Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking to you about the Overwatch 2 support hero Lifeweaver that was released with Overwatch 2 Season 4.

Lifeweaver is a support with some interesting mechanics never seen before in Overwatch 2. Such as his support hook and a platform that can raise allies and enemies. He’s certainly a high reward hero for players who can utilize his kit and do damage while also healing, similar to Zenyatta.

I’m a support main booster here at Boosting Factory’s Overwatch 2 boosting squad and I will now try to teach you how to reach Top 500 as Lifeweaver. Let’s dig in!

Who is Lifeweaver?

Lifeweaver is a Thai scientist who is on a journey to heal the world by using his biolight technology. Even though he is trying to get away from Vishkar, he is eager to use his technology to help the people around him. His charm and wit will make the heroes who meet him on the battlefield smile (and maybe blush).

Lifeweaver is out as a pansexual person. In season 4, when Lifeweaver first aired, it was Thai New Year. Pruksamanee is the last name of Lifeweaver. It means "Jewel of the Forest."

Lifeweaver Abilities

Passive: Parting Gift

Once Lifeweaver dies, he leaves a single blossom on the floor that remains for 12 seconds. That blossom can be picked up by allies and enemies. If an ally picks it up, it heals for 250 HP but if an enemy does it heals them for 75 HP.

Primary Fire: Healing Blossom

This is Lifeweweaver’s primary healing ability. It works in a charge-like way. You basically press primary fire to throw it immediately and heal a little. Or you charge it up for up to 1.2 seconds to heal for a maximum of 65.

  • 12 Ammo

  • 25% movement penalty while charging

  • Does not go through enemy shields

  • 30 meter maximum range

  • You don’t have to be super precise to heal

  • It will reload automatically when you’re using Thorn Volley

Primary Fire: Thorn Volley

In order to use Thorn Volley you need to switch the firing mode similar to how Torbjorn does (1 and 2). It’s a projectile based weapon similar to Ramattra’s primary fire. Meaning that the projectiles won’t hit exactly where your cursor is but rather have a delay because they’re slower, meaning that you need to account for that when tracking enemy targets.

There is also no falloff damage, meaning that if you shoot from 5 meters away or 50, the damage is the same. Lifeweaver can deal incredible amounts of damage due to his DPS of 110 if you hit all bullets. Which is insane.

lifeweaver overwatch 2 portrait
You should be DPSing stationary targets for example a scoped Ana or Ashe, or enemy shields such as Rein shields, or for example Baptiste's lamp and Symmetra turrets when possible. This is because your shots are not hitscan but these stationary targets should be hit by every shot of yours.

Petal Platform

What this does is Lifeweaver throws a pink platform onto the ground. Anyone who steps on it or is already on it because Lifeweaver threw it under the person (including yourself), will be lifted in the air with the platform.

The platform stays for 9 seconds in the air then it disappears and the person falls down. It has 400 HP therefore it can also be destroyed. Two cool things are that you can use it as a shield. Since it has HP obviously it can block enemy attacks. You won’t use it frequently for this but hey, the more you know.

The second trick is that if you use it to climb some building and you ride the full distance, if you jump right when the ride finishes you get a little extra jump allowing you to climb buildings you couldn’t before. Not sure whether this was intended.

  • Use it on your Cassidy when he’s ulting to give him a better look on enemies and more kills

  • Use it on an enemy Orisa that’s ulting negating her whole ultimate.

  • Use it on your Bastion that’s shredding enemies to give him more line of sight from above

  • Use it on an enemy Reaper that’s ulting to negate his damage when he’s in the air

Rejuvenating Dash

This ability is not flashy or exciting but is a great addition to his mobility and self healing. He literally just dashes a little in the direction he was traveling and heals himself for 25. That’s all. It will increase your survivability and that’s all. Not every ability needs to be flashy.

It's important to know that if you use the jump at the end of dash, it increases the distance of the jump making you cover more distance. Always utilize this! Even when coming back from spawn, you can practice it that way too.

Life Grip

This is the exciting ability. You are able to hook allies just like Roadhog can hook enemies. However, to clear the first misconception, your allies won’t be able to troll you most of the time by hooking you into a well on Ilios for example. Whenever you hook someone he gets put behind where you were standing, not in front like Roadhog’s hook does.

lifeweaver overwatch 2 origin story

Ultimate: Tree of Life

Lifeweaver places a tree that grows and instantly heals allies for 150, and then 50 per pulse (8 pulses). It has a max range of 30 meters and lasts for 15 seconds. It has 1000 HP and it can be destroyed.

You need to be in line of sight to get healed, however, it won’t be blocked by enemy barriers so that’s great.

The tree itself is like a Mei wall, it has health, it can be destroyed, it’s an obstacle. It can’t be hacked by Sombra but the EMP will destroy it.

Lifeweaver Tips

I will now provide more Lifeweaver tips for you!

1. You must pair with a primary healer, Lifeweaver cannot pair with Zenyatta or for example Moira that’s going to be DPS heavy.

2. You can heal with up to 12 ammo with your primary, switch to the DPS, deal some damage until your heal reloads, and repeat. This is an ideal combo, of course if your team isn’t under heavy pressure, then it’s probably better to just heal.

3. Use your Life Grip wisely. Don’t be silly and use it on a Reaper that’s about to go and ultimate in the heart of their team. Use it when you think this person will simply die. Alternatively, use it when you want a tank on you to peel you, or for example you are chasing someone and you hook a DPS of your own to finish them off.

4. Your Tree of Life can be used as a mean to block choke points and zone enemies. It provides healing to your team and blocks enemies from passing.

5. Your Petal Platform can be used as a mini Mei wall as well.

6. If you're running away from someone but want to heal, you won't be charging your Healing Blossoms, rather you'll spam them, that way you heal a little and get no movement penalty.

7. Sigma's Kinetic Grasp, D.Va's Matrix and Orisa's helicopter will eat your healing blossoms. However, Baptiste's ultimate will increase the healing you do.

8. Lifeweaver can be really mobile when you combine his dash and petal platform to escape really sticky situations. Practice it.

9. If you Life Hook a target that has Cassidy grenade or Tracer grenade stuck, they will carry it with them and possibly kill you, unless it explodes during the hook and then they're protected. A double edged sword.

10. If you or your ally is high on the Petal Platform, since we established it's a mini Mei wall, for example Mercy's heal won't go through it, so count on that. It blocks enemy damage but also friendly healing.

Thank you for reading my Lifeweaver guide, I hope you do great with him! Also, make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 rank boosting services where I or my colleagues can help you reach any rank in OW 2 with a little help from the pro players. Starting today!

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