Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Valorant’s Astra. The 15th hero added to the game. She’s a controller agent from Ghana with space and stars theme. She was released on March 2nd, 2021.

Since it’s my job as a professional Valorant booster to know all agents inside out, I’m going to share some of my knowledge with you and teach you how to play Astra. Without further ado, let's go.

Astra Abilities

I’m going to now list all Astra’s abilities, explain them and give tips for them.

Ultimate: Astral Form / Cosmic Divide

Her ult is actually two abilities, first, one being Astral Form that allows you to place up to 5 stars anywhere on the map before or during the round, she enters an astral plane that looks somewhat similar to Omen’s void. You can buy up to 4 stars and each costs 200 credits. The stars are the only thing you buy with Astra.

You can then activate the stars with your other three abilities in the actual round. It’s worth noting that you can pick up the stars similar to how Cypher can pick up his stuff, when you pick up a star it creates a short smoke that disappears after a second or so.

The second part of the ultimate is Cosmic Divide, this one you can use when you charge it up just like all other agents do. Once again, in Astral Form, you select an area on the map and a huge astral wall will appear in a straight line (think Viper wall) and last for the whole round. The wall stops bullets, heavily dampens audio (for example spike sounds!) and of course, you cannot see through it, but you can walk through it normally. It also doesn’t stop abilities such as Sova’s darts or any other ability.

A great strategy with the cosmic divide is that you can camp the other side of the wall just near the wall so enemies that are sneaking through or pushing through with flashes can get punished by you.

Stars Tips

Enemies can see the stars and hear them when they’re close, however, they can’t destroy it which means that you should usually be planting them in clutch corners where enemies have to pass through and may not see them immediately if they’re rushing in. You can activate stars even when you don’t have a direct line of sight such as a wall between you or something like that.

While in defense, place them down at smoke chokepoints where smokers usually plant smokes. In attack, you do the same, however, there's an advanced strategy where you would plant a star or two and smoke the site you're actually not going to in order to confuse the enemies.

Gravity Well

Activating the ability to create a circular gravity well similar to Killjoy’s grenade that pulls players inside and then explodes, enemies inside when it explodes will be tagged vulnerable, once again, similar to Killjoy’s alarm bot.

This ability works when placed for example under Haven on Ascent and the enemy is on Haven which makes it cool, meaning the ability also has a vertical dimension too.

Nova Pulse

The Nova Pulse is once again a circular area that charges up quickly and then concusses enemies similar to Breach concuss.

It actually charges up pretty fast after activation making it hard to dodge. It’s also worth noting that you can disrupt or even kill enemies with Operators for example on top-mid on Ascent. They will hear your star and ability and likely dodge it, but still it may present you and your team a great opportunity to kill them.


Your star becomes a normal-sized smoke. It lasts for 15 seconds. It’s worth noting that if you have available stars, you can use the smokes again after your cooldown, so in theory, you can use up to 5 smokes per round if you don’t use other abilities which could often be an optimal scenario during pushes or no-smoke team comp except Astra. One way smokes are also possible with Astra.


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