Hey everyone, today I’ll cover Orisa, the Numbani Guardian from Overwatch 2 that had a massive rework since Overwatch 1. An overall excellent tank hero that you will surely dominate with after following my tips and tricks below.

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Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Who Is Orisa

Real Name: Orisa, Age: 1 month
Occupation: Guardian Robot
Base of Operations: Numbani
Affiliation: None
Role: Tank

Orisa's Abilities

Fusion Driver [LMB]

Orisa’s LMB fires an automatic projectile gun that does sustained damage at 6-12 per bullet, dealing more damage the closer you are. It doesn’t have an ammo/reload mechanic but rather an overheating mechanic. On the center of your screen you have a heat meter, meaning you can shoot until the meter is full, at that point it overheats and you need to wait for it to cooldown.

What’s good is that you can get close to overheating, stop for a bit, and resume firing, this way you can have almost non-stop firing uptime without ever overheating. You can actually fire for 5 seconds before it overheats but it’d be silly to watch the heat meter or count to 5 all day long so basically you will learn with time by feel how long you can fire and not overheat it.

The projectiles are fairly slow similar to Sojourn's. You need to practice tracking targets with it. For example, if a target is moving to the right, you will need to shoot in front of the target (how much depends on the distance of the target) in order for your bullets to actually land on the target.

Energy Javelin [RMB]

By right-clicking Orisa throws an javelin that stuns and knocks back the enemy it hits. It does 60 damage and 40 more if the enemy hits a wall after being knocked back. Both initial and wall stun are super short but enough to interrupt abilities and ultimates, it can also knock people from the map which is amazing as you probably know.

It can be absorbed by D.Va’s defense matrix, Sigma or deflected by Genji.

Fortify [LSHIFT]

This is Orisa’s generic but very tanky ability. When you use Fortify you:

  • Gain 75 overhealth

  • Get 40% less damage

  • Can’t be stunned or slowed

  • Don’t take headshot damage

  • Your gun overheats 50% slower

  • Can be hit with Ana’s grenade and become unhealable

Javelin Spin [E]

When you activate your Javelin Spin you:

  • Move 50% faster during it, and 20% faster for 2 seconds after it ends

  • Deal a total of 100 damage to anyone in front of you

  • Block melee attacks and incoming projectiles

  • Push enemies in front of you

It feels like a mini version of D.Va’s matrix. You will mostly use this when pushing through narrow doorways, pushing melee heroes and basically trying to just get through someone to get somewhere.

Terra Surge [Q]

Orisa’s ultimate makes Orisa stop and channel an ability dealing 15 damage during channel and then once it finishes another 60-500 damage in an area depending on how long you let the ultimate charge (up to 4 seconds). It also reduces enemies’ movement speed by 30% during the channel if they’re caught in the 9 meter range. You can press primary fire to release the channel before the 4 second mark to deal less damage.

During the channel you will see on your screen the percentage which is exactly how much damage you will do, if it says 300% you will deal 300 damage.

Pros & Cons of Orisa

Now that we’ve covered her abilities lets talk about her pros and cons.

I believe Orisa is reworked amazingly from Overwatch 1, she now does her role really well which is making space and frontlining for your team. She has two tanky abilities, one literally reduces the damage you take, and the other one does the same but in a bit different way while allowing you to push forward.

She also has the Javelin which allows her to be a playmaker too, while dealing decent damage with her primary. She became a well-rounded tank.

The con is that she has low mobility. She can push, don’t get me wrong, but if needed to run away or something, nope, she’s done. She also can’t reach high-ground, meaning that she’s quite weak versus enemies who poke her from high-ground just like Junker Queen.

Therefore do not take her on maps with lots of high ground and versus mid and long range based teams.

Orisa Top Tips

1. You can use your Javelin Spin to push enemy tanks or any other hero into your team. When fighting them get into their face and behind them, pop the ability and push them into your team. Make sure to ping them and call it on voice so people notice what you’re doing.

2. Focus on enemy squishies with your ultimate, not tanks. Similarly with how D.Va launches in and pops her ultimate, once you can secure a group of at least 2 of enemy squishies together, usually a healer like Zenyatta and Soldier:76 or something like that, hit them with the ult and use it earlier if they’re close to escaping. If you do that to a tank or a melee, they will most likely just run away or survive the weaker blast that you activate earlier.

3. Aim for the head with your primary. I don’t care that you’re a tank and that’s not your job, aim for the head and do the most damage possible

4. Get into people’s faces, Orisa is based on running into people and bullying them. Of course, don’t overextend so you die, but you need to be in people’s faces.

5. Don’t just shoot your primary at all times for example during D.Va’s matrix or Genji deflect, this is a general tip not just for Orisa but yeah just so you know.

6. Try to anticipate enemy damage to use Fortify. Don’t just use it when you’re low and like oh shit. Try to use it when you know that you’ve pushed too deep for a good or bad reason, be aware of the situation and use Fortify to reduce the damage you take while you’re still good and high in HP. It will help your healer and it will allow you to secure the fight when your healers are not panicking trying to save you.

Orisa Tank Match Ups

Since the tank matchups are quite important in Overwatch 2, you need to know how you handle every tank, so let’s dig in.

  • Reinhardt - You’re okay vs Rein, hit him with the Javelin when he charges to stop him a bit and react even though it will resume. You block his hammer ability and melee attacks with your Javelin Spin and basically get into his face when he’s shielding and beat him up.

  • Junker Queen - Use your Javelin Throw when you hear the ultimate to interrupt her.

  • Winston - It’s a hard matchup since you can’t do much against him, he can jump around you, run away when you ult, and your Javelin Spin won’t do much either.

  • Wrecking Ball - Again a high mobility tank that you can’t handle precisely because he’s high mobility.

  • Zarya - Once again a bad match for you, you can’t block her attacks and she loves getting into your face just like you do, but she has an upper hand.

  • Roadhog - You’re good against Roadhog since you both want to get into each other faces but you can block his attacks with Javelin Spin and just keep bursting him.

  • Doomfist - You win this matchup.

  • Sigma - Bad matchup for you.

Therefore, switch Orisa when playing vs D.Va, Zarya, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, and Winston.


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