Hey guys! Today I’ll talk about one of my favorite agents in Valorant. Omen is an amazing agent that brings insane utility to the team.

I am a professional Valorant player in Boosting Factory’s Valorant boosting squad and I often play Omen during my boosts for my clients when they request him to be played.

Today I’ll teach you everything you need to know about him, how to play him, tips and tricks, and even how to counter him. So let’s dive in!

Who is Omen, anyway?

Omen is a mysterious person, and much of his past is cloudy. He can teleport and move around in a dark world that other Agents can't see. Omen was one of the first Agents in VALORANT, and you've been able to play as him since the Closed Beta.

Omen is known to have many names, but no one knows what his real name is or where he came from. He does say that he is a revenant who used to be killed and torn apart. Omen himself doesn't know how he died or why he came back to life. He doesn't remember much about his life as a person, except that he was friends with the chemist who later became VALOROUS Agent Viper.

Omen was the third person to join the VALORANT Protocol. He joined after Brimstone and Viper. He is thought to have played an important role in getting the group started. Omen keeps looking for hints about his past life and the people who killed him on each mission.

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Omen’s Role in Valorant

Omen’s official role given by Valorant’s team is Controller. What controller means is that he is good in, well, controlling the enemy team. To translate, Omen is good in zoning and pushing with his smokes, eliminating their vision and even scouting.

He is great both in getting solo kills or playing as a valuable agent that brings utility to his team in coordinated gameplay. Before we go deeper, let’s understand his abilities first.

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Omen’s Abilities

I will now tell you all of Omen’s abilities, how do they work, and even tips for each of the abilities.

Shrouded Step [C]

Shrouded Step costs 100 credits and can hold two charges. It allows Omen to teleport a short distance after a short channel, the distance can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, which means he can teleport on boxes, steps and even havens. Therefore, look to the skies!

Shrouded Step [C] Tips

1. Omen's Shrouded Step can be used to reach high ledges, which is one of the most popular and useful ways to use it. It also works well with Sage's Barrier because Omen can move to the top of even the most strangely placed walls.

2. Shrouded Step takes a long time to charge up and charge down, so you can't move or use weapons for about two seconds overall. So be careful about where and when you use it, because you are exposed while teleporting.

3. You can also use it to peak angles where you know the enemy is, for example, you heard the enemy aiming at your angle or you even fought before, you can now teleport to the opposite side of the angle and surprise him because he’s aiming at the one you’ve been at.

However, good players might not fall for this trick, but you can turn their skills against them, cast the teleport on top of your current location, make a sound and make the enemy think that you’ve either teleported to the other angle, or somewhere else, throwing him off guard and scoring you a kill.

4. Another great trick with teleport on Bind where there are actual teleporters in the game, especially the middle one. What you need to practice is, casting your teleport right outside of the teleporter portal, and when you’re nearly done with channeling, go in the portal which will make a loud sound to all enemies thinking that you entered the teleporter, but you will teleport back where you started with your Shrouded Step and confuse enemies. Practice this in practice range to get it just right every time.

5. Be careful because enemies can also hear the final destination of your teleport, but just a lot quieter. So if you teleported close to them, they might know exactly where you are.

6. Shrouded Step can also be used to sneak through enemy-watched places without letting them know. As long as the enemy is far enough away that the ability can't be heard, and as long as you stay hidden, the enemy has no way of knowing that you're now on the opposite side from where they were expecting you to peek from.

Dark Cover [E]

Dark Cover is Omen’s smoke ability. It’s quite large and can be cast anywhere in the 80 meters range. It's very similar to Brimstone's smokes and costs 150 credits and Omen can hold up to 2 charges.

When you use one, it goes on a 30 second cooldown, and then it can be used again. The mechanics can be confusing because you can switch with the R key to the void realm, and normal realm. You get one smoke for free, and second one costs 100 credits.

Dark Cover [E] Tips

1. Void real will allow you to place smokes more strategically while “seeing” through walls, but it gets some time to get used to it. While placing smokes in a normal realm gives you fewer options but doesn’t require you to get used to it. Of course, I strongly suggest you learn the void realm and how the maps look in there because you don’t want to make bad habits.

2. When you use Dark Cover, you have to use the minimap. Use the label to see where the smoke is going and how it will get there.

3. Unlike Brimstone's Sky Smokes, Omen's Dark Cover is completely empty on the inside, so it doesn't have any effects on your vision when you're inside.

4. Also, a neat thing is that when a teammate sees an enemy, you will see them in the void realm exactly where they are anywhere on the map. A pretty neat thing.

5. If you place the smoke in the air, it will fall down until it touches the first “ground”, whether that’s an elevated area such as haven, or simply the ground level. You can also see exactly where your smoke will land, and when it lands on the minimap, use it to your advantage.

6. Another tip many Omens use to gain ground or push is the following, place a smoke near you in the direction where you want to push, get in it, place another smoke further at the max teleport range, and simply teleport to it. Be wary, players are aware of this trick and you cannot use it all the time because they’ll simply wait for you there.

However, there’s a cure for that too. If they realize what you’re doing, make it a fake one just like I explained above regarding fake teleports, teleport on top of yourself in the first smoke, make them think you’re now in the second one, and be creative with what you’re going to do with that info. :)

7. Using Dark Cover to hide your teleport (Shrouded Step or From the Shadows) is a popular way to use it, but both of these abilities are very loud. A sneakier trick is to make it look like you teleported into Dark Cover when, in reality, you went somewhere else (or didn't go anywhere at all).

8. You can use Dark Cover more than once in a single round. You always start with two charges, and every 30 seconds, you get one back. So don't be picky about how you use Dark Cover.

omen valorant fan art
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Paranoia [Q]

Paranoia costs 250 creds and it has one charge, works similar to Reyna’s Leer. However, not exactly the same. Omen fires a shadow bolt forward and reduces the vision range and sound cues to all players hit in its way.

It also goes through objects and walls. Many players make the mistake of using it incorrectly and actually missing it often when it’s actually fairly easy to land due to its wide radius. When you press the E key, check your minimap to see the width and length of the ability, it’s pretty huge and hard to dodge in narrow spaces.

Paranoia [Q] Tips

1. Paranoia is also great for checking angles such as the Garage on Ascent. If you’re coming through the double door from the outside, cast paranoia on one angle, and when you’re going in, have the crosshair at the opposite angle, if the first angle is clear, instantly move to the paranoid angle and kill if someone is there.

2. Like all of Omen's other skills, Paranoia doesn't fire right away. There is a one-second wind-up time, so you are open to getting killed while channeling it.

3. The farthest Paranoia can reach is about 30 metres, which is not nearly as far as Dark Cover but is still enough to reach most long passageways and walkways on any map.

4. The hitbox for this ability is smaller than what you might think from how it looks. Look at the orb in the middle of the channelling animation. This is about the size of the real hitbox for the ability, so this is what you need to hit enemies with to Nearsight them.

5. It’s also neat to cast paranoia down the chokepoint and teleport behind them because their sound is also impaired, and pick up a free kill from the back.

6. The best way to use paranoia is to initiate something. Use it to hit common places where enemies might be waiting, or to briefly block enemies from getting to choke points.

7. Even if Paranoia doesn't make enemies blind, but gives them Nearsight instead, enemies who are affected by it will often shoot where they think you'll peek out from. This is a good strategy, so you should wait a beat before trying to time your peek right. Don't worry, even if you hesitate, the result will last long enough to make up for it.

8. Paranoia also blinds teammates so be careful with it.

From The Shadows [X]

Omen’s ultimate requires 7 points to be cast. It allows Omen to teleport ANYWHERE on the map. When you cast it, a minimap opens, you select where you want to teleport, and it takes 4 seconds before you’re ready for action once again.

However, during those 4 seconds, Omen is visible as a shadow on the target location, he can’t shoot but he can look around, he can also get “killed” as enemies can destroy the shadow and cancel his teleport, he can also cancel the ult himself by pressing the key once again.

Omen Ultimate Tips

1. When you use your ultimate, you are very exposed, so this ability comes with a very high risk. Most of the time, things go either very well or very badly, with no middle ground.

2. Make sure your main weapon is equipped before you use your ultimate, in case you travel right into a fight.

3. One of the basic tricks with the ultimate is to teleport all the way back to the enemy spawn and try to flank someone, however, this is one of the most predictable ways, so be careful if you know the enemies aren’t stupid.

4. A more skilled Omen such as one of our Valorant boosters will use better places to teleport at, such as the back of bomb sites, not directly to havens and so on, where they’re close to a strategic position, but not directly on it as that’s expected.

5. One other trick you can do as an attacker is to try and push one bomb site as 5, but slowly, preferably forcing all 5 of enemies to rotate to that site, then when there are around 30 seconds left, ultimate to the opposite side of the map site and plant the bomb there.

6. You can also do a fake one just like with other Omen’s abilities, make them think you teleported to the other side, have the enemy team send 1 or 2 there, while 5 of you push the first initial site.

7. You need to be careful with ulting, especially when you know someone is around but did not kill your shadow, it could be that they’re hiding and waiting for you to fully teleport there, just to get a kill on you.

8. And the last trick that many Omens do is use the ultimate for scouting, simply cast the ultimate in a super visible position where enemies are, quickly look around and gather intel, then cancel the ultimate and devise a push strategy now that you know where they are, and make it as fast as possible because you don’t want to give them time to reorganize.

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Best Omen Maps

Bind his ability to teleport and block off angles can make it difficult for the enemy to approach the objective, giving his team an advantage.

Split Omen's abilities can be used to control key areas of the map, such as A ramp and B site, making it difficult for the enemy to take control.

Haven Omen's ult can be used to block off the enemy's escape routes, making it easier for his team to secure the objective.

Ascent Omen's abilities can be used to control key areas and flanks, making it easier for his team to defend the objective.

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Best Agents To Pair With Omen

Breach: Breach's ability to create openings in walls and flash enemies can work well with Omen's smokes and teleports to control areas and secure objectives.

Phoenix: Phoenix's fire abilities and ability to self-revive can provide Omen with cover and backup as he moves to control areas of the map.

Sova: Sova's ability to gather information and control areas with his arrows can work well with Omen's smokes and teleports to create a strong defense and disrupt the enemy's advance.

Jett: Jett's mobility and ability to quickly take out enemies can work well with Omen's smokes and teleports to control areas and secure objectives.

How to Counter Omen

This section is for you, the next pro Omen, as well. You need to understand that when you cast Shrouded Step teleport, you make a fairly loud sound from the spot where you teleported from and a very quiet sound at the destination. Therefore, enemies nearby will hear that you used teleport and extremely nearby enemies will also know where you teleported.

A good player will then be more alerted and carefully check for the usual teleport spots I mentioned earlier such as on top of boxes, haven etc.

When Omen uses his ultimate, he emits a sound at the target location, allowing anyone who wants to know where he is to hear him if he pays attention and is close enough.

Omen Strategy And Tips

There are a few things you need to pay attention to and work on to become a good Omen player.

Map Awareness: The best way to use Omen's abilities is to know the map well and know where the enemies are. Pay attention to the mini-map and the enemy's footsteps to learn more about the battlefield.

Smokes: Practice putting smokes in key spots to block off angles and take control of parts of the map. Watch how the enemy moves and make changes to your smokes accordingly.

Teleports: Use Omen's ability to teleport to quickly move yourself or your team to a new spot. Practice teleporting to different places and at different times to catch the enemy off guard.

Ultimate: Use the ult to cause chaos and mess up the enemy's plans. Use it in different ways and to block off important parts of the map.

Communication: It's important for a game to go well that people talk to each other. Tell your team what you plan to do and work together to make a stronger synergy.

Wrapping it up

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Good luck and I hope your Omen is now in much better shape!

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