Hey everyone! In today’s Overwatch guide, I will talk about Cassidy, formerly known as McCree who is one of the Overwatch heroes that seem extremely simple to pick up (and he is) but very hard to master and actually be useful with him.

I’m a professional Overwatch booster here at Boosting Factory and Cassidy is a hero I often use during my boosts, this is why I decided to share some of the knowledge with you.

Without further ado, let’s start!

About Cassidy

Cole Cassidy, a 38-year-old gunslinger is, like I said, a simple hero with not many secret strategies and techs. This makes him very easy to pick up by players who come from other shooter games such as Valorant or Call of Duty. However, in order to actually be useful with Cassidy, it takes practice and some tips that I’m going to share below.

Cassidy has 200 HP himself and has no self-sustain abilities which make him a squishy but deadly hero. His shots deal 35-70 damage (70 if you’re within 20 meters) which means that he can three-shot a squishy like him, or two shots if one was a headshot.

His secondary fire is called Fan the Hammer (RCLICK) is a burst type of damage but with a shorter range and harder to control. Essentially it fires the remaining bullet in the 6 bull magazine. It’s most often used against lower HP targets like Tracer, Genji, or Baby D.Va after the Flashbang combo and more rarely against tanks.

Combat Roll

His first out of three abilities is Combat Roll. When used, he rolls 7.2 meters in a direction he’s currently moving in and it also reloads his gun instantly. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds. This ability is usually used in either defensive or offensive way. To dodge something such as Reinhardt’s charge or a similar ability. Run to cover, reposition, and so on, or offensively to close the gap between you and your enemy, set up a flashbang, and pick up a kill.

There’s a good combo you can do against higher HP targets by doing a Fan the Hammer > Combat Roll > Fan the Hammer because roll reloaded your magazine.


The second Cassidy's ability is Flashbang. It allows him to throw a grenade that stuns the enemy with very little delay. It explodes either when it hits an enemy, surface, wall, or travels a certain distance. It’s on a 10-second cooldown.

The most popular combo is Flashbang > Fan the Hammer, however, make sure to know that targets that have more than 200 HP could survive your combo, and then you’re stuck. Therefore, try the Flashbang > Fan The Hammer > Roll > Fan the Hammer combo for such enemies.


The final ability is Cassidy’s ultimate called Deadeye. Cassidy stands still and starts scanning for enemies in his line of sight. After pressing fire again or the ability expires (6.2 seconds) it instantly kills all enemies in line of sight.

A very powerful ultimate however tricky to use because you need to stand still, therefore, very easy to die or get interrupted. It’s also not easy to kill any mobile enemies that will simply hide when you ult because of the infamous “It’s high noon”.

Therefore, it’s best to use the ult in one of few ways. First, one being literally picking up a kill on one or two targets such as enemy Mercy or Genji that are not in a position to deny you or hide from you.

Another way is when you get an insane team CC ult from a friendly Zarya or Sigma and then you can pick up more than 1 or 2 kills. And thirdly, you can use it simply to zone people, people will hide from your ult buying your team a couple of seconds of free movement.

You can stay behind a shield of a friendly Reinhardt for example while charging up your ult. However, if enemies are standing behind such a shield they might not get one shot because the shield is blocking, it’s worth noting that the longer you charge up the ultimate, the more damage it does.

Positioning as Cassidy

Cassidy is, like I said, very squishy, therefore any positioning mistakes will be capitalized by your enemy and quite easily. You need to stay back and rarely expose yourself to the whole enemy team but rather only 1 or few heroes that you want to kill should have a direct line of sight to you, therefore, angles are the key.

Stick with your healers and shields and shoot whoever you can if you don’t have a plan, focusing on targets closer to you to avoid falloff damage. Do not shoot by holding a left click, if you’re just spamming bullets, you won’t improve your aim. Shoot deliberately and calmly. However, spamming the left click against tanks/shields is a good idea if that’s your only option.

Take a look at this aim improvement video by one of our pro coaches Sky.


Thank you for reading my Cassidy guide and I hope you learned something!

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