Hey everyone! Today I’m going to teach you how to play Chamber and tell you all about him, including his abilities, how they work, and what is the best way to utilize him. These Chamber tips and tricks will help you up your game with Chamber to a new level.

I’m a professional Valorant booster here at Boosting Factory and Chamber is definitely a really rewarding hero. Without further ado, let’s dig into his abilities.

Chamber Abilities

Q - Headhunter

By pressing ALT, Chamber equips a heavy pistol that can also aim down sights with your right-click. Each shot with this gun costs 100 credits and you can carry a maximum of 8 shots.

Leg shots are 46 damage, body and chest are 55 damage, and headshot is 159 damage. Just like the Sheriff. It’s worth noting that there’s no dropoff damage on long-range, while Sheriff has it.

Chamber is great in eco rounds due to this and his ultimate ability, he pretty much always has a weapon.

C - Trademark

Chamber can place a trap similar to Killjoy’s alarm bot that scans around and looks for enemies, once one is detected, it starts counting down and then creates a slow field around it. It costs 150 credits and has 2 charges.

The trap has a scan range of 10 meters, 360 degrees. If you plant it during the buy phase, you can pick it up before the buy phase ends, not when the game starts.

If you’re playing defense you will place these in the usual corridors where enemies will rush through, while defending the other one. This is not a new mechanic at all.

While playing attack, you will plant this ability on the flank corridors so enemies can’t flank you from behind while you’re pushing the other one. Enemies will need to either get revealed by it and slowed, or they will destroy it and let you know they’re there. However, there’s a trick, for example, a Jett can smoke the bot and it will not reveal here if a smoke is blocking the line of sight.

If you don’t need it to cover flanks for some reason, you can save it for when after you plant the spike, you can put them in the entrances, usually behind walls so they have to trigger if when coming into the site.

E - Rendezvous

Chamber can place two teleport beacons and teleport between them by reactivating the abilities. From one beacon to the other maximum you can spread them is 30 meters, and the maximum range of each beacon from which you can reactivate and teleport is 10 meters.

To use this ability you will usually place one beacon somewhere safe behind where enemies can’t reach you that will serve as a safe haven once you need a quick escape. You put the second one somewhere very aggressive, usually on peeking places where you try to pick up kills. Then you can peek, shoot, and teleport back immediately within a microsecond so you don’t get hit back. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be in the line of sight of the beacon, it sees you through walls too.

Another way to use this is for quicker rotations in defense, basically, you set one close to A site, second one close to B site, once you hear a call where they’re rushing, you can teleport to the other site much quicker. Alternatively, you can use it for vertical movement, meaning you set one beacon on haven, on the other one level below.

Third, great usage on defense is putting one beacon on one side of the site, while the other beacon is on the other side of the site. So when enemies come in, you’re in the back of site defending and so on, however, once they push through, you can teleport to the other one behind their backs and destroy them.

X - Tour De Force

By using your ultimate that takes 7 points to charge, you pull out a big sniper that one-shots enemies wherever you hit them and creates a lingering slow field around any killed enemy.

Wall-banging is exactly like Operator’s, through thinner walls you will one-shot people in the head but through thiccer ones, you won’t. However, just like your Headhunter vs Sheriff, Tour De Force is stronger than Operator due to the much faster fire rate which makes it simply amazing. So once you kill someone, it slows people around him and you’re ready to fire again, much faster. Long story short, it can get really ugly for the enemy team.

More Chamber Tips & Tricks

Chamber is not like Raze where your abilities will kill people even if you’re not that precise, this agent dominates only if you’re a sharpshooter, otherwise, it’s a complete waste to play him. Our Valorant rank boosters will definitely enjoy this agent.

You’re not a duelist and a pusher, you’re a sentinel. Your goal is mostly to gather intel and stay behind and pick up kills with your sharpshooting. Don’t play a hero.

Make sure to have the cash to buy the gun or your ultimate on eco rounds to benefit your team greatly similar to Jett.

That’s it guys, thanks for reading and I hope your Chamber game is now improved! Don’t forget to check out our Valorant boosting services and see what we can do for you, starting today!

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