Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about Reyna, Valorant’s duelist agent, and the first new agent released with the Valorant’s official launch.

What I mean by duelist is that Reyna is an aggressive agent with immense pushing and solo carrying potential. However, her skill-cap is extremely high and she does best versus uncoordinated teams such as normal ranked or unrated play.

Let’s dig in and explain how to play and carry with Reyna.

Reyna’s Abilities

I will kick-off this guide with Reyna’s abilities, followed by strategy and tips for each ability.

C - Leer

The ability is purchasable at the start of the round and can hold up to 2 charges. By pressing C, you equip an orb that you can launch to a fixed distance and make the enemies nearsighted when looking at it or, well, in the direction of it.

What nearsighted means is that they can only see a small distance around them, and everything behind the range of nearsighted looks like a barrier / smoke that enemies can’t see through. An enemy can just hide behind the corner or turn away to cancel the effect.

Leer Tips

Enemies can also destroy the eye by shooting at it if they have a high reflex shooter he can destroy it before it even triggers the nearsighted, and if not, he can destroy it later, similar to Sova’s Recon Bolt.

Since the ability is destroyable, don’t cast it in the head level where everyone’s keeping their crosshair at, make them shoot up or down to waste their time and possibly capitalize when their crosshair is off.

It’s worth noting that the ability can travel through walls, meaning that you do not have to peek around the corner to cast it, this fact unlocks immense potential for plays, first and most logical one being - throwing the eye through the wall if you are sure the enemy is there, rushing it and killing him, or repositioning yourself so he doesn’t know where you are anymore.

One more thing I’d like to mention is that you can look at your minimap to see where your eye will land when aiming it through the walls in order to maximize potential.

Q - Devour

Reyna’s Q and E are actually one ability with an interesting mechanic. What it does is - when you get a kill on an enemy, a shadow orb appears that Reyna can “capture” in a short period of time and choose whether she will use her Q or E, again, within a short time frame.

What this means is that if you do not get kills, you can’t use Q or E at all!

Her Q is essentially a heal, when Q is used, it rapidly heals Reyna for 100, and even does an “overheal” which is pretty much a free shield, up to a maximum of 50 overhealing, of course. However, the overheal has a timer that you can see right above your health, and when it runs out, your “shield” disappears. If you have a real shield, it still won’t go over 50, therefore, 150 health is the maximum you can have.

E - Dismiss

Like I mentioned earlier, your E also requires a soul orb to activate. What Dismiss does, is that it makes you “intangible” for a short period of time, meaning that you cannot take damage during the duration of Dismiss. And on top of that you look sort if invisible which is cool, but enemies can still see you.

During the dismiss, you cannot use your gun and you have a short animation after the dismiss where you pull out your gun, and all those precious milliseconds are very important in Valorant so this is definitely worth noting.

Dismiss Tips

The first play potential here is obviously killing a person, popping E and getting out of there or hiding behind a corner until it expires. I strongly advise not to run into a room or into your next duel with dismiss, because you cannot use the gun, and you have a small delay after dismiss expires, and that valuable time will just get you killed.

This is quite a situational tip and could be even hotfixed in a patch later on (let us know if it does!). Basically, the spike kills anyone within a certain range when it explodes, but, if you manage to pick up a kill before it explodes, you can time your E well with the explosion and avoid dying from the spike.

X - Empress

Her ultimate transforms you to this flashy higher being state where your firing speed, equip speed and reload speed. The ultimate lasts for a certain time and scoring a kill will refresh the duration.

When in ult state, killing an enemy will automatically start draining the orb without you needing to press Q. You can then only choose to press E, but it will interrupt the heal when done. If done carefully, you can time those perfectly, this will take a lot of practice in order to do it like our Valorant boosting squad does it.

However, E now doesn’t make you intangible, it actually makes you completely invisible allowing you time to reposition and escape. It’s worth noting that there is still an audio sound when you come out of invisibility, therefore, enemies can approximately know where you reappeared. And, once again a short animation where you can’t shoot, so the same strategy applies for E whether you’re in ult, or not.

Closing words

I hope you enjoyed my Reyna guide and that you soaked up some tips that will help you start dominating as Reyna.

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Happy hunting!

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