Killjoy is Valorant’s latest agent that was released with the start of Act 2 on August 4th, 2020. Killjoy is a female agent that specializes in engineering, turrets, and bombs. Killjoy excels at solo site defending and I'll explain further exactly why.

Since I am one of the Valorant boosters at Boosting Factory, I have decided to create a guide for you so you can also learn how to play her and how to utilize her abilities.

For now, let’s dig into her abilities.

Killjoy Abilities

I will post all of her abilities in detail now and tips on how to use them.

Alarmbot (C)

When Killjoy presses the ability, she can place a small alarm bot with a similar mechanic to Sage's wall. After she places it, after a small delay it goes invisible, similar to Cypher's camera when he first places it.

After an enemy reaches its range radius, it runs to the enemy and explodes. It doesn’t deal much damage since its primary use is for scouting similar to Cypher’s tripwire.

However, those inflicted by the Alarmbot will take twice as much damage from all sources from a debuff that it applies to the target. You can recall the robot by pressing equip when near it, just like Cypher can recall his tripwires. An alarm bot can also be destroyed with bullets and abilities.

Switch up the spot you’re placing it at before enemies catch up to your placements and render it useless. A fun fact, Raze stole Killjoy’s Alarmbot and turned it into a Boombot in the lore.

Turret (Q)

Killjoy deploys a turret that starts shooting 0.75 seconds after it sees an enemy in range, it shoots 3 bullet bursts, each bullet does 8 dmg on close range, 6 dmg on 20-35 meters, and 4 damage on 35 meters and more. The turret fires at people in its 180-degree cone in front, therefore, it cannot shoot those directly behind it.

This once again is not much damage but will provide valuable intel and minor damage that will help you finish off an enemy that’s been damaged, or even do valuable damage in a crossfire situation.

Since the time to kill in Valorant is quite short, having an enemy distracted by the turret allows you a small window of opportunity to kill them, this is why the turret is most valuable.

Enemies can destroy your turret with bullets and abilities, however, even if it gets destroyed, you learned valuable intel about where your enemies are. And, it’s simply on cooldown and you can possibly place it later once again.

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Nanoswarm (E)

Killjoy can throw a grenade that has a circular radius similar to Cypher’s cage, before activation, it’s invisible, upon activation by Killjoy, it starts doing damage to anyone inside the area.

Killjoy can hold up to two Nanoswarms. However, unlike Cypher’s cage, Nanoswarm can be destroyed with bullets and abilities.

When placing it, make sure to place it somewhere where enemies can’t immediately see it when entering the area, and just like Cypher, switch up the places where you’ll put the Nanoswarm so enemies don’t catch up to your habit.

The range is quite big and there are a plethora of spots to place it around the spike plants and tight corridors such as Hookah. The damage is also pretty insane, you can get killed in 3 seconds or less, similar to Brimstone’s molly.

You can combine the Alarm bot with the Nanoswarm on tight areas where enemies will pass through. If an alarm bot blows up into someone, and you activate the nano swarm on time, the target is most likely dead.

Lockdown (Ultimate)

Killjoy’s ultimate costs 7 ultimate points, she deploys a little “spike” looking device that starts activating like a real spike and increasing its range. After 13 seconds, it explodes and applies a debuff to all enemies in its range which prevents them from using abilities or weapons for 8 seconds. Luckily for enemies playing against Killjoy, it can be destroyed before it explodes.

This ultimate is mostly not used to actually apply a debuff on the enemies, but rather to gain control of the site, flush out hiding enemies and plant / defuse the spike. Think of it as a thing that makes people start moving instead of just camping, and on top of that, you possibly have 15 seconds of free site time.

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Wrapping it up

Thank you for reading my Killjoy guide, I hope you learned something and that your Killjoy games are going to go much better now.

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