survive for the next 13 years. Her father died and she made her way back to Junkertown becoming Queen.


Junkrat’s real name and age: Jamison Fawkes, 25

Junkrat is an explosive obsessed weirdo whose sole purpose is to cause destruction and sow chaos.

After the attack on the Australian omnium’s fusion core, the landscape was forever altered. The area was transformed into a harsh wasteland with debris and fragments all around. Those who survived called themselves Junkers who scavenged the area to survive. The radiation made him insane and he fell in love with explosives.

It’s a perfect day for some mayhem.


Kiriko’s real name and age: Kiriko Yamagami (霧子), 15-25

Growing up, Kiriko was close to her grandmother who was very spiritual and shaped her fighting style. Kiriko's mother trained Genji and Hanzo so she grew up with them as their niece. Her father was abducted by Hashimoto clan.


Lifeweaver’s real name and age: Niran "Bua" Pruksamanee, 29

Lifeweaver is a Thai scientist who is on a journey to heal the world by using his biolight technology. Even though he is trying to get away from Vishkar, he is eager to use his technology to help the people around him.


Lucio’s real name and age: Lúcio Correia dos Santos, 26

Lucio is a world-famous celebrity who is dedicated to inspiring social change using his music and actions.

He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, in a quite poor favela that was hit hard by the Omnic crisis. As he was recovering he wanted to start helping people and lifting their spirits. The answer was in music and it’s power to bring everyone together and forget their troubles if only for a short time. Initially, he performed on street corners and local parties.

Come on, let’s bring it together!


Mauga’s real name and age: Mauga Ho'okano, 40

Mauga is a tall and muscular guy who likes to act like a big, not-so-smart tough guy, but that's just a front. He's actually quite clever. He talks in a casual and friendly way, almost like everyone's his buddy. When it comes to close combat, he's really good at it.

Baptiste even said he's like a demon in a fight. Mauga's a bit of a mix; he can be really friendly one moment and then switch to a darker, more ruthless side in no time. Sometimes, he can get lost in that darker side of his.

Hey, buddy. You didn’t think you could outrun us forever did you?


Mei’s real name and age: Mei-Ling Zhou, 31

Mei is a scientist whose primary goal is to save the planet.

To find a solution for the rapidly increased consumption of resources, Overwatch established a series of eco-Watchpoints at critical locations in the world. Mei was a member of this initiative. She was assigned at Watchpoint: Antarctica, when a disaster happened and cut the watchpoint from the outside world and scientists had to fight for their lives.

Our world is worth fighting for.


Mercy’s real name and age: Angela Ziegler, 37

Dr. Angela Ziegler is a brilliant scientist, a healer and a fighter for peace.

She was the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before she got into a nanobiology field which improved the treatment of fatal diseases and injuries. This expertise is what made her attract the eye of Overwatch. She was first against the militaristic approach of Overwatch but they offered her an opportunity to save lives on a bigger scale.

Heroes never die.


Moira’s real name and age: Moira O’Deorain, 48

Scientist Moira O’Deorain’s work is regarded to genetic engineering, she is searching for ways to rewrite the DNA.

She published a paper saying she’s able to create custom genetic programs that could alter DNA. It seemed well until many considered that the work is too dangerous and has many shortcomings. Overwatch’s Blackwatch poached her and she continued to work on her paper.


Orisa’s real name and age: Orisa, 1 month

Orisa was built from the parts of Numbani’s OR15 robots, she is a new city’s protected even though she’s still very young.

Your safety is my primary concern.


Pharah’s real name and age: Fareeha Amari, 32

Duty is Pharah’s natural call. She comes from a family of decorated soldiers and wants to serve as her primary calling.

She dreamed of following her mother’s footsteps and joining the Overwatch. She was first enlisted in the Egyptian army, her persistence caused her to rise up through the ranks. She was a very courageous leader and earned loyalty of everyone who served her. She was about to join Overwatch but before she did, Overwatch was disbanded.


Reaper’s real name and age: Gabriel Reyes, 58

Reaper is shrouded in mystery. Before Moira experimented on him he was a soldier in the US army, just like Soldier: 76 he was part of the enhancement program and was called Soldier: 24. He is now a terrorist.

Death walks among you.


Reinhardt’s real name and age: Reinhardt Wilhelm, 61

Reinhardt is a hero of old ages, he lives by codes of honor, justice, and valor. He was one of the original members of the Overwatch and Reinhardt proved himself as one of the most valuable champions.


Ramattra’s real name and age: Ramattra, 20-30

Ramattra's name may be derived from the Sanskrit rāmatra (रामत्र) which roughly translates to "dark defender."

During the Omnic Crisis, when Ramattra was first built, it was a Ravager. Even though he was made for war, Ramattra only wanted to help his people have a better future. After the war, he gave away all of his weapons. He chose the name "Ramattra" to "honor the first of our [omnic/Ravager] kind" and to remember his mistakes.


Roadhog’s real name and age: Mako Rutledge, 48

Roadhog is a killer with no boundaries who earned his reputation for excessive cruelty and destruction. After the Omnic crisis has ended, government officials gave the Outback to Omnics where they could live, but that meant that Roadhog and other residents were displaced, they turned to a violent rebellion forming the Australian Liberation Front and struck against the omnium.

I’m a one-man apocalypse.


Sigma’s real name and age: Siebren de Kuiper, 62

Siebren is a brilliant astrophysicist whose life changed forever after an experiment went wrong where he created a black hole and was exposed to it for a short time, he obtained an ability to control gravity. Talon is now manipulating Sigma for their own goals.


Sojourn’s real name and age: Vivian Chase, 40-50

Sojourn was a member of Overwatch back in the golden age, she is detail-oriented and a great strategist. Very disciplined. She grew up in Toronto and required cybernetic upgrades in her childhood. Later she joined the Canadian military and became a member of the special forces. She worked with Soldier:76 Jack Morrison and he invited her to join Overwatch later.


Soldier 76’s real name and age: Jack Morrison, mid 50s

The soldier is currently a target of a global hunt, he is a vigilante who runs his own personal war to expose the truth behind Overwatch’s disbandment. He revealed himself in many of the attacks over the globe, targeting banks, evil corporations, and Overwatch facilities. He was a part of the US army soldier enhancement program and that's why he's fast and can heal quickly.

We’re all soldiers now.


Sombra’s real name and age: Unknown, 30

She is one of the best hackers in the world. Before she became Sombra, she was among the many children who were left as orphans after the Omnic crisis, she survived by hacking computers. She is now part of Talon and wants to unravel the world conspiracy and use the power behind it for her own goals.

Everything can be hacked… and everyone.”


Symmetra’s real name and age: Satya Vaswani, 28

Symmetra can manipulate light and craft objects out of light. The Vishkar corporation in India, shortly after the Omnic crisis began building self sustaining cities to house all displaced Indian population. One of the cities, Utopaea was built using the light technology in which Symmetra participated. She was then sent into the world to expand the corporation.

The true enemy of humanity is disorder.


Torbjörn’s real name and age: Torbjörn Lindholm, 57

At Overwatch’s peak, they had one of the best armaments in the world thanks to Torbjorn Lindholm. Before the Omnic Crisis, he was famous for designing weapons that were used by countries all over the world, however, he believed that technology must use a better purpose than weapons.

Build ‘em up, break ‘em down.


Tracer’s real name and age: Lena Oxton, 26

One of the Overwatch agents, Lena is a character with time-traveling abilities and a strong force for good. She was the youngest agent in the Overwatch’s experimental flight program. She is an amazing and fearless pilot who was testing the teleporting fighter the Slipstream. During the first flight it malfunctioned and disappeared with Lena. She appeared a few months later but changed and couldn’t keep physical form until Winston design her a chronal accelerator.

Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!


Venture’s real name and age: Sloan Cameron, 26

Venture is an adventurous archaeologist who's full of charm and enthusiasm. They're non-binary and have a lively personality. Sloane Cameron, part of the Wayfinder Society, was working at Petra when a clash broke out between Overwatch and Talon. Taking Overwatch's side, Venture helped fend off Talon. Later, while excavating, they stumbled upon a chamber with a mysterious Anubis-like construct.

Goggles? On. Boots? On. Drill? Being... held. I'm ready to get into trouble!


Widowmaker’s real name and age: Amélie Lacroix, 33

She is a perfect assassin, ruthless and patient, she shows no remorse or emotions. Some say she was married to Gerard Lacroix, and Overwatch agent who was leading the actions against Talon. They couldn’t get him, so they got Amelie who was tortured and made into a sleeper agent. When she returned, 2 weeks after she killed her husband in sleep. She is now Talon’s most efficient assassin.

One shot, one kill.


Winston’s real name and age: Winston, 29

Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla with super intelligence. The Horizon Lunar Colony was built to be a first step for humanity’s exploration of space, among the residents there was a group of genetically engineered gorillas that were supposed to test the effects of being in space for prolonged durations.

Winston was one of them, he learned from Dr. Harold Winston. The other gorillas made an uprising and killed the scientists, Winston didn’t want to be a part of it and has escaped the Earth where he joined Overwatch.

Imagination is the essence of discovery.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball’s real name and age: Hammond, 14

Hammond was a part of the animals on the lunar colony, he exhibited growth in physical size and brain function. He was often escaping from the cage and returning back, scientists didn’t know where he was going but he was learning the skills of a mechanic and secretly hitched himself with Winston back to Earth after the gorilla uprising on the colony. He is now free and exploring the world.

Do not anger the hamster.


Zarya’s real name and age: Aleksandra Zaryanova, 28

She is one of the strongest women in the world, a famous athlete who sacrificed her glory in order to protect her family and friends during the war. She was born in a Siberian village during the Omnic crisis and after the war ended she swore to dedicate her life to protecting her people.

Together we are strong.


Zenyatta’s real name and age: Tekhartha Zenyatta, 20

Zenyatta is an omnic monk who seeks spiritual transcendence. Some say that if you cross his path, you’re never the same again. He is one of the outcast robots who went to live in the Himalayas in the monastery because they realized they also possess a soul just like humans. He travels and spreads the good word while protecting humans and omnics when needed.

True self is without form.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed my short lore description of all Overwatch characters and their real names.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to add. :)

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