How Our Loyalty Program Works

Boosting Factory's massive loyalty program works by allowing clients to rank up on the tier ladder just like in most games we boost in. Each client starts with the Bronze rank and can rank up to Grandmaster to get a permanent discount coupon and permanent cashback percentage that can be used on any service on the site. A combination of discount coupon and cashback makes Boosting Factory the best boosting website on the market - loyal clients have the absolute best prices. Simply log in and check your current progress on the module below.

1% cashback
+10% Discount
0 USD spent
2% cashback
+12% Discount
100 USD spent
2% cashback
+14% Discount
250 USD spent
3% cashback
+16% Discount
500 USD spent
4% cashback
+18% Discount
1000 USD spent
5% cashback
+20% Discount
2000 USD spent
6% cashback
+22% Discount
5000 USD spent

Rank Up

We love rewarding our loyal customers.

Placing orders on Boosting Factory counts! Each order increases your total spent amount and after a certain number, you rank up and earn a permanent discount coupon. Each rank increases your discount size permanently, you cannot lose it.


Save More

Your personal coupons will be applied automatically during checkout.

In case they are not applied, find your coupon in your personal dashboard and apply it to the coupon field, any time for any order, permanently! Rank up Bronze through Master and all the way up to VIP for our most loyal customers.

Secure the rank you deserve, today.

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