Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Valorant’s Viper. Viper is one of the more interesting agents due to her fuel management mechanic that no other agent has.

A good Viper is extremely useful and can hold a spot or plant for infinite time if she manages to efficiently work with her fuel, or push the plant by herself. Today I’m going to teach you how to play Viper like a professional Valorant boosting squad member.

Without further ado, let’s dig into her abilities.

Viper Abilities

I am going to cover all of her abilities and explain how they work, while providing some tips regarding each.

Fuel Mechanic

Viper has a unique mechanic called fuel. You start the game with 100 fuel and using your abilities will consume your fuel, when no fuel consuming abilities are active, the fuel regenerates. Therefore, fuel management is an important part of Viper’s playstyle. You can have both cloud and screen active since it won't spend double fuel when you do that, unlike before.

It takes 20 seconds to replenish fuel to 100 after you burn it.

Poison Cloud (Q)

Viper’s poison cloud is a classic “grenade” like object that you throw in an arc and it bounces off walls until it hits the ground, at that point you can activate it or deactivate it in order to move away or manage fuel. Poison cloud can be purchased and has one charge.

When it’s active it burns 5 fuel points per second. When deactivated, it’s put on a short cooldown before it can be activated again. When it’s deactivated, you can also approach it and pick it up to throw it somewhere else later. The cooldown to activate the poison cloud is the shortest, to deactivate a bit longer, and when you pick it up from the floor it’s the longest.

Enemies and allies’ health will decay by 50 health momentarily when they enter the cloud, and then resume every second until they reach 1 HP. What this means is that their shield and health will start dropping towards 1 (not zero as it’s not lethal) and will start to regenerate once again when they’re out of the cloud. This effect does not affect you or your allies.

The best places to throw smoke at are havens (the higher areas and windows) in order to push, and tight corridors on the plant site when defending.

Toxin Screen (E)

Toxin Screen is an ability that allows Viper to lay down a toxin wall in order to cover an area just like Poison Cloud. It’s length depends on the size of the map, the bigger the map, the longer the wall will be! The screen also deals decay damage just like the Poison Cloud.

Unlike Poison Cloud, you cannot pick up the Toxin Screen, once you’ve used it, it’s there for the rest of the round. However, you can also activate and deactivate it, where the cooldown after activation is short, and deactivation a little longer. This ability is not purchasable, you have it for free, one charge of course.

Before dropping it, you can check the indicator on the minimap to see the exact range and what it will cover. Note that the screen will cut through walls, be positioned on top of the boxes, roofs, etc. So it may not go in a straight line as you imagined and if placed improperly even allow enemies to peek through it.

Snake Bite (C)

After a short delay, Viper can shoot a small projectile that explodes into a little pond of toxins, essentially being a molly, damages anyone that walks over it, including Viper. The range is mid-range, pretty sufficient to shoot it wherever you need it.

Not to be confused with Decay, this damage is permanent just like most other abilities in the game. It is best used on tight corridors, doors, and passages, whether you’re defending, pushing, or denying a defuse.

Viper’s Pit (X)

Viper’s ult is a huge cloud that denies vision and hurts people with the Decay mechanic. It’s a little device that you shoot in a close range, when it lands, it starts spreading like a toxic cloud.

Enemies that enter are therefore damaged by decay, and have less vision of Viper than she has of them because they are now outlined with a red color making them an easier target.

The ultimate actually lasts until the end of the round as long as Viper is inside, Viper can exit the cloud temporarily (there’s a timer of 15 seconds that shows when the cloud will shut down if you don’t get back in) allowing her to make plays and strategy.

How to use Viper’s Pit

One of the most common usages is when the spike is planted, whether you’re defending or attacking, or deny rotations of the enemy team.

The best positioning is to stand as far away as possible from the point where you expect the enemy to enter, this is because they get decay damage while traveling through it, even if it shreds a little of their HP, it may be just enough for you to pick up the kill.

Another trick is to keep leaving and entering the smoke without allowing the 4 second timer to expire and therefore surprising the enemies for an easy kill.

Best Map and Composition for Viper

Best map for Viper, in my opinion, is Split, it’s a 2 site map that allows Viper to cover one spot effectively by herself, or keep the middle smoked indefinitely. She works on all maps of course but Split is the best one.

She is best paired with Omen, Brimstone, and Jett due to combined smokes where they can smoke a lot of places at once, and Brimstone can smoke the places that are hard to reach for Viper. And when you are sure what site is the target, you can smoke pretty much the whole site and make it easier for your team to win.


I hope you learned a lot from my Viper guide. Please remember that Viper is all about the mind games, you have a lot of vision denying abilities that also deal Decay damage, you want to use the fear of the enemy to your advantage.

Manage your fuel well and master where to place your cloud and screen, you will then become a master Viper in no time.

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Happy hunting!

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