Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Valorant’s Sova. He is one of the highest skill-cap agents that came with Valorant’s release.

Sova’s strength is intel-gathering with his abilities, meaning that even if your aim is not the best, there’s a chance that a more mechanically skilled player from your team will be able to capitalize on the intel you’ve provided.

Let’s dig in with the abilities first!

Sova Abilities

I will below cover Sova’s abilities and tips to utilize them at the fullest potential just like the members of the Valorant boosting squad.

Owl Drone

Owl drone costs 400 credits and has 1 charge.

You launch a drone in the air that you can pilot and scout with, you can also aim and shoot a dart in order to mark the target for about 3 seconds for your whole team to see.

Aiming with the drone can be a little difficult, and if you miss the dart, there’s still a chance you saw where enemies are and that’s a great advantage.

Shock Darts

The shock darts cost 150 credits per charge and can hold up to 2 charges.

A direct hit with the dart will cause a whopping 90 damage, however, it also does damage in a short radius, but with a lot of falloff.

These darts do not go through walls however, they do bounce off walls, so with a little geometry, you will be able to make some amazing plays and hits, possibly even killing people.

A neat little trick is, plant or sits on the planted spike when attacking, and when you feel that the enemy is about to come in and try to defuse, shoot it right above in the air with a full charge, this will possibly kill people if it lands on top of their head when defusing, or at least delay their defuse because they’re afraid of dying.

Shoot both charges one after another or with a little delay, however, you might die a lot trying this because you are very exposed while aiming in the air and holding the dart charged up.

You should also watch the setups for each map on YouTube where pro players will show you exactly where to stand and how to shoot the arrow from that particular area, to kill enemies that are hidden far behind or behind a cover.

Recon Bolt

This is the best Sova ability, in my opinion, it does not cost anything and you have it every round. It holds one charge and it’s on cooldown. Enemies can also shoot at the planted bolt and destroy it.

It allows you to scout for enemies from a distance without exposing yourself too much, you can hit different angles and make some amazing plays with it.

You can also hit an enemy with the bolt and they will carry it until it expires with them, revealing them and other enemies that are in their line of sight.

Many players make the mistake of not realizing that the bolt operates on a line of sight principle, meaning that if you hit a wall, and the enemy is just behind that wall, it will not detect the enemy because the wall is interrupting the bolt’s line of sight.

In order to utilize it the best, fire it at higher areas in order to cover the most detectable ground. It’s also worth noting that the smokes block the recon bolt’s line of sight and therefore it will not work. It doesn’t work if it’s in the smoke as well, and the enemy is in the smoke with the bolt (even friendly smokes!)

I find it best to use the recon bolt at the start of the round to cover important passages and get info where the enemy team could be in order to gain territory safely, and even possibly grab a free ultimate orb.

Most enemies when they see the recon bolt, attempt to shoot it down or run away, this can often be your short time window to pick up a kill when they’re not focused on you but rather on the recon bolt.

There are many tips and tricks on how to use the Recon Bolt to reveal places that usually shouldn’t be revealable, one of our Valorant coaching professional coaches will be able to show you all the tricky spots.

Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Hunter’s Fury does 80 damage per hit, has 3 charges, and reveals enemies that were hit.

Hunter’s fury goes through walls! This is why this ability is so awesome. After hitting an enemy through the wall, it will reveal them for about a second allowing you to see where they moved after getting hit and allowing you to try and snipe more hits.

Many low-skill players will just use their ult randomly, even for scouting which is a bad idea. Use your recon arrow or the drone in order to get intel, and then start blasting them with the ult. Even if they destroy your recon bolt without you seeing where they are, try to rely on sound, or choke points, tight corners, and so on where players usually hide to blow them up.

This will require you to learn the maps though, but you should be doing that anyway if you want to play like one of our Valorant boost professionals.

Wrapping up the Sova guide

I really hope you enjoyed my Sova guide and that you’ve learned something! Don’t forget to check our Valorant rank boosting services where our pro players can help you reach any division, completely safely and anonymously. Have a great day!

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