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Best Apex Legends Characters Tier List in Season 4 [APRIL 2020]

By 25/10/2019Guides
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Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you the best Apex Characters to play in order to reach your dream RP.

I’m a pro player here at Boosting Factory and I earn for living by playing the game at the highest level, however, I want to help you as well!

Below you will find the Apex Legends Tier List in image format and explanation for why is each hero placed in each tier. Note that the list is valid for PC, XBOX, and PS4. Let’s dig in!

apex legends best characters tier list


Pathfinder has been S tier from the very start of Apex Legends. Initially, his hitbox was bugged and he was quite hard to hit, the developers have since fixed the hitbox bug but many players would argue that he is still too hard to hit – even the developers recognize that so they implemented the Low Profile trait which increases all damage taken by 5%.

His great mobility is what makes him S tier, short term mobility in form of his grapple which gives him the potential to change location fast and escape when needed. His ultimate provides him with the long-range mobility for both him and his team. He is definitely one of my favorites to play when I’m doing an Apex Legends boosting order.

In order to balance him out, in my opinion, the devs should increase the cooldown on his tactical.


Just like Pathfinder, Wraith has been S tier since the launch of Apex. Her hitbox has always been small due to her size, she was also nerfed with the Low Profile trait (5% increased damage).

What keeps her in S tier is pretty much that she’s still quite hard to hit, has an arguably quick escape from all damage with her tactical ability, however, she cannot open doors to hide herself while she’s in the Void and enemies can see where she is moving while she’s phased, meaning that if you don’t hide before the ability is over you can be killed easily.

Her ultimate ability provides her and her team with a quick escape or simply a reposition to a more favorable location, which is especially useful in the late game when the circles are getting smaller and you need to secure the best location for your team.

In order to balance her out, the dev team should probably increase the cooldown on her ultimate ability.


Bangalore is, in my opinion, a balanced legend. Her hitbox is fairly sized and she does not have a Low Profile trait meaning that her damage taken is not increased.

Her tactical ability is a smoke grenade of which she holds 2 charges. A smoke grenade is extremely useful for her and her team to relocate safely, especially in the late game, or simply to escape a dangerous situation when under fire.

The ultimate ability is an airstrike that allows her to drop a series of rockets on the ground, which is very useful as a zoning tool which enables her and her team to either push the enemy team out of a certain location or escape from an enemy team that is chasing her or her teammates.


Crypto is a legend that requires a different playstyle. Coordination and strategy are more important than pure mechanical skills. When you properly utilize him, you can gain an incredible advantage over reckless teams who rely solely on their mechanical skills.

Crypto’s tactical – the drone, allows you to scout for enemy teams, loot boxes, traps, pick up banners of dead players, open doors or even get info about nearby squads when you place the drone near the big posters that are showcasing players.

The ultimate ability can slow and damage enemy players, destroy Caustic’s traps, Wattson’s fences and pylon, Lifeline’s heal drone, and Gibby’s dome – meaning that Crypto counters camping compositions.


Lifeline used to be the S tier on our Apex Legends Tier List. However, her lack of mobility has pushed her out of the S tier due to the new map being larger than the first one, her lack of mobility is now showing.

Also, her heal drone is now destroyed within 2 ticks of the circle so she cannot use the outer circle and camp during the first two. The circles are also doing more damage than ever before.

She still makes a great addition to pretty much any team due to her heal drone and ultimate ability that provides the team with loot.

Her passive, however, is one of the best in-game allowing her to resurrect people faster while being shielded which allows her to make amazing game-changing plays. She also self heals and shields faster.


Gibraltar has been buffed throughout the patches and is now very playable. In competitive he’s a definite S tier due to buffs to his Dome and shorter cooldown on his ultimate that not only allows zoning but also heavy damage to players hit.

His hitbox, unlike Low Profile legends, is quite big which made him unplayable for a decent time since the launch of Apex Legends. It’s not usual for characters to have different hitboxes in an FPS game, especially when the hitbox is larger than the rest of the roster. Therefore, Gibby has been given the Fortified trait which reduces his damage taken by 15%.

His passive ability is a shield that triggers when he’s aiming down sights and can block up to 75 damage, which is similar to having a second blue vest on yourself. It’s worth noting that the shield does not have the Fortified trait.

He kept receiving buffs and now you can heal, shield and resurrect faster inside the dome.


Octane has been an average legend since he was released. He fits any rush composition due to his high mobility from his tactical ability.

His ultimate ability – jump pad, gives both him and his team some mobility and ability to relocate defensively or offensively. However, I believe that it’s an inferior version of Pathfinder’s and Wraith’s mobility abilities also known as mobilities, haha.

He is quite good for solo modes and uncoordinated teams because he can capitalize on rushing and relying on the element of surprise combined with a close-range weapon loadout, however, in competitive play coordinated play he just does not have a place, for now.


Wattson was imagined as a legend that counters aggressive teams who prefer to rush and take advantage of slow players, something like Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane composition.

However, in order to utilize Wattson fully, you need a very patient team and coordination, which many teams simply do not have. She is arguably S tier when played in a proper composition and coordinated players.

Her fences allow her to make a little bunker inside any, preferably closed area which slows and dazes players who pass through them. Her ultimate ability compliments the tactical ability by denying any grenades (including your team’s) and airstrikes. and slowly recharges shields of any friendly or enemy players in the range of it.

Wattson’s passive ability is quite disappointing and should probably be reworked to balance her out.


Mirage’s hitbox isn’t too big but compared to other legends’ power he is simply too big. He is also better suited for solo modes and uncoordinated teams due to his fairly selfish abilities and extremely useless ultimate that were buffed – and still remained useless.

His passive is also quite useless for coordinated ranked play against players that are not stupid.

In my opinion, Mirage either needs a complete rework, or at least a semi-Fortified trait (3-5% reduction) or 2 charges on his Bamboozle ability or that it makes him invisible for a couple of seconds allowing him to relocate.


Bloodhound is a legend who also has a too large hitbox, compared to his raw power. His abilities are useful and decent but could use a little tweaking/buffing to make him more viable. He is great in solos, uncoordinated and coordinated teams, but simply needs some buffing. Our whole team would really enjoy seeing him buffed and viable. The latest buff he got was that his scanner is now much longer range and shows enemies longer. This made him semi-viable.


Oh, boy. Caustic is another hero that was given the Fortified trait due to his large hitbox. His tactical ability is just not good enough when you’re facing coordinated players that easily destroy or simply avoid your traps.

His ultimate ability is pretty decent, however, your team still can’t see properly through all the poison gas and that’s very detrimental to the performance of the team, and in my opinion, friendly players should be able to see through the gas, which is ironically his passive. Quite sad.

He needs urgent buffs in order to become remotely viable.


The assassin legend that came with Season 4 is not really viable right now. His kit is too soloish and ultimate is not that good. He also takes 5% more damage which shouldn’t be the case. While his passive ability is very good, we don’t believe he has a spot in meta right now. We’ll keep testing Revenant to see if he can move up or down in the tier list.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed my tier list and that it will help you reach the rankings you dreamed of. However, if you still need a little push to reach your desired RP or get those badges you always wanted, check out our Apex Boost services and order today, I’ll be waiting! 🙂

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