1. The customer is eligible for a full refund on any order that was not started by our team.
  2. Orders that were not started are eligible for a full refund of the amount that was used for the purchase.
  3. Orders that were started and have progress recorded are eligible for a partial refund, where the refunded part equals the unfinished part of the order (for example, 60% was done, 40% will be refunded).
  4. Refunds will be completed using the same payment method used for the purchase.
  5. In a case where customer’s performance is not good enough to complete an order while a guaranteed service has been purchased, we reserve the right to ask the customer to hire an additional booster or convert the order to piloted (account sharing) in order to complete the order. If the customer refuses, we will need to charge for the time invested by the booster at a rate of $20/hr. We are very flexible and will do our best to be fair towards our valued customers and employees.
  6. If a customer’s refund case is not listed here, the customer can contact our support team for approval on a case to case basis.
  7. All refunded orders will include a ~5% processing fee charged by our payment processors.