Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Sojourn from Overwatch 2. Sojourn was the first Overwatch 2 new hero. She’s a fast-paced shooter DPS hero, similar to Soldier: 76 from Overwatch 1, and today I will pass on my knowledge about Sojourn to you.

Since I am a professional Overwatch booster here at Boosting Factory, it’s my role to know how to play as Sojourn inside out, and against her as well. So bear with me and I’ll teach you too.

Sojourn Abilities

Let’s start with her abilities, first her basic Railgun.


The primary fire of the Railgun does 9 damage per shot and has up to 40 ammo, while it uses 11 ammo per second. It’s a projectile type of ammo meaning that you will need to trace enemies with it correctly (aiming ahead of them if they’re running and so on, try aiming in the air and dragging the aim to see how the ammo is late).

A secondary fire of Railgun is a burst of damage that can be used once you generate enough energy with your primary shot.

Railgun Tips

The primary purpose of the railgun is to poke and deal consistent damage, and to build up energy for the secondary shot which is a burst damage shot that consumes the energy that your primary generated.

This is the staple of Sojourn, how precise you are with your primary and secondary shots will make 80% of your damage and performance. For example, farming energy from the enemy tank or shields will also generate energy so that’s what you should be doing too. The secondary fire can do up to 130 damage to the body and 260 to the head which is a one-shot.

A good tip is that you need to generate about 80 energy or more to headshot and one-shot a 200 HP hero, so you don’t need to generate up to 100 if an opportunity for a headshot arises at 80 energy or more.

Disruptor Shot

Sojourn launches an orb in the desired direction that deals max 210 damage for those that stay in the orb area (tick damage) and slows them down.

Disruptor Shot Tips

It does not matter whether they are on the edge of the area affected or in the center, damage and slow effect are the same. This is an amazing ability if paired for example with Graviton Surge by Zarya.

Power Slide

The Power Slide allows Sojourn to quickly slide in the desired direction and press jump to jump higher than usual if wanted (optional). This ability allows Sojourn the mobility that she lacks, it can be used to engage, disengage, and reposition during a fight, it will vary on the skill of the player and situation.


Ultimate - Overclock

Sojourn’s ultimate refills her energy every 1.2 seconds and allows her to basically spam secondary fire from Railgun.

Ultimate - Overclock Tips

You will usually wait for it to charge up that little 1.2 seconds and then fire, but if someone is low just spam him so you don’t miss the opportunity even if you’re not fully charged up. Also, you can save the last shot that was charged up during ultimate when ultimate expires, it won’t disappear.

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Sojourn Tips

Now let's lay out five main tips for Sojourn.

1. Play Around Your Railgun

What I mean by this is stop being an initiator with your Slide, going in deep, and trying to gun people down. Don’t, your goal is to farm energy with your Railgun from a safe distance and try to get a pickoff with your secondary.

Only and only after you pick up a kill, it’s time for a more aggressive push, even with the slide if needed.

2. Make the most out of your slide

For example, if you notice not many enemy heroes have vertical mobility, reaching for the high ground with your slide jump will be your safe haven.

Do not just use your slide cluelessly, know where can you slide, which angle, and which high ground before you use it in a random direction because you panicked.

The cooldown is 7 seconds, if you engage with a slide, you might not have it by the time you need to disengage. It’s best not to engage with a slide unless chasing a safe kill. Make sure you have a slide when you enter a fight, or you will have it within 2-4 seconds by the time you need to get out.

3. Stop randomly jumping

This is more of a general Overwatch tip, but, when fighting just stop randomly jumping and use your strafing movement left and right but not jumping, when you jump you are a very easy target (I mean regular jump, not slide jump) for the enemy and you’re just making it worse for yourself when you actually meant to dodge abilities and bullets, most likely.

However, by jumping after every slide you are also exposing yourself just like if you were static jumping randomly. Do not use the high jump after every slide unless you aim for the high ground.

4. Tips on hitting the secondary railgun

Patience is the key here. You are not to use the secondary the moment it’s over 80, no, be a little patient and align your shot. It does seem like it’s recharging fast over and over but be a little more patient when shooting them, don’t just recklessly spam.

For example, waiting for someone to jump like a Wrecking Ball and then connecting the shot. Waiting for someone static who is either not moving or has jumped is the best way to connect secondary shots.

Also, work on your crosshair placement, make sure it's aligned to the head of the enemies most of the time and you move it left and right instead of all around because that implies that you will more likely hit the head once you do trigger the secondary.

And, you can go to custom games with unlimited energy and just spam them to get a feel for them.

5. Using the Disruptor

Another great way of using the Disruptor Shot is by “zoning” enemies, meaning that if they try to chase you, run through a door and the Disruptor shot it so they are having a hard time passing through. You can also zone them when being aggressive to make their escape harder. Zoning means you do something at a certain zone (Disruptor) so the enemies cannot go through that “zone”.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope to see you at our Overwatch 2 Skill Rating boosting service where we can help you get any SR you like in OW 1 and OW 2, risk-free, starting today!

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