This year's Overwatch archives event is a new one, called Storm Rising. To recall, we've had Uprising, then Retribution and now we're on Storm Rising. Quite excited that Blizzard is making new content for Overwatch!

This one is a co-op story mission featuring Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji as it's main heroes. They're collectively on a mission to stop Maximilien, Doomfist's Omnic accountant. As usual, we get loads of new skins that we'll feature below. Let's dig in.

Storm Rising Dates

Overwatch's Storm Rising starts on the April 16th, 2019 and ends on May 6th, 2019. This gives you full 3 weeks to attempt and grab as many loot and achievements you can.

Full Achievements List

As usual, we have to complete the story on hard, expert and legendary difficulty, with 4 or 8 heroes. This time the hardest legendary achievement has possibly one-upped the last year's legendary achievements. Completing it without a single incapacitation will be quite hard.

It's worth mentioning that you can get Retribution and Uprising skins this year too.
  • Storm Warning: Complete Storm Rising (Story) with each of the 4 heroes
  • Tempest: Complete Storm Rising (Story) on hard difficulty
  • Maelstrom: Complete Storm Rising (Story) on expert difficulty
  • Hurricane: Complete Storm Rising (Story) on legendary difficulty
  • Freelancers: Complete Storm Rising (All heroes) with 8 different heroes
  • Storm Chaser: Complete Storm Rising (All heroes) on hard difficulty
  • Storm Rider: Complete Storm Rising (All heroes) on expert difficulty
  • Eye of the Hurricane: Complete Storm Rising (All heroes) on legendary difficulty with no incapacitations

For those who find some of these achievements too hard, or simply do not have time to grind them, our Overwatch boosting team can give you a hand and complete them with you or for you!

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