Hey everyone, today I’m going to talk about our favorite entry fragger Raze. Raze has been with us since the launch of Valorant and has gone through many buffs and nerfs to get her in her current state.

I’m a professional Valorant player and member of the Boosting Factory’s Valorant boosting team. I’m often requested to do Valorant boosts for our customers by playing only Raze, and today I’ll help you achieve the same level of skill with Raze.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Raze Introduction

Raze is one of the agents that people often cry about due to her ability damage. She used to do a lot of damage with her abilities and that’s what the Valorant developers said will not happen with the game, but it did. Afterward, they nerfed her satchels and ult to tune down her damage. She is still quite good and often is S or A tier on our Valorant agent tier list.

Many Raze players prefer to use their abilities, or at least the bomb and boombot early in the game in order to damage enemies early or at least force them to retreat, whether they get damage or fall back gives Raze and her team space to play around that angle now that the enemy team either has lower HP or had to pull back while Raze and her team pushes forward.

Secondly, a more aggressive playstyle is a Raze who rushes into the enemy team with the satchels and a shotgun or an SMG while they’re not expecting her and just blows people up. This is a high-risk high-reward playstyle not suited for most players because it takes a fair amount of practice with the satchels. A nice video of that can be found here.

Raze Abilities

Now let’s go over her abilities and give you some tips regarding each ability.

Boombot (C)

Raze can deploy a roomba that travels in a straight line but can bounce off walls and obstacles. When it detects an enemy it starts chasing them faster and exploding for heavy damage if it catches them. It can be destroyed by enemies. Raze can buy 1 boombot per game and it costs 300 credits.

Boombot is an amazing tool for getting intel or entering the site, especially on pistol rounds. If you manage to get intel by making the boombot chase enemies and they destroy it, that’s great too. But even better is when you get the intel and they’re chased by a boombot, and you push them at that very moment to pick up a kill because they need to decide whether to destroy the boombot or you.

You can experiment with boombot lineups in order to make your bot clear as many angles as possible where enemies could be camping. A neat tip is that you can actually jump and deploy the boombot for example over a Sage wall, you can also satchel the boombot over smaller obstacles by deploying the satchel in front of boombot’s path and then activating once the bot runs over it, for example in hookah.

Paint Shells (E)

Raze can throw a cluster grenade that will explode after a certain duration and then releases 4 more smaller grenades out of it in 4 directions that explode shortly after landing on the ground. Raze gets one paint shells charge per round for free and it resets cooldown after Raze gets 2 kills.

Paint shells are mostly used to highly damage or push people out of a certain area or angle. The timer of the explosion starts after it leaves your hand, therefore, after you get a feeling for the timer, you will be able to throw it long-distance into hookah and other enclosed areas and making the bomb explode right when it lands where you want it, making it impossible for enemies to dodge.

You can throw it with a left-click which is a long throw, or with a right-click which is a short lob throw useful for throwing over walls or in close quarters when you want to be precise and not have your grenade bounce off walls and make it harder to land where you want it.

A neat combo is a boombot + paint shells, where you deploy the boombot, then hold onto your grenade until boombot starts chasing an enemy, then finish them off with the grenade while they’re busy killing the boombot.

Blast Pack (Q)

Blast Pack are little satchels that Raze can buy at the start of the round, she can hold a maximum of two. She throws her satchel and can press the button again to activate it. It will stick to any surface and explode after a few seconds if not activated by Raze prior. Once it sticks it starts charging up damage, it does 15 damage initially and falls off with distance, up to a maximum of 50 damage that also falls off with distance. It doesn’t deal damage to Raze and her allies.

This ability is mainly used for repositioning, for example for peeking. Raze can stick a satchel on one side of the angle, then knock herself towards the opening much faster than she could by running, surprising the enemy and allowing her to get a kill. This will take a lot of practice so make sure to practice it in practice mode first.

After you’re good with the first satchel, you can build up to using a second satchel in a combo, which is probably the most demanding move-in Valorant, regularly used by our Valorant boosters. Find out more in the movement guide on YouTube I embedded above.

If you just want to get somewhere asap, usually escape the enemy, you can throw the first one on the ground, angle yourself in the direction you want to go, and press it 3 more times immediately to make two explosions at once in a very fast manner.

Showstopper (X)

Raze equips a rocket launcher after a short delay and carries it around as a weapon for up to 10 seconds or until she activates it to fire it. Once you press the button to fire it, you’re pushed back a couple of meters and the rocket does heavy damage in a large radius, more in the center and less on the edges of the radius. The ability requires 8 ultimate points to activate. Raze makes a loud noise so everyone knows when she pops her ultimate.

Satchels can be used during the ultimate in order to scan for enemies from elevation and that’s where satchels are usually used when Raze has her ultimate ready. The double satchel technique comes in super handy because once Raze uses her ultimate, everyone will hide or run back, and the double satchel allows Raze to chase them down and destroy them with the ultimate.

Know that the blast has a wide radius, so you don’t really have to fire it directly at someone to get heavy damage or a kill, if they’re behind the corner that’s fine, fire it from a safe position into that corner and let them get hit even if it’s not within the center of the radius.

Final Words on Raze

I hope you enjoyed my Raze guide! After you’re done with this guide, I suggest you experiment with satchels in practice mode and try the less aggressive playstyle at first, where you throw your abilities early in order for you and your team to follow up on them and pick up kills due to the pressure from the abilities and your guns.

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