The long awaited Overwatch 2 Tier List by the Overwatch 2 boosting team is here. Note that this is purely for Role Queue purposes, pure raw strength for playing with random strangers. Some heroes will perform better than their current tier in higher and lower tier ranges.

Also, some heroes could be S tier on one map and C tier on the other map, or a C tier hero could be S tier on a particular map. Therefore, use this only as a helpful guideline. Without further ado, let's find out who are the best Overwatch 2 characters.

Overwatch 2 Tier List

Tier Hero


Illari, Pharah, Winston


D.Va, Lucio, Moira, Ana, Kiriko, Mauga, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Torbjorn, Genji, Brigitte, Mercy, Tracer, Soldier: 76


Sojourn, Widowmaker, Ramattra, Sombra, Hanzo, Baptiste, Symmetra, Cassidy, Wrecking Ball, Orisa, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, Junker Queen, Sigma, Ashe, Doomfist, Venture, Echo


Bastion, Zarya, Mei, Lifeweaver

Overwatch 2 Hero Details


Venture's wields a drill as their main weapon, firing explosives that burst after traveling a short distance or hitting something. Their melee attacks are beefed up but take a bit longer to pull off. They can dive underground, becoming invincible, and pop back up to deal damage. Venture can also dash with their drill, whether on the surface or below it. Their ultimate, Tectonic Shock, shoots underground projectiles in a cone shape, hitting enemies in their way.


Mauga's strategy is all about leading his team right into the enemy's midst, causing chaos and destruction. His Berserker ability lets him recover health when he deals critical hits. When he charges with his Overrun ability, he becomes immune to any crowd control tricks, making him unstoppable.

His Cardiac Overdrive is a bit like Reaper's passive ability and gives a boost to everyone close by. It lowers the damage they take and lets them heal up as they deal damage to the enemy.

To top it all off, his ultimate ability, Cage Fight, throws up a barrier that traps enemies along with Mauga. Inside, he can fight them head-on with unlimited ammo.


Illari was added with the launch of Season 6. She is a support hero with high DPS potential with her primary fire, especially against long range DPS like Widow and Ashe. Her Outburst ability allows her some mobility. Main part of her kit is her Healing Pylon which is a Symmetra-like turret but it heals instead of doing damage. Lastly, her ultimate does damage and slows down enemies in an area.


Lifeweaver was added with the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 4. He is a support hero with a new interesting mechanic where he can hook his allies to, hopefully, save them from danger. Other of his abilities include a dash for mobility, a platform that can raise allies and enemies in the air, and a tree of life ultimate that acts as a Mei wall and heals allies around it. His primary and secondary are heals and DPS abilities.


Kiriko is the third hero that came with Overwatch 2 and is a support hero. Her passive is a wall-climb just like Genji’s and Hanzo’s. Her primary is a healing ability that throws Talismans that track allies to heal them, her secondary is a hit-scan dagger that does a 3x headshot multiplier, highest in the game.

Her LSHIFT is Swift Step that allows her to teleport to allies even through obstacles, and her E is Protection Suzu which is an Ana-like bomb that gives allies invulnerability for short time and cleanses them of most negative effects. Lastly, her ultimate sends out a Fox spirit ahead and gives allies movement speed, attack speed and cooldown reduction as long as they’re in the trail of the fox.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen is a tank hero that released with Overwatch 2. She is very focused on DPS which is how she survives, if she doesn’t deal damage she can’t survive. Her primary fire is a shotgun with a tight-spread that works on mid-range as well. Her secondary is a dagger that can pullback enemies that were hit and also heal Junker Queen over time.

Her shift is Commanding Shout that gives movement speed and health to her and allies, while her E is an axe swing in front of her that deals heavy damage. Lastly, her ultimate is a brutal charge that goes through enemies and leave over time damage on all of them.

overwatch 2 junker queen


Ramattra is a tank hero added with Season 2. He is a brawler tank with an interesting dual-form mechanic. From his ranged Omnic form he deals amazing damage with his primary fire and can place a heavy barrier. While in his Nemesis melee form, he can deal a lot of damage with his short range punches that breach barriers, and block a lot of damage with his Block ability. His E is an AoE damage + slow area while his ultimate drains enemies around him in line of sight and lasts for 3 seconds or more if enemies keep getting damage. He's strong in control and payload maps where brawls are necessary.


Sojourn was added as the first new Overwatch 2 hero. She’s a very similar hero to Soldier: 76, therefore easy to learn but hard to master. She also fires a primary fire rifle, however, her secondary is a hit-scan laser instead of a rocket launcher.

Her E launches an orb that upon landing creates an area that snares and damages enemies inside of it, her shift makes her slide quite a bit far away with an optional big jump in the end while her ult allows her to spam the right click laser.

Echo [Damage]

Echo was added in Season 21 as a new DPS hero. On PTR she was the strongest DPS by far but she got balanced out after coming to the live servers.

Echo is a high mobility character that focuses on dealing burst damage while being overall mobile. Her Glide ability allows her to glide similarly to Mercy but in a more paraglider fashion. Her primary fire Tri-Shot fires 3 little shurikens that don’t deal a lot of damage but are spammable and an essential part of her combo.

Her Sticky Bombs are a volley type of fire that makes the bombs stick to the enemy or surface when they reach it and explode shortly after, landing all six of them deals incredible damage. Her focusing beam allows her to channel a beam shortly that deals a lot of damage when target is under 50% and is mostly used to finish people up. Lastly, her ultimate duplicates an enemy character and transforms Echo into them allowing them access to full kit. Read more on Echo in our Echo guide.

Sigma [Tank]

Sigma is a barrier type tank that we’ve seen in Overwatch before, however, not in this shape. His primary Hyperspheres allow him to shoot two orbs similar to Zen’s orbs. His Experimental Barrier is his key ability, it's a 1500 HP shield wall that once placed, slowly creeps forward until destroyed or reaches a wall, or of course, cancelled by Sigma.

Accretion is his second damaging ability that allows Sigma to gather rocks and throw them at someone dealing minor damage and stunning them for a short period of time. His Kinetic Grasp is his second defensive ability that projects a shield in front of Sigma and absorbs 40% of the damage converting it to his personal shield. Lastly, his ultimate Gravitic Flux allows Sigma to fly in the air and mark a circular area on the ground and then lift enemies who were caught inside in the air and slam dunk them into the floor. They’re dealt small damage but then 50% of their max HP when they hit the ground. More about Sigma in our Sigma guide.

Baptiste [Support]

Baptiste is a healer that’s capable of both sustained and burst healing. His Biotic Launcher can damage enemies or heal allies, very rewarding for skilled players. His Regenerative burst heals both himself and his nearby teammates while his Immortality Field prevents his allies from dying if placed well and not destroyed by enemies.

Lastly his Amplification Matrix provides an immense opportunity for well-coordinated teams to output insane damage and win teamfights.

Ashe [Damage]

Ashe is a hitscan hero similar to Cassidy but also similar to Widow. It’s like Cassidy with a bigger gun if you get me. She’s better in mid-range than Cassidy and less squishy than Widow, so like a mid-range hero pretty much.

Her primary called The Viper puts out a barrage of single shots while doing it down sights increase precision but slows the fire rate. Her coach gun allows her to knock enemies or knock herself backwards in order to deter enemies or reposition herself similar to Lucio’s boop. Her Dynamite that she throws and it sticks onto something does direct + over time damage. Lastly, her ultimate BOB spawns a big robot that does her bidding for her.

Wrecking Ball [Tank]

Wrecking Ball had a rough start but after people learned how to play him, he is in a much better spot. He focuses on displacing the enemy team and creating space which is an imperative in Overwatch 2. However, in order to be good with him you must know him mechanically very well and the map that you’re playing on.

Basically his whole kit revolves around him turning into a ball, running super fast, then swinging around and displacing enemies. On top of that he has a minefield ability and the Piledriver for some damage and crowd control.

Brigitte [Support]

Brigitte focuses on defending allied squishies and backline with her Repair Packs and an Inspire that heals allies in range when she hits enemies that are presumably diving them. In order for that to work her melee cone is bigger than other heroes so she can easily hit more people at once.

She also has a Whip Shot to throw and knock enemies and a Barrier Shield that she can use to protect herself and charge enemies while doing so. Lastly, her ultimate Rally that provides armor to nearby allies and makes her move faster.

Moira [Support]

Moira is a hybrid healer that’s capable of healing and dealing decent damage. Her primary is a left click heal or a right click damage beam that passes through allies and enemies. Her Biotic Grasp self heals her when she damages enemies.

Her Biotic Orb is a bouncy orb that can be either sent out as a heal between allies or damaging ability between enemies. Her Fade allows her a quick teleport to relocate, and lastly, her ultimate Coalescence is a big beam that heals allies that it hits and passes through while also dealing damage to enemies, like an advanced primary fire.

Doomfist [Damage]

Doomfist is a great engager hero that’s able to solo kill squishies when he sees a good opportunity and disengage after doing it.

His primary fire Hand Cannon allows him to deal decent damage, his Rising Uppercut deals damage + knocks an enemy up in the air, while his Seismic Slam allows him to dash and deal AoE damage while once again knocking people. Doomfist is played via a combo of all of these abilities. Lastly, his ultimate, Meteor Strike allows him to either engage or disengage by flying in the air and then crashing onto the ground.

Lucio [Support]

Lucio has always been a good healer and has been with us since the launch of Overwatch. His kit is just good so he’s a good pick and well positioned in the tier list most of the time.

His passive allows him to ride walls in order to move faster, his primary fire is a low damage Sonic Amplifier while his Soundwave, famously called Boop allows him to knock enemies behind, often to disengage, throw them off the map or push them into arms of your team.

Crossfade allows Lucio to change his aura to either healing his team or providing them with a speed boost. Amp It Up is an ability that amplifies the effect of Crossfade, lastly his ultimate Soundbarrier after a short cast time, providing the allies in range with a temporary shield.

Reinhardt [Tank]

Reinhardt has also been with us since the launch of Overwatch 1 and is a good pick most of the time, depending on the meta, of course.

Reinhardt is a main tank with a task of protecting his team and creating space for them. He does this via his melee dealing damage in a wide arc punishing anyone that comes close, his Barrier Field sets him up with a frontal shield where your team can hide behind.

His charge allows him to quickly charge forward, pinning anybody in the way and smashing them into the first obstacle. His Fire Strike is a long range ability that can deal poke damage and lastly his ultimate Earthshatter stuns and damages all enemies in range and sets them up for your team.

overwatch 2 reinhardt

Junkrat [Damage]

Junkrat specializes in poke, zoning and heavy damage dealing when protected. His passive makes him drop a few grenades when he dies. His primary fire, Frag Launcher allows him to spam grenades at enemies while his Concussion Mine deals damage and propels the one on top of it, if Junkrat propels himself he won’t receive damage of course.

His Steel Trap clamps on top of the enemy that comes too close to it and stuns them. Lastly, his ultimate Rip Tire allows him to motorize a big tire and control it while channeling from the activation spot, then he can detonate it, dealing heavy damage to enemies. The tire can be destroyed and Junkrat has to be careful not to get killed while channeling the tire.

Widowmaker [Damage]

Widowmaker is a sniper hero focusing on taking out enemies from a distance. Her primary is a heavy damage sniper that turns to automatic weapon if the enemy is too close. Her Grappling Hook allows her to shoot a cable to a place and then pull herself there in order to relocate fast. Her Venom Mine explodes when enemy steps on it, poisoning them for moderate damage and making them visible on Widowmaker’s minimap.

Lastly, her ultimate Infra-Sight allows her and her team to see through walls, also marking all enemies in red for easier targeting. She is super squishy so she has to always position well and be careful, because when she gets caught it’s game over for her. A high risk high reward hero.

Cassidy [Damage]

Our Overwatch 2 boosting team loves playing Cassidy due to his high damage output on single targets, however, he is just like Widowmaker, a high risk squishy hero.

His primary fire is his high damage revolver that can do a single shot or dish out the magazine in a burst type of fire. His Combat Roll allows him to dash in a desired direction and reload his gun in the process. His Flashbang allows him to quickly throw a flash grenade at an enemy stunning them briefly allowing him to burst kill them.

Lastly, his ultimate Deadeye makes him stand in a place, and start scanning for enemies where the game locks in on the enemies in line of sight for the player and starts accumulating damage, the longer you stay in the ultimate, the more damage you do, allowing you to one shot even tanks if you stay in it long enough. However, you’re very exposed and prone to being interrupted or killed.

Reaper [Damage]

Reaper is a flanker that can both pick on squishies and tanks. When Reaper fights it’s usually not a long fight, he either wins or loses fast.

His primary fire are his two famous shotguns that also heal him while firing due to his passive that makes him heal for 30% of his damage done. His Wraith Form makes him enter a shadow form for a couple of seconds making him immune to damage or crowd control, usually used to escape or reposition.

His Shadow Step allows him to teleport to a desired location within 35 meters, whether that’s up or down, forward or behind. Lastly, his ultimate Death Blossom makes him start spinning and firing shotguns at a 170 damage per second to anyone in range for 3 seconds.

Sombra [Damage]

Sombra is also a flanker that focuses on setting up kills for her team. Her passive Opportunist makes her see low HP enemies through walls. Her primary fire Machine Pistol deals damage at a short range while her Hack ability makes the hacked enemy unable to use any abilities making them an easy target.

Her Stealth ability allows her to become invisible unless she’s 2 meters or less from an enemy allowing her to relocate or flank easily. Her Translocator allows her to throw a device and then teleport back to it once she presses the key again. Lastly, her EMP ultimate does the Hack just on everyone inside the blast radius. Sombra requires a good player to control her and a team to play with her.

Mercy [Support]

Mercy is from the original Overwatch 1 roster and often a great support pick that by now pretty much everyone knows how to play.

Her passive makes her heal herself automatically when not taking damage. She can also float in the air instead of just falling down. Her primary fire creates a healing beam that locks onto an enemy, or secondary fire allows her to channel the same beam but this one amplifies their damage.

Her Guardian angel ability makes her propel herself towards a targeted ally and reach them whether they’re on the ground or in the air. This ability makes the famous Pharmercy duo of Mercy and Pharah possible. Lastly, her Resurrect ability allows Mercy to resurrect a friendly target.

D.Va [Tank]

D.Va floats on the tier list quite a bit due to buffs and nerfs. Her Eject! bility makes her exit the mech and play as a squishy “baby D.Va” that has a primary fire laser until she enters the mech once again.

Her Fusion Cannons are the primary fire of the D.Va while in mech and Defense Matrix projects a shield in front of D.Va that blocks projectiles such as bullets or rockets. Boosters allow her to quickly turn on rocket boosters and move in a desired direction, knocking enemies on the path. Her Micro Missiles make D.Va shoot a barrage of missiles dealing moderate damage. Lastly, her ultimate Self Destruct makes D.Va eject out of the mech while the mech becomes a ticking bomb that explodes after 3 seconds dealing heavy damage to enemies.

Winston [Tank]

Winston has been a staple since the Overwatch 1 launch, but also moves from Tier 1 to the lowest tier often due to buffs, nerfs and meta shifts. He is not hard to pick up which makes him an ideal choice for new players.

His Tesla Cannon primary fire shoots an electric current at the target enemy at a maximum range of 8 meters. His Jump Pack allows him to jump forward in the air in the desired distance, therefore closing a big gap whether that’s to escape or chase an enemy. His Barrier Projector sets up a dome that protects anyone inside until it’s destroyed. And lastly, his Primal Rage makes him into a super monkey with only strong melee attacks and a lot of HP. Regardless of his huge hitbox, Winston is often a great pick, especially for new players.

Genji [Damage]

Genji has been with us since launch, and has always been a mechanically hard hero to play. He has insane potential for flanks and burst damage, his high mobility makes him a true versatile ninja, however, if you’re not skilled with him, you will simply get punished often and not do much.

His passive allows him to climb walls and double jump, his Shuriken ability throws three shurikens in a burst pattern or he can do the same but in a more wide spread, depending on his goal. His Swift Strike allows him to dash forward and slash enemies on the way, if he picks up a kill, the cooldown resets.

His Deflect allows him to deflect any projectile abilities and send them back in the direction Genji is facing. Lastly, his Dragonblade ultimate allows him to spam his sword up to 7 times and deal immense damage.

Hanzo [Damage]

Hanzo has a higher skill-cap than the others that you will find within his specific category. Hanzo can also wall climb just like his brother Genji. His Storm Bow makes him nock and fire and arrow that can deal up to 125 damage, depending how much he charged it up. His Sonic Arrow shoots an arrow that has a sonar, when the arrow lands and an enemy is in range of the sonar, it will blink on the minimap, he can also stick the arrow to an enemy making them carry it until it expires.

His Lunge allows him to double jump mid air and change direction if needed so he can relocate. Lastly, his Dragonstrike ability allows him to summon a huge dragon that travels in the desired direction through walls and deal massive damage to anyone that gets hit by it for as long as they’re standing in it.

Mei [Damage]

Mei is that annoying character with tons of crowd control. Her Endothermic Blaster is her primary fire that deals damage and slows the enemy and finally freezes them in place if they’re being shot at long enough. Alternatively, she can shoot icicles at 75 damage per shot, usually being used after Mei freezes a target and then headshots them for finisher.

Her Cryofreeze allows her to surround herself with a block of ice, healing herself and being immune to damage for up to 4 seconds. Her Ice Wall creates a big ice wall that prevents enemies from passing through until destroyed or expires. And lastly, her ultimate Blizzard that does the same as her primary pistol just in an area.

Pharah [Damage]

Pharah’s sheer ability to destroy opponents from the air by dishing out an absurd amount of damage makes her a really solid pick on some maps. Her extreme mobility allows her to scout out the situation from above, then prioritize most menacing threats to your teammates.

Her Hover Jets allow her to stay in air for extended periods of time and utilize her abilities. Her Rocket Launcher shoots rockets that deal high damage in a radius, usually when she’s in the air. Her Concussive Blast that knocks back enemies that get hit and also knocks back Pharah too which can be used as a reposition tool. Lastly, her Barrage ultimate locks down Pharah in place and rains a barrage of rockets that deal heavy damage.

Soldier: 76 [Damage]

It's so tempting to think that Soldier:76 is just another run-and-gun Hero at first glance - and it's not an accident that he is the first character you encounter during the tutorial - and yet there is still plenty of mastery to be made here regardless.

His primary fire rifle deals heavy damage, his Helix Rockets deal decent damage in a small radius, and his Sprint speeds him up so he can relocate fast whenever needed. His Biotic Field allows him to plant a small emitter on the ground and heal himself and teammates in it’s small range. Lastly, his Tactical Visor locks targets for him basically like an aimbot and reduces reload time.

Tracer [Damage]

Tracer, the most famous Overwatch hero by far. She’s extremely fun to play but very challenging as well. Her Pulse Pistols are two auto pistols that deal moderate damage depending fully on how well you aim. Her Blink ability allows her to teleport horizontally forward in your desired direction and Tracer can stack up to three charges.

Her Recall ability teleports her back in time 3 seconds, including her position and health while reloading her weapons. Lastly, her ultimate Pulse Bomb allows her to throw a bomb and stick it to an enemy or a surface, exploding after a short duration.

Tracer often radically moves throughout the tier list due to meta shifts and nerf and buffs to her since it’s not easy to balance her.

Roadhog [Tank]

Roadhog is a massive tank with a large healthpool. His Scrap Gun is his primary fire with moderate damage that has two modes of fire, one normal and one that fires a ball that explodes further away and damages enemies, used for mid to long range. His Take a Breather ability simply activates a self-heal over time for Roadhog.

His signature ability, Chain Hook is what separates him, he can launch a 20 meter hook that will grapple and pull the hooked enemies toward him, setting them up for a kill in most cases. Lastly, his ultimate Whole Hog allows him to start shooting pellets that knock back enemies and deal damage.

Roadhog should be picked by players confident in their hook skills. If unsure, check out our how to pick the best tank in Overwatch guide.

Symmetra [Support]

Symmetra has been reworked in the past due to her lacking kit. Her primary fire is now a ranged beam that deals more damage the longer you’re connected. Alternatively, it can launch a photon ball that explodes on contact. Her Sentry Turret once deployed starts firing at enemies and reduces their movement speed, she can have three up at any given time.

Her signature ability, Teleporter, allows her to set up an exit and entry point of the teleporter so her allies can quickly travel between them. Lastly, her ultimate Photon Barrier allows her to place a huge barrier across the whole map that prevents ranged attacks and lasts for 12 seconds.

overwatch 2 symmetra

Zarya [Tank]

As a strong tank hero, Zarya is as tough as solid nails and makes for an amazing obstacle for her enemy team to deal with. Everything about her screams pure survivability, from her personal shield that provides a massive buff to her health, to her deployed shield that is used to keep her teammates alive a bit longer.

However, she does rely on having a strong main tank player on her team to give her energy through her friendly shield and to create space for her to deal damage. If your teammates can’t do this, head over for an Overwatch 2 Boost. Her damage output - based on the damage that her shields absorb - is not really that bad either, especially when you take into account her role in the game.

Her Particle Barrier that shields her and Projected Barrier that shields an ally all boost her energy making her deal more damage with her primary fire and charging up her ultimate Graviton Surge that’s one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, once enemies are caught in the graviton area, they are continuously pulled inside which sets them up for kills.

Bastion [Damage]

Bastion is a living turret hero. His passive makes him take 20% less damage when he’s in sentry mode. In Recon mode he can move and fire moderate damage, while when he’s stationary in Sentry mode he deals heavy damage with his railgun. His self-repair ability self-heals him for 90 per second for a maximum of 3 seconds. Lastly, his Tank mode activated by the ultimate allowing him to move and also shoot large cannon ball projectiles on long range that explode in a wide-radius.

Torbjorn [Defense]

Torbjorn is a builder hero that has a primary fire gun with two modes of fire, which is not his main utility of course. His Deploy Turret ability is. It allows Torjborn to deploy a self-building turret that automatically tracks and fires at enemies. His Forge Hammer ability allows him to repair his turrets when damaged and can also be used as a melee weapon if needed.

His Overload ability buffs Torb with extra armor and improves his damage, speed and reload speed. Lastly, his ultimate Molten Core that creates pools of molten slag that deal massive sustained damage and prevents them from moving through it, usually used for zoning.

Zenyatta [Support]

Zenyatta is an amazing healer hero that uses Orbs as his primary mechanic. He can throw orbs of destruction in order to damage enemies as his primary fire, he can throw single ones or in a burst pattern. His orbs of harmony are healing orbs, he throws one at an ally and it automatically heals over time until he loses line of sight or throws it at someone else.

He can also do an Orb of discord that acts the same as healing one but just amplifies damage instead of healing. Lastly, his ultimate Transcendence makes Zen immune to stuns, crowd control and damage while healing all allies in a 10 meter radius.

Ana [Support]

Ana is a high skill cap hero due to relying on skill shots for healing, however, she compensates heavily by being very rewarding if you play well and land your skillshots.

Her Biotic Rifle primary fire either heals allies if you hit them, or damages enemies over time if you hit them. Her Sleep Dart sleeps an enemy for a few seconds but breaks if someone damages them. Her Biotic Grenade heals allies in an area or damages enemies in an area, affected allies get more healing for a short duration of time while enemies can’t get healed for the same duration.

Lastly, her ultimate Nano Boost charges up one ally that deals more damage and takes less damage from enemy sources, usually used on a burst hero that can finish off enemies.

Orisa [Tank]

Orisa is a great tank, however, she often gets pushed out of meta. She is one of the barrier tanks.

Her first ability, Halt!, allows her to shoot a projectile that can be activated with the same button and then it pulls enemies towards the center of the blast radius. Her Fortify reduces the damage she takes and cannot be crowd controlled for the duration of 4 seconds. Her Protective Barrier is a stationary barrier that blocks projectiles. Lastly, her ultimate Supercharger allows her to throw a device that increases the damage of allies in range and line of sight.

Closing Words

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