Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Valorant’s Skye, the new agent added in Valorant Act 3, precisely, Skye’s release date is 27th October 2020.

She’s an Initiator agent similar to Sova, however, has a very versatile kit, healing, flash, even Phoenix-like ability with another near-sight ultimate. My colleagues and I from the Valorant boosting team have prepared a guide for you so you can also dominate with Skye just like we do.

Without further ado, let’s dig into her abilities!

Skye Abilities

I will now list all of Skye’s abilities and tips below, followed up by a strategy guide and further tips.

E - Guiding Light

Skye equips a hawk trinket that fires a hawk in a straight line, however, you can control this hawk similar to Jett’s smoke by moving your mouse while holding the fire button. You can press E again to transform the hawk into a flash and blind enemies.

Guiding Light Tips

If you don’t activate it, nothing will happen and the hawk will just disappear at the end of its range.

Of course, the ability can flash you and your teammates just like Breach’s and Phoenix’s flash can. What’s great is that you can actually move while the hawk is flying and even move while guiding it with your mouse. The ability costs 250 credits and Skye can hold 2 charges.

It’s important to learn that enemies can destroy your hawk before you detonate it, otherwise, it would just be too good. Another amazing thing is that there’s a significantly different audio cue when you fail to flash anyone, and when you actually do flash someone, you’ll immediately recognize it in the game. This means that the ability can also be used for intel and not just flashing.

What's also good is that it can only be destroyed by guns, Raze’s satchel, Sova’s shock dart, and that’s about it (or until they fix the inconsistency), and it does NOT trigger Cypher’s cage sound allowing for a brute force push.

You need to be careful when firing it to activate it on time so you do not activate it behind the enemy and just fail the flash and even rely on it giving you intel (it won’t make the flash sound) and you will simply think there’s nobody there and possibly die. You need to get used to the speed of the hawk to know when to detonate it exactly.

Q - Trailblazer

Skype equips a Tasmanian tiger trinket. Firing it you send out a tiger that you control in the first person while Skye is in the back controlling it similar to Sova’s drone. Pressing fire again will cause the tiger to leap forward and explode dealing damage to enemies.

Trailblazer Tips

This concept is very similar to Phoenix’s ult but in Skye’s case, it’s a basic ability. The ability costs 250 and Skye can hold 1 charge.

When you’re in the Trailblazer form, your vision isn’t really nearsighted but is quite limited as well. The ability lasts for some time, it’s not indefinite, similar to Sova’s drone once again and you will see the timer above your Q ability on the action bar.

The only thing you can do is run and finally leap at the enemies dealing small amounts of damage (30 at the time of writing this) and stunning it similarly to the Breach stun. However, this ability is primarily good for intel and stunning, and secondarily for actually dealing damage. You can only leap once. If you miss, your ability ends just like it would end if you had hit the enemy.

Your tiger can be destroyed by pretty much all abilities and guns. Raze’s boombot and Killjoy’s alarm bot and turret will also not spot you for some reason (this might get fixed), nor will her ultimate detain you. Your tiger will not deal damage to Sage’s walls.

C - Regrowth

Skye equips a healing trinket and when holding LMB she channels the ability and healing friendly players who are in a circular range and in line of sight (not behind boxes or walls!). She cannot heal herself, only her allies.

X - Seekers

Skye’s ultimate equips a seeker trinket. Firing the trinket sends out 3 seekers who track down 3 closest enemies and nearsights them (Omen’s or Reyna’s “blind”). It costs 7 ultimate points.

Enemies can destroy the seekers with guns or abilities and they can also climb over the walls. They will chase the enemies until they hit them and nearsight them for 4 seconds or get destroyed by the enemies. If there are 2 or fewer enemies alive, you will fire 1 or 2 seekers depending on how many enemies are alive instead of firing 3.

They will also not trigger the Cypher cage, Killjoy’s ultimate won’t destroy it, Sage slow does not slow it and her wall stops her but the seeker actually hits the wall a couple of times until it destroys it. Smokes do not confuse the seekers either.
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Final Verdict

Skye is, in my opinion, a hybrid of Sova, Breach, and Sage. Does that mean she’s better than all three? Quite the opposite, in theory, she should be worse than all three of those when they are picked for that specific role (Sova for intel, Breach for the initiation, Sage for support).

She’s a cool initiator and great on attacks but not that great on defense, if they rush you you’re pretty much done, in a slower defense game she can still be useful with the intel provided.

Time will tell how powerful she is and can she be a viable agent in the professional play, a solo queue agent, or completely unviable. However, I do hope that this guide has helped you with familiarizing yourself with Skye’s kit and tricks around it.

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Good luck with your Skye games!

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