Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about a new Overwatch 2 support hero Illari. Her flexible kit is made to encourage an aggressive style of play while also giving her team the support and healing it needs.

Illari's skills make her a powerful off-Support character in Overwatch 2 when she carefully manages her cooldowns. This gives her the ability to add a lot to the success of her team by not only doing damage but also healing a lot.

Also, with a solar-powered railgun in her hands, she has the power to do a lot of damage and help heal a lot of people. Definitely, players will have to try out different ways to play Illari to figure out what works best for them. But based on her tools, Illari is likely to do well as an off-Support hero in the current meta for Overwatch 2.

Who is Illari?

Illari trained every day as a child to become a member of the Inti Warriors, a group of noble defenders who are also experts at using solar energy. After a terrible accident killed all the other Warriors, Illari is filled with guilt and promises to make up for what she did.

Each Inti Warrior was given solar threading so that they could store and use the power of the sun. But no one could have been ready for how powerful she really was. Her process caused her body to release a huge amount of solar energy, which caused a blast that blew up the whole chamber. The Inti Warriors were gone, and so was the future Illari had spent her whole life planning for.

Illari keeps training every day even though she has no one to lead her. She has no other clear road to take. One thing has become very clear over time: She is the last Inti Warrior, and she has to deal with the world on her own.

How To Unlock Illari in Ovrwatch 2?

There are two ways for players to unlock Illari.

Work through the Free Battle Pass Tier. You can unlock Illari when you hit Level 45 in the free Battle Pass tier. When you buy the Battle Pass: If you spend 1000 Overwatch Coins, which is about $10 or its equal, you can add Illari to your lineup of heroes right away.

Illari Abilities

Illari's skills are all about using solar energy, which gives her the ability to cause damage and heal her team. Let's take a closer look at her skills to see how they make her unique to play.

Solar Rifle (Primary Fire)

Illari uses an automatic weapon with a long range that can shoot beams that do a lot of damage. If you time your shots to maximize charged hits, you will do a lot more damage.

In most cases you want to let the fire charge to full before shooting unless you're finishing someone off who is really low HP. It has a really nasty falloff on long range (⅓ of the damage) though.

The ability is hitscan and is great when dealing with Widowmakers, Ashe's, Pharah's and other elusive targets.

Solar Rifle (Secondary Fire)

With this ability, Illari can shoot out a healing beam with a medium range to help heal her friends. Keeping your team alive during intense fights will depend on how well you handle cooldowns.

The gun feels like Zarya's rifle and heals quite a bit, however it works similarly to Orisa's primary fire overheating where if you spend the whole healing "ammo" it will take longer to recharge than if you were to leave just a tiny bit unused.

Outburst (LSHIFT)

Outburst is Illari's way of mobility and crowd control. It moves her in the direction she wants to go and could push enemies back. Holding the jump button lets you jump higher, which lets you reposition strategically.

It basically boops people and pushes you in the other direction while giving extra movement if you jump or boop yourself while jumping in a direction.

For the maximum jump distance you must not hold WASD or other movement keys to jump as high as possible vertically.

If you're playing against Junker Queen, use your boop to dodge her E, same for Winston jump, and after Genji dash.

Healing Pylon (E)

Illari's Healing Pylon is a healing turret that can be placed to heal close allies. By putting it in the right place on walls or ceilings, it can help your team stay alive longer, making it an important support tool.

This is the most important part of Illari's kit. You need to place the Pylon strategically on walls where enemies can't destroy it but it provides healing value to your team. Similar to Symmmetra's turrets but in reverse.

In most cases, you want to throw it somewhere pretty high up so it has Line of Sight with most allies and is harder to destroy by enemies. Even better if you can put it for example just above some kind of passage where it heals your team who is on one side and enemies who are on the other side can't destroy it. Basically the same as if you were putting Symmetra turrets. Think of chokepoints on Eichenwalde for example.

The Pylon has 150 HP and can be destroyed obviously.

Captive Sun (Ultimate)

Illari's ultimate ability is called "Captive Sun." It fires an explosive ball of solar energy at foes that slows them down and damages them. Its ability to affect a large area can change the course of team fights if it is used in a smart way.

To clarify, once you use it, you can fly around as if you were Pharah for 4 seconds and then launch the ball that will explode. The ball flies pretty slow and could be dodged or eaten for example by D.Va.

The ball passes through enemies and shields and will explode once it touches an object or terrain. If you hit an enemy with it it will do damage, and will apply a debuff on that enemy that slows them significantly and anyone else in the range, causing them to explode for more damage shortly.

The debuff is cleansed by Kiriko suzu, Zarya bubble, Moira fade, etc. If you can guarantee at least 1 kill with this ability - just use it.


How To Play Illari

Illari shows how versatile she is by being able to do damage and heal her team at the same time.

Illari is a support hero, so it makes sense that she is squishy. Her HP is 200, which is the same as other heroes in her class. Even though Illari is vulnerable, she does an amazing amount of damage and has a lot of ways to stop people from diving her. To make the most of her effect, think about the following:

Illari is thought to be one of the hardest heroes to learn in terms of how they work. But once players understand how she works, she has a lot of power.

Her primary fire is very powerful, especially if the player has the mechanical skill to reliably hit the head. Like Kiriko's Kunai, her gun can cause critical hits when a headshot is made. With a full charge, two shots are enough to kill an enemy with 225 HP.

Illari's ability to heal is similar to Moira's, and it can reach up to 15 metres. So, it's important to stay within an acceptable distance of allies.

Outburst is not only a way to move around, but it can also be used as a defence in dive situations. Its ability to super jump helps it get to higher ground when it needs to move. Also, its ability to knock back enemies is a good way to stop synchronised dives, letting Illari get away and get better team support.

Healing Pylon becomes a very useful tool when more healing needs to be done. But the fact that it can be destroyed shows how important strategic placement is, just like the Baptiste Immortality Field. The pylon is most useful when it is out of sight and connected to a wall.

Captive Sun is a great power that can be used to chip away at tough enemies or change where you are. Because this ultimate has an area of impact, it should be used on groups of enemies or on the enemy tank. The team focuses on enemies that are connected to the solar energy ball, so that when it goes off, it does a lot of damage.

Also, Illari's ability to fly should be used to get her to the best high ground, and in an emergency, it can even keep her from dropping off the map.

TL;DR Version of Strategy

1. Heal non stop without overheating

2. Let the primary fire charge fully before shooting most of the time

3. Make sure your Pylon is always out of reach of the enemy so it can heal for the full duration and the more DPS you can do while Pylon heals

4. Don't be the guy that thinks he's playing DPS on a support hero!


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