Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you a fun list of all Valorant agents and their real names. Everyone knows their agent names, but do you know their real name?

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I dug around the web in order to give you real names of all Valorant agents and I will update this list whenever a new Valorant agent is released! So let’s start!

Valorant Agents Real Names


Astra’s real name and nationality: Efia Danso, Ghana

Efia Danso is a bright person from Accra, Ghana, who has powers related to cosmic energies. She uses these in her job as a "astral guardian" to make sure that any events that change the universe don't have big effects.

Danso was hired by the VALORANT Protocol as its 16th agent and given the code name Astra. In between her missions for the VP, she still works as an astral guardian.

You can tell a person's character by their first action. Check me then, eh?


Breach’s real name and nationality: Erik Torsten, Sweden

Erik Torsten was a criminal from Sweden. He and the rest of his family were all going to be found guilty of their crimes. But because he was born without both legs, the judge felt sorry for him and gave him a shorter sentence, which let Erik get back to his old ways quickly.

Torsten later agreed to become a VALORANT agent, even though he didn't have an easy time getting started. As required by VP policy, he gave up his criminal life and became the Protocol's thirteenth agent, called "Breach."

Been pulling jobs like this for years. Risky? Sure. But never boring


Brimstone’s real name and nationality: Liam Byrne, USA

Liam Byrne is from the United States. He worked as a firefighter for the Boston Fire Department (BFD) and then as a soldier for the Ragged Ravens, a Special Forces squad. He worked in both jobs with a close friend he had known since they were kids. He also joined Kingdom Corporation and worked for their subsidiary K/SEC for a long time.

After the events of First Light, the secret VALORANT Protocol was started. Byrne was the first agent to join, and he later became the leader and commander of the group, called "Brimstone."

Sage, remember that you can't save everyone. We save who we can, that's enough


Chamber’s real name and nationality: Vincent Fabron, France

Vincent Fabron, a Frenchman, spends his whole life trying to reach one important goal. He is willing to give up anything that stands in his way. He worked in the French military before becoming a PMC marksman and then a weapons designer for Kingdom Defense. He has a lot of experience with combat and weapons.

Fabron met up with senior VALORANT Protocol agents Brimstone and Viper, and the three of them ended up in a bad situation. After saying that he could help VALORANT with their Omega Project, Chamber was hired as their eighteenth agent by the people in charge of the Protocol.

None of this "a win is a win" nonsense. We should win big and look good doing it.


Clove’s real name and nationality: Unknown

As of 8.02, not much is known about Clove's past or childhood. In their Agent Trailer 2 WORLDS, we catch a glimpse of Clove as a child. Seeing their younger self triggers some strong emotions in Clove, hinting that they discovered their special abilities at a young age. When Fade asks about Clove's powers and immortality, Clove avoids giving a direct answer.

Before joining the VALORANT Protocol, Omen, who was on the run, discovers Clove while searching for a journal linked to the Scions of Hourglass. Omen contacts Cypher, saying he's found someone important—Clove—whom Brimstone would like to meet. Clove easily joins the Protocol, and Omen disappears once he knows they're safe.

I've got all the time in the world.


Cypher’s real name and nationality: Amir El Amari, Morocco

Amir El Amari is from Rabat, Morocco. His name in Arabic means "prince of the moon." El Amari grew up in his city and sometimes lived in poverty there. Kingdom Corporation's activities in the area depleted the city's resources, which made El Amari dislike them.

El Amari has gone to great lengths to make sure that no one can find out anything about the man who knows all the secrets. He has set up multiple safehouses and always wears a black mask to hide his face. Even though El Amari was hired by the secret VALORANT Protocol as its fifth agent, "Cypher," he still hides his face and name from the other agents. For now, nothing, not even his closest friends, is worth the risk of him taking off his mask.

I will stop anyone who tries to come through. I must keep my secrets with me.


Deadlock’s real name and nationality: Iselin, Norway

Iselin was a member of Stljeger's Ursa team and worked as an agent. She was told to take a Kingdom expert to a facility in Svalbard, where a bear was being used in experiments, so that the bear could be taken out of the facility and taken to Los Angeles.

Instead, the team finds out that the bear got out of its cage and killed everyone it could catch except Iselin. She is able to lure the bear into a room and turn it on, but not before the bear bites her left arm, which causes the energy surge in the chamber to kill both the bear and Iselin's arm. Iselin was the only person left alive, and before she dies, she was able to turn on a light. Sova finds out about her in the end and she is recruited as Deadlock.

First, we put them on their heels. Then we put them in the ground.


Fade’s real name and nationality: Hazal Eyletmez, Turkey

Hazal Eyletmez, a Radiant from Turkey, looks for a person who is important to her after he was "taken from her." Using her ability to see nightmares and figure out what they meant, she thought at first that he had been taken by a secret group called the VALORANT Protocol.

After it turned out to be a misunderstanding. The top agents of VALORANT decided to ask her to join the group and help them gather information while they were on their way to Omega Earth. Eyletmez decided to put this misunderstanding behind her and agreed to become their 20th agent, "Fade." She now carries the flag of the VALORANT Protocol, but only as long as it brings her closer to the person she is looking for.

It doesn't matter where they hide, I'll find them. I always find them.


Gekko’s real name and nationality: Mateo, USA

Gekko the Angeleno is in charge of a close-knit group of mischievous creatures. His friends ran ahead, scattering enemies out of the way, while Gekko chased after them to get them back together so they could go again.



Harbor's real name and nationality: Varun Batra, India As a former member of the task force, Varun Batra is surprised to find that he now owns an ancient and powerful artifact that can control and bring huge amounts of water out of thin air. Before, Batra worked for REALM to get these kinds of items off the black market and back to their rightful owners. He was known as a kind man who was also a dangerous opponent in battle.

After almost two months of being pursued by REALM, a lifeline arrived in the form of the VALORANT Protocol, who appeared to have a peculiar interest in him specifically. Harbor agreed to an extraction and was picked up by the organization, allowing him to escape from REALM's manhunt for good.

Look at us! I've never seen a more beautiful group of heavily armed soldiers.


Iso's real name and nationality: Li Zhao Yu (The Dead Lilac), China Iso is employed as an assassin by an organization, with a mission to target individuals involved in research connected to Project Landfall of the Kingdom Corporation. After an attack on the Kingdom Corporation's facility in Los Angeles, Yu takes out a group of Landfall personnel.

Following the successful mission, his employer assigns him a new target, Omen, who is a former employee. However, Yu's path takes an unexpected turn when he is contacted by the VALORANT Protocol. In exchange for protection from his employer, Yu is willing to collaborate with the VALORANT Protocol.

Enough training, it's time.


Jett’s real name and nationality: Sunwoo Han, South Korea

Sunwoo Han is from South Korea (his name in Korean is ), and he may have ties to the Insa-dong neighborhood in Seoul. When she was younger, she worked as a chef. At the restaurant where she worked, her wind-like radiant powers caused a "freak storm" that almost destroyed the building. Soon after, Sunwoo ran away.

Later on, Sunwoo would be recruited by the VALORANT Protocol to become its tenth agent, "Jett".

Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can't keep up.


KAY/O’s real name and nationality: No name or nationality

KAY/O is a robot from an alternate future. It was made by humans to fight back against the radiants, who were at war with them at the time. Using the power of polarized radianite, KAY/O was able to stop radiants from using their powers, which made them easier to kill.

Later, KAY/O would go back in time hundreds of years to the present day. He would land on an island near the Caribbean and soon be hired by the VALORANT Protocol.

We have one job; save this Earth. No excuses


Killjoy’s real name and nationality: Klara Böhringer, Germany

Klara Bohringer is a German inventor. One of her parents is of Germanic descent. Bohringer was nominated for the Distinguished Inventor award, and at the age of 18, he became the head of Kingdom's R&D department. During her time at Kingdom, she was very successful and made many big steps forward with her ideas and inventions.

The fourth person to join the VALORANT Protocol as "Killjoy" was Bohringer. She got her call sign when her team used it to praise her great skills, which made the rest of them less busy. Klara liked the nickname so much that she decided to keep it.

Don't overthink it, that's my job


Neon’s real name and nationality: Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez, Philippines

Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez grew up in Manila, Philippines. She is a Radiant whose power comes from her bioelectricity, which is linked to Earth's radianite mesh. She used to work at K/SEC when she was young, and the VALORANT Protocol hired her as part of their Omega Project so they could use her electric skills to try to power an Alpha-Omega teleporter.

Valdez left her home to join the Protocol after accepting a job there as their 19th agent, "Neon." She wants to help set up a stable connection that will finally let the VP cross over to Omega Earth.

You made me care. Big mistake.


Omen’s real name and nationality:John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, Dimitri

Omen is a ghost of a man who has many names and a mysterious past. He doesn't remember much about his past, but he does remember that he did something that got him torn apart and killed. All he knows about his past is a place called Point Light, an old friendship with Sabine "Viper" Callas, and the fact that every kill he makes makes him feel better.

Omen helped start the VALORANT Protocol and later became its third recruit and one of its most experienced agents. He is still looking for answers about what really happened to him more than a decade ago.

If I must live in this nightmare my enemies might as well join me.


Phoenix’s real name and nationality: Jamie Adeyemi, United Kingdom

Jamie Adeyemi is a Radiant from the part of London, England, called Peckham. Adeyemi went to a local Performing Arts school when he was younger, but he was later kicked out. Adeyemi joined the VALORANT Protocol as its ninth agent, "Phoenix." From 10 AFL on, he was very involved in the Protocol's work.

As a new recruit, he wasn't told everything he needed to know, so he couldn't stop a spike from going off in Venice while he was on a solo mission. The next day, there was another attack in Rabat, which gave Phoenix another chance to stop one. It was here that he met the only person who had done it, his Omega counterpart.

Yes, yes, it's me, autographs if we survive, yeah?


Raze’s real name and nationality: Tayane Alves, Brazil

Engineer Tayane Alves is from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She is very interested in explosives and paint, which she often uses together. Alves didn't like how Kingdom Corporation did business in Bahia, so she helped drive the company out of her home state and make them leave their sites there. The marks of her tools on the plots show that she was successful.

Since then, Alves has been hired by the VALORANT Protocol as its twelfth agent, "Raze," and now uses her chaos to protect Earth from bigger threats. But as the paint on Salvador's walls wears away, Raze can't leave her home for good, because Kingdom might try to go back there. I promise I'll get 'em. Might take down a city block along the way but...hey. A win's a win


Reyna’s real name and nationality: Zyanya Mondragón, Mexico

Reyna is a Mexican Radiant who has the ability to take life energy from the souls of people she kills. After being hurt by a bad thing that happened with machines, Mondragón dislikes technology and people very much.

She thinks that she and the other Radiants are the true future of Earth. Before she became a VALORANT Protocol agent, she helped people leave Kingdom and get better by setting up a safe place. There, she built a community and became their protector and avenger.

Are those our enemies? This won't take long.


Sage’s real name and nationality: Ling Ying Wei, China

Ling Ying Wei is a Chinese monk whose name in Chinese is 魏玲瑩. As the seventh person to join the VALORANT Protocol as "Sage," Ling was able to quickly move up the ranks because the Protocol's leaders saw in her natural leadership skills. Sage is currently helping VALORANT find and train new radiant agents. She interacts with many new radiants when they are hired, and she is in charge of the training program.

I wasn't strong enough before. But now, now I am strong enough for us all.


Skye’s real name and nationality: Kirra Foster, Australia

Skye, a Radiant from Nimbin, Australia, fought against Kingdom Corporation's projects in Eastern Australia for many years. Her fights against Kingdom, from Sawn Rocks to Kangaroo Valley, earned her the name "Great Reclaimer." Later, the VALORANT Protocol asked Foster to join as an agent. At first, she wasn't sure because she didn't want to stop fighting Kingdom and leave her home unprotected.

We know what we're doing. Trust each other and we'll be fine.


Sova’s real name and nationality: Alexander (Sasha) Novikov, Russia

Hailing from the town of Severomorsk, in Murmansk Oblast, Russia, Sasha Novikov (Russian: Саша Новиков) is an archer who became an agent for the VALORANT Protocol as its sixth recruit, "Sova". With his right eye replaced with a mechanical one after he lost it, Sova primarily serves as the team's scout, gathering information and searching for targets using olden methods should technology come up short.

Being highly capable and reliable both in the field and with his work, whilst also having experience with multiple radianite-related events (having traveled through a rift and having met his Omega counterpart), Sova has earned a reputation of being one of the Protocol's most trusted agents, especially to the organization's commander, Brimstone.

I believe in all of you, like I believe in myself.


Viper’s real name and nationality: Sabine Callas, USA

Sabine Callas is from the U.S., and it's possible that she has ties to Seattle. With a Ph.D. and awards like the R. Francis Prize and the Denton Outstanding Innovation Award. But there was a "incident" at some point during her time there. We don't know much about what happened, but everything changed for Callas after she lost so much because of it. She began to live alone and focus on getting revenge instead.

After the events of First Light, the secret VALORANT Protocol was created, and Callas was one of the people who started it. She became its second agent, "Viper," and was Brimstone's second-in-command.

They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?


Yoru’s real name and age: Ryo Kiritani, Japan

Ryo Kiritani is a man from Tokyo, Japan, who is determined to find out about his past. Kiritani's search for his ancestors and an old order of samurai has kept bringing him to the S22 container port in the Kingdom.

On his first visit, he broke into the facility and stole a mask from a set of samurai armor that let him see into another dimension. Later, he was hired by the VALORANT Protocol as its fifteenth agent, named "Yoru." Shortly after that, he was sent back to S22 on a mission to stop enemies from Omega Earth from setting off a spike.

Five enemies. Five for me, none for anyone else.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed my short lore description of all Valorant agents and their real names.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to add. :)

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