Hello dear readers, within today's guide, I will be talking about the agent Phoenix in Valorant. Initially, Phoenix wasn't the best agent to use in Valorant. However, after patch 5.01, Phoenix has become meta.

As a Valorant booster in Boosting Factory, I have been using Phoenix after the recent buff. Without any doubt, the agent is definitely strong. Without further ado, let's get started with Phoenix's Abilities.

Phoenix Abilities

As with most agents, Phoenix has three abilities and an ultimate; (Blaze, Curveball, and Hot Hands). Finally, his ultimate is (Run it Back). Not to forget, his passive ability is "Heating Up". Now it is time to get thorough!

Blaze - C

Phoenix's first ability is called Blaze. This ability allows him to create a flame wall that moves forward creating a wall that blocks vision, not only that but it also damages players that pass through it. What's creative about this ability is that it could be curved and that's by holding down the mouse button (or whatever your bind for activating abilities is) then it will follow the direction of your crosshair. Blaze doesn't only damage your opponents but it also heals Phoenix when he touches it.

Creds: 200
Charges: 1
Duration: 8 seconds
Damage: 30 health per second
Heal: 50 HP if Phoenix stays in the wall for the entire 8 seconds duration

Curveball - Q

Curveball is known to be Phoenix's most well-known ability because it provides sufficient utility for Phoenix to entry frag. Curveball is basically a flash that you could use to help yourself and pick up easy kills on your enemies. You can use the flash in two different ways/directions - You are able to flash left or right; MOUSE1 to flash left and MOUSE2 to flash right. If you use your Curveballs then it is most likely your enemies have no chance against you.

Creds: 250
Charges: 2
Debuff Duration: 1.5 seconds as maximum (however, it could be less and that depends on how close the opponent is to the flash)
Windup: 0.5 seconds

Hot Hands - E

This is Phoenix's signature ability which means that it is a free ability that recharges after getting 2 kills in a single round. Hot hands is essentially a molly that Phoenix could throw at a certain position to clear angles, just like Brimstone's Molotov. However, Phoenix also has the ability to heal up from the molly. The molly drops down to the ground just after around 25 meters of flight away from Phoenix, which makes it very easy to molly off bomb sites or difficult areas that need to be cleared. One of the best ways to use this ability is to throw it at doorways that you don't want your enemies to push and you want to push those areas yourself. Throwing Hot Hands inside smokes to clear out if someone is inside the smoke is very sufficient as well.

Creds: Free
Charges: 1 (recharges after 2 kills)
Duration: 3.25 seconds
Damage: 60 health per second
Heal: 50 HP if Phoenix stays in the molly for the entire 3.25 seconds duration<

Run it Back - X

Run it Back is Phoenix's Ultimate ability, which when activated, a mark is dropped at the ground where Phoenix is standing, when Phoenix dies or the time expires on this ability, he gets teleported back to the dropped mark. This ability allows Phoenix to do exactly what he does best, run in, kill and do as much damage as possible before dying. But this time he gets to live again and join his team for the second time.

This ability should be used from a safe location that enemies cannot push around to as the weakest part of the ultimate is that he goes to that exact location after he dies, making flankers and aggressive enemies very dangerous for an ulted Phoenix, when you have this ultimate up, you should ask your team to sit back and watch your body. It is best that when this ultimate is activated to call for your teammates to push in the site with you and that is because when Phoenix's ultimate is heard activated, the opponents will most likely leave the site to avoid the ultimate, making the site free for you to take.

Ultimate Points: 6
Duration: 10 seconds

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Phoenix Tips and Tricks

Phantom over Vandal on Phoenix

Even though the Vandal and the Phantom often come down to preference most of the time, we are seeing most Phoenix mains stick to the phantom. While on Phoenix it could be either way as his kit synergizes better with the phantom and that's because Phoenix's Ultimate and his kit allow him to get closer to the enemies and go for those quick kills before he goes down, therefore, in these quick, close range engagements; damage output is the most important factor here. The Phantom allows you to get faster spray transfers and a faster time to kill overall at closer ranges.

Wall and Flash combo

This tactic is one of the most known tactics on Phoenix. You simply launch your wall and mix it up with your flash. This way you will guarantee yourself free kills as your enemies will have no time to react to the flash and therefore, they will be fully blinded.

Molly Line-ups

Phoenix's Molly is one of the strongest abilities in his kit. You can use his molly for after-plants or even if you want to retake a specific position. Make sure to use your mollys sufficiently and not just throw them randomly. The below video shows you a number of 10 molly line-ups that you can use in the map Haven.

Use Ultimate Sufficiently

Phoenix's ultimate is known to be one of the best aggressive ultimates in Valorant, however, in some situations, you should use your ultimate not only for kills but to also pick up a dropped Spike in a tough position or even if you want to pick up a gun when you don't have one. Using the Ultimate in an early round could be very useful as well to bring early information for your team. Using your Ultimate to initiate a fake rush is very effective as well as it forces rotations in the map.

Use your Curveball High

To take full advantage of your flash, try to aim a little bit higher than usual when throwing the flash. Following this method will allow you to surprise your enemies since that's not the ordinary way to throw the flash, therefore, they will have less time to react.

What maps is Phoenix best on?

Phoenix is best at Haven and Fracture. If we talk about Haven, then Phoenix should definitely be on the list for agents to play in the map. As there are many corners in Haven, Phoenix's flash could be painful for the opponents as the flash-peek strategy will secure a good amount of picks for Phoenix in both attack and defend.

Unlike other maps, Fracture has an amount of 4 total orb points that Phoenix could use to farm his Ultimate. A lot of players like to pick Phoenix in Fracture as using the ultimate often is quite doable in Fracture, so you might want to try that as well.

Is Phoenix easy to learn

Yes. Phoenix is one of the easiest agents to learn if you are a beginner. His kit is very basic and will be fun for you to use. The only thing that you might want to practice on Phoenix, is his flashes. However, it is very easy to learn when exercised.

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Phoenix is a perfect agent to consider playing if you are not playing him already. The amount of damage that Phoenix could bring up with his kit is very high and that's why a lot of professional players like to play Phoenix not only in their ranked games but also in their official games.

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