Hey everyone! New Valorant’s initiator agent Gekko joined us with Episode 6 Act II and today I’m going to be telling you more about him. You will learn how Gekko works, how can you play him to utilize him to his fullest potential and more.

I’m a professional Valorant booster here at Boosting Factory and it’s crucial that I’m able to play on high level as Gekko and against other Gekkos.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Who is Gekko?

Gekko is the 22nd agent to join the VALORANT PROTOCOL. He is from the United States, and more specifically from Los Angeles. Son of Hispanic immigrants, he seems to have been born and raised in the U.S., so he is fluent in both English and Spanish. In his reveal trailer, he speaks with his mother and Reyna in both languages, switching back and forth without any trouble.

Gekko is known for being laid-back and giving his team good vibes and generally pumping them up. He's probably one of the youngest agents on the team, and a lot of what he says sounds like what you'd expect from a modern teen: it's casual and chill.

His group of creatures, which includes Mosh, Wingman, Dizzy, and Thrash, helps him fight better. Each of them has a unique way of helping him blow up, stun, blind, or hold his enemies.

Gekko Abilities

Dizzy (E)

Press FIRE to make Dizzy fly forward through the air. When Dizzy charges up after a short duration, she sends plasma blasts at enemies she can see. When her plasma hits an enemy, it makes them blind. When Dizzy's charge runs out, she turns back into a dormant globule. You can reclaim the globule and get another charge of Dizzy after a short time.

Dizzy Tips

1. Enemies caught in Dizzy’s line of sight are blinded, meaning that even if you turn around you will get blinded. The only way to avoid the blind is to physically move out of her line of sight.

2. There is no friendly fire with this ability, meaning that you cannot blind your teammates with the flash.

3. Apart from being a flash tool, Dizzy is used as a recon tool. Once Dizzy blinds someone, it makes a noise with which you know someone was there. If you have line of sight with Dizzy you can see where she fired the plasma and know exactly where the enemy is.

4. After Dizzy is used, it will fall on the ground as a globule that you can pick up within 20 seconds just like the ult charge globules and once again use Dizzy after a short cooldown. It makes a sound so enemies will hear if you’re picking up! If you throw Dizzy on a site and you can’t enter it, it will expire within 20 seconds and you can’t use it anymore this round so take note of that.

5. Since Dizzy has a charge up time, you should move away from the corner you want flashed so that she spends the flying time towards the corner charging up, and pops right when she’s behind the corner in order to not give enemies time to hide.

6. Don’t be afraid to use Dizzy even when fight is already underway, you can’t blind your teammates or yourself, and you will probably blind someone or at least distract enemies. It’s a win-win. This flash unlike for example Phoenix’s is not only to be used strictly around corners.

valorant gekko fan art

Wingman (Q)

FIRE to send Wingman forward to seek enemies and unleash a concussive blast towards the first enemy he sees. When you target a Spike site or a planted Spike with ALT FIRE, Wingman will defuse or plant the Spike. Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory in order to plant. When Wingman ends, he turns back into a dormant globule. You can reclaim the globule and get another Wingman charge after a short time.

Wingman Tips

1. Wingman works quite the same as Raze’s boombot. It travels straight and bounces off of walls.

2. If you carry a spike and press ALT FIRE you will see a purple indicator on the site where you want him to plant the spike, however he can be shot and killed. If he’s shot and killed while carrying a spike, he will revert into a globule and drop the spike.

3. He can also defuse the bomb, however, if he gets killed or even pulled back by an ability he will revert into a globule.

4. You want to use Wingman for planting spikes in combination with Sage’s wall, and smokes just like you would protect a player, just this time there’s more of you defending making the job easier.

5. You should also use him for defusing, however, since he is very vulnerable to enemy utility, make sure to fake-plant yourself first to make the enemies waste utility on you, then let him plant while you defend him.

6. Don’t be afraid to use Wingman like Raze would use a boombot, its a powerful recon tool and pushing tool just like boombot is. You use it to push an angle and clear it, pick it up and resume towards the site is an ideal scenario.

valorant gekko wingman meme

Mosh Pit (C)

Press FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade, and press ALT FIRE to throw it underhand. When Mosh lands, he expands himself over a large area and then explodes after a short delay.

Mosh Pit Tips

1. This ability is like a big massive molly, but it doesn’t deal damage right away, it’s harmless for first 3 seconds and then it explodes for a lot of damage instantly, not over time like a regular molly.

2. This ability does not turn to a globule after it’s used up. Once you use it, that’s it.

3. Mosh Pit works best when combined with various stuns, concusses such as Fade’s Seize or Astra’s Gravity Well.

4. Alternatively, you want to use it as a zoning tool with no intention to actually deal damage with the Mosh Pit. Basically throwing it onto corners to force enemies out or reclaim space.

5. You will need to practice lineups for this ability on how to throw it from a safe distance onto key areas where bombs are being planted and enemies are frequently hiding.

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Thrash (X)

FIRE to connect with Thrash's mind and lead her through enemy territory. ACTIVATE to lunge forward and explode, stopping any enemies in a small area. When Thrash's time is up, she turns back into a sleeping globule. Interact with the globule to get it back, and after a short time, you'll get another Thrash charge. Thrash can be repicked only once.

Thrash Tips

1. Effectively, Thrash works like Skye’s Trailblazer (Skye dog). You control it and when you’re ready, you activate it again to explode and detain any enemies hit within a small range for 5 seconds, which is quite a bit compared to Killjoy’s ultimate. 2. Enemies can destroy it while you’re controlling it and turn it into a globule if its being used for the first time this round, and permanently if second.

3. Thrash is best used when you know that enemies are stuck in a tighter area and not on a wide site where they will all spread out to dodge or kill your dog. However, it can be used as a site recon.

4. If you don’t manage to detain enemies, you will still gather valuable info on number of enemies, where they are etc. Don’t forget to relay that to your team.

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