Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Valorant’s Neon. The 19th Valorant agent is a girl from the Philippines with a pretty damn good duelist kit.

I’m a professional Valorant booster here at Boosting Factory and Neon has been a focus of mine since the moment she was released. I already did a couple of orders with her with great success. I will now share what I learned with you.

Neon Abilities

Let’s kick off with her abilities, what do they do and how to use them.

Fast Lane - C

Fast Lane is another wall ability added to the game, most resembling the wall from the Phoenix with a few key differences.

As you may have noticed, Neon can activate two electric walls in front of her, on the left and right. I will now tell you the key points and tips.

  • Costs 300 credits, 1 charge per round

  • Last for around 6 seconds

  • Cannot be curved like Phoenix’s

  • They act like projectiles. Meaning that if you cast it while cursor is on a box for example, they will stop at the box if they hit it, however, if you cast it while cursor is extended the max range of the wall, it will go through a box if one is on the way.

  • Walls will not heal you

This ability will mostly be used to block at least one side that you want to block, but can often be used to block two spots from which enemies can hit you while you for example go and plant the spike.

Relay Bolt - Q

Relay Bolt is Neon’s version of a concussion grenade, similar to Breach’s abilities. Meaning, it doesn’t blind you like Skye’s blind for example, but more like breach, it’s a stun.

Once you throw the bolt, it bounces off the first obstacle it hits, leaving a circular area on the floor that stuns people who are inside it, when it hits the second obstacle after a bounce, it does the same, meaning it does two stun circles.

  • 200 credits, 2 charges

  • You can stun yourself or your teammates

  • It goes through walls, meaning that if somebody is behind that wall camping, you can get him if you bounce just off that wall

High Gear - E

This is a straightforward ability that gives Neon a speed burst that uses Energy and can be used again once your energy recharges. By pressing right click you can do a slide. The slide can be used again after you do 2 kills.

  • Free ability

  • You cannot cancel the slide

  • You cannot shoot during the sprint, and once your slide ends, your last used weapon will be out

Overdrive - X

This ability also speeds up Neon, but also gives her electrical storm coming through her fingers with no ammo or reload, you can just spam it during the full duration of the ultimate. The duration refreshes on every kill.

  • 7 ultimate points

  • Prefire it around corners and obstacles since there’s no ammo or reload

  • You cannot shoot during the sprint, and once your slide ends, your last used weapon will be out


You are a duelist and a great entry fragger. You should be leading the way onto a site with your E ability, make sure to use it well to cover at least one side where enemies usually are, preferably both sides, therefore usually it’s done diagonally through the site.

It can also be used during defense to slow down enemies and force them to pass through wall where you can wait for them in direct line of sight if they are brave to pass through the wall.

Use your stun ability by bouncing the ball between two opposite walls on a passage so you obstruct enemies from passing through and slow them down while on defense. Or to stun enemies that are defending the site behind a cover.

Use your sprint ability to quickly rotate between sites and catch enemies offguard.

Weapon Loadout

Given the nature of Neon and her speedy duelist entry fragger, I would always go with a Phantom instead of Vandal. Spectre and Bucky are also optimal choices when Phantom isn’t available. Short range, burst fire weapons that are in sync with your nature.

Agent Synergy

Viper is a good idea due to poison clouds and smokescreen that can obscure large portions of the map. Skye and Phoenix are also good due to sync when entry fragging, their flashes work great with Neon’s walls.

I hope you enjoyed my guide! If you did, check out our Valorant rank boosting services where my colleagues or I can boost you to any rank in Valorant, carefree, by playing on your account or with you while you play on your own account. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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