Hey guys! Today, I’m going to be talking about Ramattra from Overwatch 2. Ramattra is a tank hero that was released with Overwatch 2’s Season 2. He comes with a dual-form mechanic where he has two forms with different abilities.

Since I’m a professional booster here at Boosting Factory, I’ve started practicing as Ramattra so I can be prepared to play him, or against him as soon as the 2 week window where he’s not in comp ends.

This won’t be a long guide, but it will be very informative, so bear with me.

Who is Ramattra?

First, let's find out who Ramattra actually is, in short of course.

He was created as a war machine to fight for the Omnics, however, he is not just a ruthless war machine but rather a being who just wanted good for his own kind.

As a leader of Null Sector, he was worshipped by his people and he is determined to preach his philosophy over the world. He believes that Omnics should care only about their kind and not consider humans in their fight for survival, however, he will work with humans for his own interests if needed.

He is a good friend of Zenyatta since he met him in Shambali in Nepal (the new map), and they became good friends even though Ramattra nearly cost him his life in an incident.

Ramattra was teased back in 2019’s event Storm Rising.

Ramattra’s Abilities

Now lets proceed with his abilities and tips for them.

Void Accelerator [PRIMARY FIRE]

Ramattra first starts in his Omnic form where he is a tanky wizard with a staff called Void Accelerator. He fires projectiles out of it and it does 4.5 damage per projectile while firing 25 per second. This implies he does 112.5 DPS per second. And, it does not have a damage fall-off.

That’s actually a lot of damage. Since there’s no damage fall-off, it’s amazing for picking out enemies at mid to long ranges as well, even those in the sky (Pharah-Mercy combos or flying Junkrats anyone?)

Void Barrier [RCLICK]

His first Omnic form ability is the Void Barrier. By clicking the right click and releasing it, you drop a barrier anywhere up to 35 meters in range. It has 1000 health and duration of 4 seconds. The cooldown is 15 seconds.

What’s cool is that you can hold the ability and see exactly where it will be placed due to the marker the game shows you.

This ability is amazing for denying big bursts of damage if you’re good at timing those, or just overall to block damage.

Nemesis Form [LSHIFT]

This is the ability that transforms you into your second form called Nemesis Form. It has a duration of 8 seconds and cooldown of 8 seconds. It grants Ramattra 150 armor and replaces your primary fire by Pummel and Void Barrier with Block.

The 8 second cooldown, of course, starts once the transformation ends. Also, your transformation cannot be interrupted by Crowd Control abilities.


Your primary fire becomes Pummel in Nemesis Form. You do not longer use a Wizard staff but rather your fists, Doomfist style. And they’re not melee fists, per se. They actually hit people that are up to 12 meters away, so they’re kind of short range shotgun fists. They are also unlimited ammo so just spam spam spam!

What they also do is they pierce enemies and barriers, meaning that for example the punches will hit enemies behind Zarya’s Particle Barrier and Reinhardt’s Barrier but not the actual enemy affected by it (Zarya, Rein, or whomever Zarya bubbled).

Fists also cannot be absorbed with D.Va’s Defense Matrix or Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp. Genji’s deflect will block the damage but won’t deflect it.

Block [RLICK]

Since you can’t put up your Void Barrier in Nemesis form, you can instead Block. Ramattra basically puts his fists in front of his face and reduces all damage by 75%, but also your movement speed is reduced by 50%.

75% reduction is a lot, and you can keep it up for as long as you’re in Nemesis form. You can toggle it on and off whenever you want, meaning you can use it whenever you think you will die, or to block huge bursts of damage, such as Cassidy’s ultimate, D.Va’s ultimate and so on.

It’s worth nothing that it will also block abilities such as Hanzo’s ultimate and Torbjorn’s ultimate, but will not reduce damage from percentage of health ultimates such as Sigma’s or Sombra’s EMP.

Ravenous Vortex [E]

Ramattra’s E ability can be used regardless of what form you’re in. Ramattra throws a ball which once it hits the ground explodes spreading a damaging field. Anyone within the field is also slowed and pulled downward. It does 15 damage per seconds and reduces speed by 40%. Lasts for 3 seconds.

This ability is amazing for blocking chokepoints or stopping them from escaping by throwing it in front of them in their probable escape route. If no chokepoints are available, that’s okay, just use it for extra damage when poking the enemy team.

ramattra overwatch 2

Annihilation [ULTIMATE]

Once you activate your Ultimate, you will switch to Nemesis form and create an energy field around you. It will start damaging people within the range of 13 meters. It does 30 damage per second and lasts for 3 seconds, however, there’s a catch. If somebody is getting damaged, it does not expire, meaning that it will only expire if nobody is taking damage for a total of 3 seconds.

Enemies must be within line of sight to get damaged and it cannot be interrupted by CC abilities. It does not go through barriers and shields. It will also not affect Zenyatta during his ultimate. It does not affect turrets, but it does affect BOB.

This ability is just insane for control maps and points where you’re fighting around a point or a payload, especially during overtime, effectively forcing your enemies to eat up your damage.

Best Ramattra Tips

1. You are quite immobile. You might have noticed that you have zero abilities that give you movement speed or some kind of gap closing capability. Therefore, you should be paired with Lucio or Kiriko when playing Ramattra to get some mobility.

2. Ramattra works best as a brawler on control points and payload maps where people have to touch the point or payload. This is where Ramattra shines and his lack of mobility is not felt. On wider maps with a lot of highground where people do not need to stack up, Ramattra will be a very bad pick.

3. Ramattra also works with Mei and Sojourn. The slow effects from these two’s abilities stack up with your E, creating a nearly full immobility field for enemies if they’re caught. Not only that, but a shitton of damage.

4. You could play Ramattra around never having to reload. Since your staff has 100 ammo, you could use it down to 0, pop Nemesis, do the thing, once you’re back in Omnic form, your staff is reloaded. Rinse and repeat.

5. Ramattra is good at blocking big ultimates such as D.Va, Cassidy, Rein’s etc. If you’re in Omnic form, just put up a shield in front of your team, if you’re in Nemesis form, block it. Easy peasy.

6. If Ana ults you during Nemesis form or your ultimate, the damage you’re going to put out is just insane. Ana is also a good pair. 7. Pairing with Mercy also works great, you can put out a lot of damage but your survivability is not the best unless you use your Barrier and block perfectly. Mercy pocketing you and damage boosting you will make you rain hell on them.

Thanks for reading my Ramattra guide!

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