Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Yoru, the agent added in Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 1 in 2021.

Yoru is an Asian character that looks like a modern ninja. He features a double flash, teleport across the map, and ability to go invulnerable and scout, on paper this sounds overpowered, but as always, the team will hopefully balance him.

Today I’m going to teach you how to play Yoru in Valorant, and if you don’t play him, you can learn how he plays and counter him. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Yoru Playstyle

Yoru is the ninja sneaky agent who excels at flanking and scouting. He can teleport behind the enemies similar to how Omen does or use it as an escape tool. He can also ult into the site or wherever he feels necessary to scout while invulnerable and then materialize again on the other side when it expires, or on the spot where he started the ult, once again similar to Omen.

Another ability of his is the fake footsteps that can be used to confuse your enemies, last but not least, his flash that bounces off the wall before activating and making it hard to dodge. All of this makes Yoru very versatile and rewarding for mechanically good players like our Valorant boosters.

Yoru Abilities

Now I will list all of his abilities and explain what they do and how to use them.


This is a very creative ability, it allows you to send a decoy of Yoru in a straight line that runs just like Yoru does. It’s obviously used in order to confuse enemies and think that's a real Yoru. Left-click sends it ahead immediately while right-click allows you to put it in place and then activate it by interacting with it.

Also, when enemies shoot at the decoy, it turns to the shooter that killed the 150 HP decoy and flashes in a conical area. This ability is amazing when pushing in order to trick enemies and even get a flash on them while you are behind and able to pick up a kill. Alternatively, it can be used to bait people when scouting for them to find out where are they. You send a decoy, they shoot at it, boom you got your intel.

And lastly, you can use it while behind the corner and enemy is close range, they shoot a decoy, get flashed, you pop out and boom pick up a kill.


Yoru’s flash ability. It works by throwing a fragment that activates by making contact with a hard surface such as a wall or a box (not lamps for example) and bounces off it and then activates by itself so you need to practice the distances.

It flashes for 1 second if direct and much less if an enemy turns away. Best usage of the flash is of course corner flashing in order to enter the site or peek, and another one doing the same in order to protect yourself while teleporting. For example, you throw in your teleport onto an angle in the site > then pop the flash > teleport right before the flash pops and turn around > get flashed a little or even none at all.


Similar to Fakeout, Yoru can left click to send out an orb in a straight line or right-click to set it in place. After it’s out, Yoru has 20 seconds to reactivate the ability and teleport onto it. Yoru can also fake teleport to it by pressing F while hovering over the beacon. It will play audio and visuals just like it were a real teleport.

Enemies can see and hear the orb if they’re in range of it, but invisible if they’re not in range of it. It can be destroyed by enemies once they are in the range of it. The implications are endless, Yoru can put it outside of the site while pushing in and port back if needed to eject. It can also be used as a good flanking tool.

It costs 200 credits, has two charges and can be reset on every 2 kills.

Dimensional Drift

Yoru’s ultimate allows him to become invulnerable. He has a short circular range around him and enemies who are inside this small range can hear his footsteps but cannot see him or damage him, and enemies who are outside of the range cannot even hear him. Yoru cannot fire weapons but can use his abilities.

After 10 seconds it ends and Yoru comes back to the normal dimension. The ability is amazing for flanking, scouting the site, taking the site, or merely passing through a dangerous area while rotating such as Ascent mid.

Yoru Pistol Round Buy

What many of our Valorant boosters do is Ghost + 1 Fakeout + 1 Blindside. For example vs Killjoy, your fakeout can trigger their abilities and force a rotation when it’s a fake.

You can also do double flash + light shield, which lowers your one tap potential with the Ghost but allows you more survivability, and 2 flashes which can be amazing in a pistol round.

Yoru Strategy

Practice Gatecrash lineups, you can find them on Youtube by popular streamers if you don’t have ideas on your own. Also, practice pop flashes, pop flash is when you throw your flash off the floor or the wall so that it bounces and pops right where you think the enemy might be hiding and rush into it to pick up a kill, you can also find examples on Youtube by searching Yoru pop flash guide.

Another neat trick is to cover your Gatecrashes with your flashes, when you throw a far distance gatecrash, your enemies can see it traveling, however, if you know the usual spots for holding angles you can safely assume the enemy is there, even better if you saw him on minimap or visually. You send a gatecrash to that location or behind it so you can flank him with the teleport, however, you don't want them to see your gatecrash, that’s why you pop a flash and blind them right when your gatecrash should come into their sight, teleport and pick up a kill.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed my Yoru guide! I am cheering that you rank up using Yoru from now on :). However, in case you have issues with ranking up, check out our Valorant rank boosting services and we will gladly help you.

Also, check out our Valorant Agent Tier List to check how Yoru is faring these days and is he a viable agent.

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