Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Kayo, who is actually called KAY/O, which is cool, but nobody’s gonna write KAY/O, right? Kayo is an initiator agent with a new suppression mechanic, new revive mechanic, flashbang, and a damage grenade.

I’m a professional Valorant player here at Boosting Factory’s Valorant boosting team, knowing all agents in-depth is a part of my job and today I’m going to help you as well! My colleague or I will also update our Valorant Tier List with Kayo as soon as we’re sure about his ranking.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

KAYO Abilities

I’m going to go through Kayo’s abilities now and talk about each of them and how to utilize them for maximum efficiency.


Kayo equips a suppression blade and can press fire to throw it. The blade will stick to the first surface it hits, quickly charge up and suppress anyone in the radius, also displaying which enemies were suppressed. The same works if you get suppressed, it will tell you that Kayo has discovered you. The pulse that comes from the explosion goes through obstacles, making it a decent scouting tool as well since it tells you that someone was suppressed and you get to know their approximate location.

Kayo doesn’t have to buy Zero Point but rather has one charge that refreshes throughout the round after 40 seconds. It’s also worth noting that enemies can destroy the knife before it pops if they’re fast enough.

To clear it up, suppression means “silence” if you have played Sombra from Overwatch or Revenant from Apex Legends that use this mechanic, meaning that the suppressed enemies cannot use their abilities for the duration of the suppression and their on-going abilities are cancelled as well such as Cypher’s tripwires or Killjoy’s turret.


Kayo equips a flash grenade and can press fire to throw it. After a short fuse, it explodes and blinds anyone in sight. Right-clicking to fire will throw an already charged flash, taking only 1 second to explode but with a shorter range, while the left click will take it 1.6 seconds to explode and have a longer range. The cost is 250 credits and 2 charges can be bought.

This is a pretty much standard flash ability, similar to a CS: GO one. Making it rather simple to pop-flash for yourself, which is if you don’t know, when you throw it slightly in the air around the corner just above your head and peek out, fully flashing enemies and only short flashing yourself, giving you a kill opportunity.

The longer version can be thrown across walls for your teammates, bounced off the walls, and so on. Many creative plays can be done. This ability also gives Kayo an option to play as a duelist with pop-flashes (shorter throw) around the corner and solo killing enemies, or he can be more of a support flasher by throwing long-throw flashes from behind onto the site for example.

It's also worth noting that if you're low on cash, both flashes are what you should be buying first, then the grenade.


Kayo can equip an explosive fragment and press fire to throw it. It sticks to the floor where it lands and explodes multiple times, dealing near-lethal damage at the center with each explosion. The cost of it is 200 credits and you can have one charge.

This bomb looks and functions about the same as Killjoy’s nanoswarm except that you can’t plant it and activate it but rather throw it and it starts exploding immediately after it sticks. It deals heavy damage in form of pulses.

Good news for Viper mains, the physics are the same as Viper orb so you’ll adapt to this in no-time.

You will use this ability just like any other molly, stopping defuses, clearing out corners, zoning enemies from passing through on havens and such.


Kayo’s ultimate allows him to instantly overload with polarized radianite energy that empowers him and causes large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies that get hit with the pulse get suppressed for a short duration.

His ultimate also has a couple of more effects. For the duration of the ultimate, he gets a Combat Stim like Brimstone but only for himself, meaning that his fire rate and reload rate are increased. Also, if he gets killed during ultimate, he doesn’t die but rather falls down and can still see what’s going on but can’t do anything, teammates can resurrect him for 15 seconds, similarly to other Battle Royale games like Warzone. While Kayo is on the floor, he has 1000 health meaning that he can be killed before the timer runs out.

This ultimate can be used in a way where you 5 man rush the site and Kayo goes in first in order to suppress enemies and make way for teammates to go through.

Kayo Team Comp

Kayo is a well rounded agent and will work in basically any comp, however, high mobility team comps suit him the best. You want agents that can go in and destroy people while they're suppressed or flashed by Kayo, such as Jett, Raze, and Reyna.

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