Hey! Today I’ll be talking about Valorant’s Jett. One of the most mechanically demanding agents in Valorant. While she seems like your typical assassin that kids love to play, Jett can actually be played at the highest level of the professional scene. She's frequently among top tiers on our Valorant tier list as well.

This is because Jett has the potential for amazing plays that no other agent has. I enjoy playing her during Valorant boosting for one of my clients and I’m sure you will after you get a better grasp on her after this guide.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What makes Jett better than other duelers?

Jett, unlike Reyna, Raze, or Phoenix can hold angles that others simply can’t. This is because of the trade and run potential from Jett.

Reyna in order to reposition after a 1v1 has to actually pick up a kill and pop her immunity, however, Jett can pick up the kill, or even fail the trade after a few bullets, and simply dash away on demand, no kills required.

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Jett Abilities

I will now talk about Jett’s abilities, what they do, and how you can use them to rank up in Valorant fast.

Passive: Drift

Jett's passive allows her to glide through the air when holding space key, that is, falling slower.


Jett can hold up to 2 charges of this smoke and they each cost 200. They last for 4.5 seconds. What many people don’t know is that you can curve the trajectory of the smoke by simply holding the Cloudburst button pressed and then moving your mouse. Give it a shot in practice mode.

Cloudburst tips

- Cloudburst can be thrown quickly, making it ideal for on-the-fly situations. When under fire or being chased, use Cloudburst to block the enemy's line of sight and create a brief window to escape or reposition.

- They can be seen on a minimap when they land so you know exactly where it landed in case you curved it hard enough.

- You can play mind games by curving the smoke around the corners as far away from you making the enemies think you are in a different spot than you actually are, and, of course, you can smoke areas such as mid areas on Haven by curving it to land at your desired position without exposing yourself, and then pushing through.

- When throwing Cloudburst, aim for the center of where you want the smoke to land. This ensures it will expand evenly, providing maximum coverage and obstruction.

- Combine Cloudburst with Jett's Updraft ability to create smokescreens at higher elevations. This can be effective for blocking sniper sightlines or providing cover while you attack from above.

- Communicate with your team to coordinate the usage of Cloudburst with other smokescreen abilities. Properly timed and positioned smokes can make it difficult for the enemy to see or target your team, allowing you to take control of key areas on the map.

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To start with the basics, Jett will dash in a direction of your pressed keys, she can dash in 8 directions, W, A, S, D, and diagonals when a combination is pressed for instance W and D.

Jett cannot dash to a vertical axis, therefore, if you jump and dash, you will move to the direction of your keys but elevated since you’ve jumped, this can be utilized in order to surprise the enemies who have a crosshair at head level. This ability is free and will recharge after Jett gets 2 kills.

Tailwind Tips

- In a scenario where a defender Jett kills one person rushing onto the site and is badly hurt after the trade, she can simply dash away and reassess the situation. Pure mobility.

- In short, Jett beats enemies’ expectations, for instance, who the hell would hold this angle when we’re rushing through, they often won’t even bother checking it, and if they do, you can easily pick up a kill and dash away.

- However, you need to have a plan for out, if you’re camping the Hookah on Bind, you need to have a plan if multiple enemies come, are you trying to pick up a kill and dashing, are you simply dashing away etc. You need to be prepared. Do not use your Tailwind recklessly.

- You don’t want to hold angles that don’t allow you to dash out of their line of sight. If you’re camping the double door and they rush in, you have nowhere to dash out, you’ll just hit a wall and die, but if you camp the hall to the site inside the double door garage, you can dash behind completely out of their line of sight.

- It’s also worth noting that there’s a slight delay after a dash where you cannot shoot, therefore dashing into someone’s face and hoping for a surprise is not that great of an idea most of the time. And lastly, after 2 kills, your dash will reset.

- Use Tailwind to bait out enemy abilities, such as utility grenades or ultimate abilities. By dashing in and out of engagements, you can provoke the enemy into using their abilities prematurely, creating opportunities for your teammates to capitalize on.

- When using Tailwind, be aware of your crosshair placement. After dashing, it may take a moment to recover your aim. Try to predict where enemies might be and position your crosshair accordingly before dashing, so you're ready to shoot as soon as you regain control.


Jett can hold 2 charges of Updraft and they cost 150 each. This allows her to jump high in the air, and can even float by holding the space key.

Updraft Tips

- Jett can hold 2 charges of Updraft and they cost 150 each. You can combine Updrafts for an even higher jump, use the first updraft, when you’re at peak height, use another one and jump even higher. This will allow you to peak and scout some insane places and maybe even pick up kills with your ultimate across the map.

- Make sure to know that when you’re floating, your gun accuracy is insanely bad, however, with the ultimate it’s still fully precise.

- You don’t need to use Updraft to peak insane places, you can just use it to climb boxes that others can’t, avoid mollies in clutch situations, and so on.

- Use Updraft to access unexpected locations or elevated surfaces, such as boxes, ledges, or high windows. By positioning yourself in unconventional spots, you can catch your enemies off-guard and make it difficult for them to anticipate your actions.

- As mentioned earlier, you can use Updraft in combination with Cloudburst to create smokescreens at higher elevations. This can help block sightlines for enemy snipers or provide cover while you attack from above.

- When engaged in a firefight, use Updraft to change your vertical position, making it harder for enemies to track and hit you. This can be especially useful in close-quarters combat, where enemies may struggle to adjust their aim quickly.

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Jett equips six knives, she can shoot one with the left click and all at once with the right-click. The knives are extremely precise and there’s no recoil, however, shooting them all with the right click won’t be as precise and should only be used in close combat.

Each knife deals 50 damage to the body, and 150 to the head, meaning it’s one tap in the head. There’s a 0.2-sec delay between each knife if you spam the primary fire.

There is also a delay of 1.5 seconds before you pull out the knives and start throwing them, therefore it’s a bad idea to pop ult when you actually face someone, you need to do that when not fighting.

Bladestorm Tips

- Bladestorm is generally worse than an assault rifle like Vandal, however, in eco rounds, it can get extremely handy, and when trying an insane clutch combining Updraft with the knives as explained above in the Updraft section.

- One thing most people aren’t aware of is that your ultimate’s precision is full even when floating with the Updraft. This is where the ult becomes super useful. However, make sure to hug walls when floating and then peeking the angle, this is because players hold their crosshairs at head level. When you appear above the head level, you should have enough time to kill them before they flick to you and kill you.

- Right-clicking with Bladestorm throws all remaining knives in a short-ranged burst, dealing significant damage to enemies within its cone of effect. Use this feature when engaging multiple enemies at close range or when precision is less important than dealing quick damage.

- Bladestorm is most effective at close to mid-range encounters due to its accuracy and instant kill potential. Avoid engaging in long-range fights where enemies with rifles may have an advantage. Instead, close the gap using Jett's mobility and utilize her knives in more suitable engagements.

Shotguns on Jett

As I said earlier, Jett can hold very aggressive corners due to her ability to escape with a dash. This means that Shotguns are actually viable on Jett when you don’t have enough money for a good weapon.

Holding a tight angle on defense where enemies will pass means you can one-shot anyone that goes through. If there are more enemies, she can pull insane plays like Updrafting up above them and getting more kills, or she can simply dash away. If it’s a really tight situation, a smoke + dash would be ideal in order for enemies to have a harder time pushing through the smoke and risking death.

You can also punish long cast ultimates such as Sova’s Hunter’s Fury or Sage’s Resurrect. A good combination of a dash to get closer > updraft in the air and punish with a shotgun or Bladestorm.

Jett with Operator

Jett can also be a viable Operator player. As I explained earlier, she has the dash in order to peek > kill/miss > dash out if needed.

On top of that, while Operator players are kind of stuck if they get swarmed, Jett can pop her Bladestorms and play with that and hopefully get rid of them.

Secret Jett Tips

1. Silent Landing: Jett's mobility allows her to reach high ground, but landing often creates noise that can alert enemies. To perform a silent landing, use Updraft to jump and then activate Tailwind just before touching the ground. This cancels the landing noise and helps you maintain stealth.

2. Wall-boosting with Updraft: In some locations on various maps, you can use Updraft to boost yourself onto walls or other narrow surfaces that other agents cannot reach. This not only gives you an unexpected angle to hold but can also confuse your enemies who may not expect your presence at such unconventional spots.

3. Bouncing Cloudburst: You can bounce Jett's Cloudburst off walls and other surfaces to reach areas that would be difficult or impossible to smoke directly. This technique requires practice, but it can help you create smokescreens in hard-to-reach places and give your team an edge.

4. Double Jump with Updraft: When using Updraft, you can perform a double jump by jumping right before activating the ability. This increases the height you reach with Updraft, allowing you to access even higher positions or to peek over taller structures. The timing can be tricky, but mastering this technique can open up new opportunities for creative plays.

5. Quick-switch after Bladestorm Throws: After throwing a knife with Bladestorm, there's a short delay before you can throw another one. To reduce this delay, quickly switch to your weapon and then back to Bladestorm. This can help you throw knives faster, giving you an edge in rapid-fire engagements.

Our professional Valorant coaches can help you with utilizing these tips to the maximum potential. Head over to our Valorant coaching service and find your ideal coach!

Wrapping up the Jett guide

I hope you enjoyed my Jett guide! I hope your games will now go much smoother. If they still aren’t, check out our Valorant rank boosting services and one of our professional Valorant players will help you get the rank you dreamed of.

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Happy hunting!

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