Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share the best Valorant tier list that will help you pick the best agents for ranked play. If you're wondering about your new main in Valorant, you've come to the right place.

This tier list is exclusively for ranked play and not professional highly coordinated ranked play, many agents will have different tier spots in professional or Immortal and higher ranked play where teams are more coordinated and players usually play in stacks.

This tier list will help you climb if you solo queue or with a couple of friends, especially in lower ranks. Our Valorant boosters will maintain the tier list with every patch, so feel free to come by every time a new patch is around.

Valorant Ranked Tier List

I will now post a cheat sheet and explain why agents are in such a spot below.

Valorant tier list best agents


Astra has been added with Episode 2 Act 2 and is a controller agent with an interesting stars mechanic. She's quite good in defense but not so much in attack, her overall strength will depend on how Riot balances her.


Breach is an initiator agent that has extremely useful abilities when playing with a coordinated team. However, due to recent buffs, he became a beast due to his buffed flash and even an extra charge.

He is the best in coordinated teams and in great hands, he then becomes S tier, however, for random teams highest A.


Brimstone simply has an amazing kit both for ranked and pro play. 3 clouds of smoke that are used for pushes and defenses, molly and an amazing ult that can be used to clear up clutch spaces and delay defuses is just too good, however, due to Omen's domination, he simply isn't that good.


Cypher is a great agent and a pain in the ass for the enemy team. He can see where enemies are pushing with his camera, hold a site extremely well, plant amazing cages, and tripwires. All around has great control, however, he fell off with the introduction of Killjoy and nerfs.


Jett is a true solo queue agent. Has great mobility, 3 short clouds of smoke, and a so-so ult that’s amazing, for instance, on eco rounds. Operator Jetts are extremely dangerous as well.


Killjoy is another engineer agent such as Raze. She is best at holding sites, creating crossfire with her turret, scouting for attackers with the alarm bot, setting the nano bomb hidden at unsuspecting attackers, and finally providing more pressure with her ultimate. However, due to recent nerfs she isn't that great anymore.


Omen is an agent that shines in both solo queue and team play. His smokes have great pushing and defending potential, blind as well, and to top it off with an ultimate that can truly change the round. Really an all-rounder agent.


Phoenix is a duelist hero that can be played if Reyna is not on the team already. He is amazing at 1v1s, can do some great team pushes as well with his flash and firewall. Self-healing capabilities show that he is a duelist 1v1 agent. And to top it off, his ultimate allows him to push even more and try to pull off clutch situations.

He takes time to get used due to the super-fast flash, but as soon as you do that, you're ready to dominate solo play.


Raze is a super fun agent to play and can be a true pain for the enemy team. She shines especially in lower ranks where players are less coordinated to dodge her abilities. In higher ranks, she can still be useful but not as much as in lower ranks.

A combination of her E bomb that displaces enemies hard, boom bot used for scouting and clutch spots, and top it off an amazing rocket launcher that can wipe out the enemy team when used properly with her satchels.


Reyna is another duelist agent that is currently pretty insane in all ranks, her self healing and immunity abilities make her an amazing duelist and even team fighter.

In the pro play, they know how to counter her and she doesn't make a big of an impact as she does in solo ranked play.


Sage has been dominating the meta since the launch but now that time is over, nerfs to her heal, slow and even wall hit the nail in the coffin, however, I still believe she's underrated and useful.


Skye has been added with Act 3 and is a truly interesting hybrid hero that has 3 scouting abilities, a flash, and a heal. She's great in solo and team play but requires certain mechanical knowledge to utilize.


Sova is an intel agent. He shines at providing intel about enemies, which sadly isn’t that useful in ranked play unless you stack up with a coordinated team to make use of the information you provide. In the pro play, he is very much used for the exact same reason.

This is why I don't suggest him for solo ranked play because your team just won't use the intel you provide and your abilities will feel unused. On top of that, he is hard to master due to the physics involved in shooting arrows, especially the shock darts.


Viper is an agent that focuses on stopping pushes and denying zones. However, due to her clumsy kit, she was terrible for the first couple of seasons and is now competitive finally after many buffs.


Yoru has been a decent agent so far, however, requiring good mechanical skills which don't make it ideal for everyone. He isn't too powerful or weak either, seems balanced right now.

Wrapping it up

I hope you enjoyed my tier list and that you will now find your new main in case you were struggling with climbing ranks in Valorant.

As I said, I will update this tier list regularly after patches within a few days of the patch as the dust settles.

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Good luck!

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