Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share the best Valorant tier list that will help you pick the best agents for ranked play. If you're wondering about your new main in Valorant, you've come to the right place.

This tier list is exclusively for ranked play and not professional highly coordinated ranked play, many agents will have different tier spots in professional or Immortal and higher ranked play where teams are more coordinated and players usually play in stacks.

This tier list will help you climb if you solo queue or with a couple of friends, especially in lower ranks. Our Valorant boosters will maintain the tier list with every patch, so feel free to come by every time a new patch is around.

Valorant Ranked Tier List

I will now post a cheat sheet and talk about the agents below it.

Tier Character


Clove, Gekko, Sova, Jett, Raze


Cypher, Skye, Fade, Omen, Viper, Brimstone, Reyna, Killjoy


Sage, Breach, Yoru, Astra, Phoenix, Kayo, Chamber


Deadlock, Neon, Harbor, Iso


Clove is Valorant's twenty-fifth Agent. This Scottish-born controller is all about close combat and taking chances. Even after getting taken down, he can still make a mark on the game and respawn, giving players a fresh gaming twist.

Unlike other Controllers, Clove is better for players who like to play aggressively and get into the thick of battle. This rookie enables bold offenses without too much risk. His kit lets him beef up his health, respawn, and even make moves after dying.


Iso is a hired Chinese expert who's really good at taking down his enemies. He gets in the zone and becomes super effective in one-on-one fights. His special skills let him turn the energy around him into a protective shield, allowing him to move forward with sharp focus and accuracy.

Iso is the go-to choice for players who are confident in their shooting skills, as his abilities work hand in hand with your shooting abilities.


Deadlock was added in June 2023. She's a sentinel agent that focuses on slowing and trapping enemies. With her GravNet ability she can slow enemies in an area and stop pushes. With her Sonic Sensor she can monitor an area for enemies and make them crouch in order to pass undetected since it detects footsteps. Her Barrier Mesh is an interesting 4 way wall that stops movement but not bullets. Lastly, her super powerful ultimate allows for a guaranteed kill if the allies do not save the trapped enemy in the ultimate.


Gekko is an initiator agent that has a kit of an interesting mechanic of little helpers that function similarly to Viper's devices or Raze's boombot. One helps him scout and gather info, with a possibility of planting and defusing. One is a molly, and one serves as a blind. The planting/defusing mechanic is certainly interesting and it makes Gekko powerful.


Harbor is a controller agent that is able to channel the power of water. His abilities are fully control oriented. His C ability allows him to send a wave passing through walls so he can gain control of choke points and safe passage. His Q ability is a smoke but with a twist, it has health so it can be destroyed, but also used as a shield of sorts. His E is a better Viper / Phoenix wall that can be curved and lastly his ultimate makes a Breach-like concussion to enemies caught inside the stun areas that appear underneath them.


Fade is an initiator agent with an aggressive kit that that allows her scouting and aggressive initiation. Her Prowler ability nearsights enemies, her Sieze traps them, her Haunt reveals enemies and her ultimate Nightfall reveals, marks and decays enemies in a large area. She is very rewarding to play for players with high mechanical capabilities.


Neon is an entry fragger duelist agent that came with Episode 4 Act 1. Her abilities feature a double-wall similar to Phoenix's with a free pass lane in the middle, a bolt that bounces twice and stuns enemies caught under it, a speed-up ability with a dash, and an ultimate that channels lightning throughout her finger and deals heavy damage. She is a similar to Jett agent that rewards mechanically skilled players.


Chamber is a strong Sentinel agent added with Episode 3 Act 3. His abilities include pulling up a Sheriff and Operator-like guns, teleporting between two beacons he can place around the map, and detecting enemies with his Trademark ability. Very rewarding to highly skilled players who are precise with weapons but wasted in hands of an unprecise player.


Kayo is a powerful initiator agent added with Episode 2 Act 3. His kit revolves around the suppression mechanic added with Kayo that disables enemy abilities. Apart from that, he has a CS:GO-like flash, a throwing knife that disables abilities, a molly, and an ultimate that also disables abilities, combat stims Kayo, and allows him to be resurrected if he gets "killed".


Astra was added with Episode 2 Act 2 and is a controller agent with an interesting “stars mechanic”. In order to utilize Astra properly, you need to enter the Astral form similar to how Omen has and place up to 5 stars that you can later use with one of your abilities.

Starting with her Gravity Well which makes the enemies vulnerable if they’re caught in the area, Nova Pulse that stuns enemies similar to Breach’s stun and finally her Nebula which is essentially a smoke. Last but not least, her ultimate Cosmic Divide works like Viper’s wall but only better.

Astra is not an easy agent to play and will require buffs by Riot if they want to keep her competitive in the general playerbase. The Astral form and placing of the stars is simply a clumsy mechanic unlike other more direct abilities that don’t need to enter any kind of forms and so on, for example Raze abilities.

She is definitely useful in coordinated teams where her abilities can be combined with other Area of Effect abilities from her teammates, and, of course, in the hands of a mechanically skilled player.


Breach is an initiator agent that has extremely useful abilities when playing with a coordinated team in attack. His Aftershock ability is amazing for getting people out of the corners and zoning them, it’s very easy to dodge but it forces an enemy to relocate which often results in a kill for Breach.

Flashpoint is Breach’s flash, it activates pretty fast and is all-round a good flash ability. Breach used to have two, and now they buffed him to have three which even makes him a bit too strong at times. His third ability, Fault Line charges up a seismic blast in a straight line, concussing all enemies making them easy targets.

Lastly, his ultimate Rolling Thunder is amazing for zoning a larger area, usually a site, amazing for pushing in whether that’s in offense or defense. It’s also good for interrupting defuses. All in all, Breach shines in coordinated teams more than solo queue because his abilities can do more bad than good if not used in a coordinated team.


His stim-beacon ability is especially useful in pistol rounds or eco-rounds. His Incendiary, more popularly called Molly, is an ability that needs to be practiced so you can learn the lineups and how to bounce it off the walls and know where it will land, once you do, you can zone enemies out of corners, block passages and interrupt defuses.

He holds 3 long-lasting smokes which is essentially the reason for using him. Brimstone is your to-go smoke guy unless you have an Omen player in the team, Omen makes him obsolete. Lastly, his ultimate is an amazing ultimate that can zone enemies, usually on the site, interrupt defuses and generally pick up kills because it’s not just a zoning ability, it literally shreds.


Cypher is a controller agent that shines in defense, and less in attack. His trap wire ability can be planted, usually on the passages where enemies go through in order to attack his site. They can be destroyed if approached slowly, therefore, Cypher needs to be creative with placing his trip wires, we’ve covered it in the Cypher tips post.

His Cyber Cage is also extremely useful, in attack as well, if Cypher is creative with his cages he can be a real pain in the ass for the enemy behind it, especially if he does the “one-way” cage also covered in the tips post.

His Spycam is an ability useful both defense and attack, it gathers intel and if placed well it will serve its purpose. His ultimate Neural Theft locates enemies on the map and provides valuable intel. As you can see, Cypher is a defense-based agent that stops enemy pushes and provides intel. Very useful in a team unless you have another defense agent.


Jett is a true duelist carry agent for mechanically skilled players. Her Cloudburst ability allows her to store up to 3 short smokes, she cannot replace a true smoke agent but it’s a good addition to her kit. Her Updraft allows her to add a vertical dimension to her gameplay. Her Tailwind allows her a horizontal swift dash which then combines Jett into an agent that plays in all dimensions.

When you have an agent like that, skilled players shine and are able to solo carry teams. To top it off, her ultimate Blade Storm is one of the best ultimates in the game which allows precise players to shine even more. It’s also amazing during eco and pistol rounds for Jett to pick up a kill and get a weapon for herself.


Killjoy is a defensive agent similar to Cypher. She shines while her team is defending and a bit less in attack. Her Nanoswarm ability allows her to place the bombs in choke points on defense, and on the bomb in attack to prevent defuses. Her Alarmbot is great in defense for the routes where enemies usually go through as an intel ability, and in passages to prevent flanks in attack.

Her Turret ability does just the same as an Alarmbot, which means she has two intel / flank preventing abilities. Her Lockdown ultimate gives her a great zoning ability for retaking the site or preventing a defuse.


Omen is an agent that shines in both solo queue and team play, both in attack and defense. All-round versatile agent.

His Shrouded Step ability allows him to teleport a short range in a desired direction, horizontal and vertical which allows him to be creative with his plays and jukes. A good Omen will use it offensively and defensively to trick enemies and pick up kills, especially because it makes a sound but can be faked.

His Paranoia ability fires a shadow ball in a straight line and nearsights everyone caught by it, including friendly players. It goes through walls, therefore a good Omen can get creative and flash enemies across the map if needed.

His Dark Cover is a long range smoke and he can hold up to two, but they regenerate throughout the round. It’s an amazing smoke comparable to one of Brimstone. Lastly, his ultimate allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, or merely scout by canceling the teleport. As you can see, many creative abilities that are useful even if you aren’t such a good Omen, but shine in good hands.


Phoenix is a duelist agent that shines in the arms of a good player, similar to other duelist agents. His Blazing wall burns friendly and enemy players that pass through it, but heal Phoenix. A good Phoenix places that wall in critical spots, or simply to heal himself. His Curveball is a flash that is the staple of Phoenix, a player must learn how to utilize it in order not to flash himself or other friendly players.

Hot hands is Phoenix’s version of Brimstone’s molly, Phoenix either uses it to zone enemies, prevent a defuse or again simply to heal himself depending on the situation. And lastly, his ultimate is one of the best in the game, he creates a clone of himself after a short channel and runs into the fight with a full HP clone. After the clone gets killed or expires, real Phoenix is back into play from the spot he started the ultimate. Phoenix has to be careful not to get killed while channeling the ultimate from his origin.


Raze is a duelist agent that’s both fun to play and not that hard as other duelists. Her Blast Pack, popularly called a satchel, allows Raze to either damage enemies or, more often, propel herself with the exploding charge that doesn’t damage her. This is a staple of Raze and good players shine with satchels, while not so good players don’t even use them.

Her Paint shells aka bombs is a generic cluster bomb ability that isn’t that hard to use for anyone and deals a lot of damage if executed properly, can be used only to damage, but also to interrupt a defuse or zone an enemy.

Her Boom bot is a great intel ability, Raze sends a boombot in a direction and it bounces off the walls allowing her to map it’s trajectory through basic knowledge of physics. It’s mostly used as a scouting tool but can pick up some nice kills if enemies are in a mess.

And lastly, Raze’s Showstopper is the rocket launcher most often used in combination with her satchels in order to shoot from an ideal angle. It was nerfed heavily but it’s still a great ability, initially it zones, but also picks up kills if enemies can’t escape.


Reyna is another duelist agent that is currently pretty insane in both solo queue and team play. She isn’t that hard to play, but gets really insane if in the hands of a good player who can endlessly heal > kill > heal > kill and nearly 1v5 the whole enemy team.

Her first ability is Leer, a nearsight ability that can be destroyed, therefore Reyna has to use it carefully and mostly utilize the vertical dimension to deter enemies. Her Devour and Dismiss work in combo and allow Reyna to either “disappear” or heal herself after picking up kills, depending on the situation. And lastly, her ultimate Empress speeds up her bullets and reloads, making her a killing machine.


Sage is a healer agent that’s been a staple since the launch of Valorant. Her Barrier Orb allows her to place a wall that fortifies after a few seconds preventing enemies from passing through unless destroyed by them which then gives you intel at least.

Her Q is a slow orb that explodes when it hits the ground and can bounce off walls, it’s a defensive ability that slows enemies, nothing more to it. Her E is a heal, she can heal herself or teammates. And lastly her ultimate is a Resurrection that needs to be used carefully because you can get the resurrected teammate killed during the animation channel.

Sage is all round a great character, good for new players as well.


Skye has been added with Act 3 and is a truly interesting hybrid hero that has 3 scouting abilities, a flash, and a heal.

Her Regrowth ability heals her and her team during the animation channel which makes her a second healer agent in Valorant. Her Trailblazer allows her to transform into a tiger and run to scout, finally able to leap an enemy and deal some damage to them. It’s primarily used as a scouting ability, it functions similar to Phoenix’s ultimate.

Her Guiding light is Skye’s flash ability, she fires a hawk in a direction that can be controlled by her but also destroyed by enemies. Upon activation it flashes enemies and tells Skye that enemies have been flashed, meaning it also serves as another scouting tool.

Her ultimate Seekers send out three creatures to scout for three nearest enemies wherever they are, after it finds them it nearsights them if they don't get destroyed by the enemy and informs Skye where they are.

All in all, Skye has some great intel abilities, a flash and a heal. A hybrid that’s not always good because something from everything is not always the best idea.


Sova is an intel agent. He shines at providing intel about enemies. His Owl drone allows him to scout enemies with a drone and mark them with a dart. His Shock bolt allows him to deal damage with bouncing arrows, giving good and creative Sova players amazing capabilities.

His Recon Bolt marks enemies that it detects which is the staple of Sova, once again it can bounce off walls giving creative Sova players nice recon capabilities. Lastly, his ultimate Hunter’s Fury can be used to really hurt or kill one or more enemies or prevent defuses.

Sova isn’t for beginners, but if you’re determined to master him, it will pay off.


Viper is a controller agent with a bit of a clumsy kit compared to the rest of the Valorant agents, which made her unviable for the first few seasons of Valorant. However, after a couple of rounds of buffs Viper is now playable, even though she requires her player to be skilled, she’s not for new players.

Her Snake Bite is Viper’s version of a molly and functions pretty much the same as Phoenix’s and Brimstone’s except this one also adds Vulnerable for 2 seconds upon leaving the zone. Her Poison cloud is a smoke that she launches and has only one, however she can activate and deactivate it whenever she has fuel and pick it up off the floor. What’s interesting is that the smoke decays enemy players really fast.

Her Toxic Screen is a wall that she can plant anywhere on the map and it passes through walls. And lastly her ultimate Viper Pit is what makes her good, she plants a huge smoke, usually on the site when planting or defusing, making enemies decay if they enter and making them easy targets.


Yoru is a duelist agent made for creative players. His Fakeout allows him to send out fake footsteps in a straight line making enemies think someone is there. His Blindside is his version of a flash while Gatecrash is his version of a teleport ability. Lastly his Dimensional rift allows him to become invulnerable for a certain duration where he can’t fire or be fired upon, or even seen unless you come very close to him, giving him great scouting ability or even teleport because he reappears in normal dimension when the ability expires.

Wrapping it up

I hope you enjoyed my tier list and that you will now find your new main in case you were struggling with climbing ranks in Valorant.

As I said, I will update this tier list regularly after patches within a few days of the patch as the dust settles.

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Good luck!

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