Overwatch 2 Venture Guide: Top 500 Strategy, Tips & Tricks Venture joins Overwatch 2 as the 18th DPS hero and the 40th hero overall. They wield a drill and were first playable during a tester weekend from March 28 to March 31, 2024. Venture's playstyle is mobile and close-ranged, so it's crucial to understand their abilities, synergies, and counters. It’s also important to know how strong Venture is compared to others, check our Overwatch 2 Tier List for that.

At the time of writing this guide, we still didn’t know Venture’s full name, however, check back later in our Overwatch 2 Characters’ Real Names post to see Venture’s real name once announced. For now, let’s dig in to their abilities.

Overwatch 2 Venture Abilities

overwatch 2 venture abilities

Clobber (Passive)

Quick melee deals more damage.

Venture's first passive ability is Clobber, which lets them deal 70 damage with a melee attack. However, the animation is slower than usual. It's handy for finishing off enemies, especially those using damage mitigation moves like D.Va’s Defense Matrix or Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp.

Explorer’s Resolve (Passive)

Using abilities grants temporary shields.

Explorer’s Resolve is Venture’s second passive ability. It gives them an instant shield boost after using an ability. Normal abilities grant 40 shields, while the ultimate grants 75 shields. The maximum shield amount is 75, adding up to a total of 325 health.

This shield health isn’t affected by anti-heal effects. After using an ability, the shield health starts to decrease by 30 shields per second after 3 seconds. Using another ability resets this shield decay timer. The timer also pauses when using Burrow and the ultimate ability, giving you extra survivability.

Smart Excavator (Primary)

Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.

Venture's main attack is the Smart Excavator, firing a seismic charge that explodes after traveling a short distance. It's similar to Sigma's primary but less powerful since it's a single shot.

A direct hit deals 80 damage, with a maximum range of 15 meters. Beyond that, there's minimal splash damage, around 12-13 at 19 meters. The reload speed is average, taking 1.5 seconds. It's a slow projectile weapon with 8 ammo, capable of one-shotting objects like Symmetra's turrets and Illari’s healing pylon.


Move underground and become invulnerable. Emerge to deal damage.

Burrow is Venture’s second ability, letting them dive underground for a bit. While underground, you zip around faster, which is handy for rushing back to the action. You can even use Drill Dash while below to move quicker and give enemies a little poke from beneath. Plus, using Drill Dash while underground cuts its cooldown in half, making it extra useful for getting back into the action.

You can also pop out of the ground by pressing the ability button again, dealing damage to anyone nearby. When you’re underground, you’re pretty much invincible to most damage and healing. It even shakes off pesky things like sticky bombs (Tracer). But watch out, there’s a brief moment of vulnerability when you start burrowing or if you fall off a ledge. Still, you can hold down the point while underground, making it great for stalling until your team regroups.

Oh, and you can only get healed by Zenyatta’s orb while burrowed, as long as you stay in sight. And one more thing – you reload all your ammo while underground, like Reaper’s Wraith form.

Drill Dash

Dash forward, pushing enemies back.

Drill Dash is Venture’s first ability. They basically dash forward using their drill (shocker). It works in any direction and can even lift you up. The first hit deals 60 damage, and then you get 40 more over time. It’s handy for quick takedowns and for escaping to regroup with your team.

Tectonic Shock (Ultimate)

Send out damaging shockwaves.

Venture’s Ultimate is called Tectonic Shock. It powers up their drill to send shockwaves across the ground, kind of like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. Venture gets four charges of this ult, each dealing 130 damage and knocking enemies into the air. It’s strong enough to take out squishy targets in two hits, but it’s mostly about weakening foes rather than scoring kills outright. Still, in the right situation, it can turn the tide of a team fight.

venture sitting

Venture Matchups and Synergies

Now that we’ve covered Venture’s abilities, let’s talk about how they fare against other heroes in Overwatch. Venture struggles against high mobility heroes, those with strong crowd control, or ones that can attack from a distance. Characters like Pharah, Sombra, and Cassidy can give them a hard time. In these matchups, it’s crucial to stick close to your team to avoid getting overwhelmed.

As for team compositions, Venture works best in dive or brawl setups, where they can flank and rush down enemies. They pair well with tanks like Wrecking Ball and Doomfist, who match their aggressive style and can provide backup if needed. Lucio and Zenyatta are great support choices. Lucio’s speed boost helps Venture escape tough situations, and Zenyatta can heal Venture even when they’re burrowed underground.

Venture Kill Combos

I’m going to list some combos below.

Shoot+Dash: 190 DMG - Fastest way to kill a Tracer

Melee+Dash+Shoot: 230 DMG - Fastest way to kill a Widowmaker

Dash+Shoot+Melee: 250 DMG - Consistent vs Squishies

Burrow + Shoot + Dash + Shoot + Melee: 450 DMG (Kills Bastion/Torb)

Venture Tips

Here are some more tips for Venture.

  • You can use Drill Dash while burrowed to move faster for a short time. It also halves the cooldown of Drill Dash, making it available every 4 seconds instead of 8.

  • When using Tectonic Shock, you don’t need to look at the ground. It will always go in the direction you’re facing, even if you’re looking upwards.

  • Although Explorer's Resolve says it grants shields, it actually increases Venture's max health. This means healing passives will restore shields even after they’re depleted. The maximum health Venture can have with this is 325 HP.

  • You can dash in any direction with Drill Dash, so use it to reach or contest high ground.

  • When emerging from Burrow, you can charge it for more height and damage. There’s a maximum damage cap of 110 at the center, which decreases with distance. You can also use the extra height for sneaky plays or flanking.

  • Venture's max range is only 18 meters, where each shot does 20 damage. Aim for direct shots and stay close to your enemies to maximize damage output.

  • You can contest payloads and points when burrowed, use it to stall.

  • High ground is extremely useful for Venture, stick to it.

  • venture drill

    Venture’s Story

    Blizzard describes Venture as a globe-trotting archaeologist with a passion for solving historical mysteries. Born on August 6, they're 26 years old and hail from Nova Scotia, Canada. As a member of the Wayfinder Society, Venture travels worldwide to uncover artifacts and safeguard archaeological sites.

    During an expedition in Ilios, Venture clashed with Talon operatives. After repelling the attackers, Venture became curious about Talon's motives at the site, sparking a new mystery to unravel.

    Wrapping it up

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