Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Valorant’s Fade. She has been released on April 27th, 2022 with a great kit for initiation, almost as if designers copied other initiators and just made Fade better.

Since I’m a professional Valorant booster here at Boosting Factory, I had to master and understand Fade to the best of my ability in order to carry with her and play against her.

I will now share my knowledge with you and give you the best Fade guide and tips, for free. Bear with me.

Fade Abilities

Let’s cover her abilities and provide tips for each ability, shall we?

C - Prowler

Fade’s first basic ability is a prowler. Fade can carry two charges of this ability where each costs 250 credits and a cooldown of 3 seconds.

What this does is that Fade is able to launch a Prowler beast, very similar to Skye’s prowler. However, Fade does not enter the Prowler, she merely controls the beast by moving her cursor left or right. Once the Prowler finds an enemy and jumps on them, it near sights them just like Skye’s dog. The Prowler has 100 HP and can be killed by the enemy.

Q - Seize

Her second basic ability is Seize. Fade can equip an orb that she can throw up to around 25 meters. Once it goes the max distance or hits an obstacle it will drop to the ground and create a molly effect that will make them locked within the circle, they won’t be able to hear and will decay for up to 75 HP just like Viper’s decay that can be restored once the effect ends.

What’s important is that you can also press Q mid air once again to drop the orb immediately instead of waiting for it to hit something. For example, someone is behind that pile of boxes, you throw the orb over it, but drop it mid-air so it catches the enemy for sure.

You can use this ability randomly to get info whether enemy is or is not there, but in most cases you will be using this ability once you already know where the enemy is to achieve the desired effect. Only one charge of the ability can be bought and it costs 200 credits.

E - Haunt

This brings me to the next ability Haunt. It’s another orb with the exact same mechanic as Seize regarding distance and re-using the ability to drop it instantly. However, it has more range (about 30 meters). What it does is that once it lands, it creates a smokey beast called a watcher that reveals enemies in its line of sight.

The closest analogy would be the Sova dart. What’s important is that enemies can also destroy the watcher. The second important mechanic is that once it reveals where enemies are, it sends a little shadowy trail from the watcher to the enemy on the ground.

This is important because the Prowlers are able to follow the trail to catch the enemy faster. So a Haunt + Prowler combo is a good one. Therefore,a good initiation would be to send a Haunt ability to where enemies usually are, reveal them, and send a Prowler to haunt them down, afterward you and your team would ride in and finish the job.

This ability does not cost and is on a 40 second cooldown.

X - Nightfall

Nightfall is an area of effect ultimate that allows Fade to equip a wave of nightmare energy and send it forward, very similar to Breach ult. It covers a large area and moves in waves just like Breach ult. Once it reveals someone it creates a trail just like Haunt does on top of which you can once again use Prowlers to hunt enemies.

For example, if the site cannot be covered in full with the ultimate size, you can cover one part of the site with the ultimate, send one Prowler, and then cover the other side of the site with Haunt and send another Prowler, essentially covering the whole site, scaring enemies and allowing a good push inside.

Enemies that are hit are marked, decaying, deafened, and can’t see the minimap.

Fade Summary

As you can see, Fade is an amazing initiator and thrives on aggression. She must be played aggressively when chaining her abilities because enemies can destroy her Haunt and her Prowler which makes them waste valuable time and aim. Once you manage to chain her abilities you must follow up on them with your movement and guns otherwise you did nothing. Very similar to how Reyna is played.

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