Hey everyone, today I’m going to be talking about Newcastle in Apex Legends, to be precise, I’m going to teach you how to play this tanky legend that was released with Apex Legends Season 13.

Since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory, it’s basically my job to know every legend inside out, especially when clients need a 20K badge or 4K damage badge boost with Newcastle.

So without further ado, let’s dig in!

Newcastle Abilities

Let’s kick off with Newcastle’s abilities, what they do and how can you use them to the fullest potential.

Passive: Retrieve The Wounded

Basically, what Newcastle can do is he can revive allies while simultaneously dragging them in the desired direction instead of being static and exposed. On top of that, Newcastle uses his own Knockdown shield to protect the ally while resurrecting. On top of this, Newcastle is Fortified, meaning he gets 15% less damage from all attacks except headshots and is not slowed by bullets.

Passive Tips

However, the size of the knockdown shield is reduced when using it for ressing, Level is 200 > 150, Level 2 450 > 250, Level 3 and 4 750 > 500. The shield will regenerate while not resurrecting so don’t worry. By checking your inventory you can check the HP of your knockdown shield to know how much will you have and will it be a good ress or not.

Note that when you do have a knockdown shield active it’s a pretty loud sound so if you want a more stealth ress, drop the knockdown shield from your inventory and then resurrect.

And lastly, you cannot enter Wraith’s portal while resurrecting as Newcastle, Octane’s jump pad, Horizon’s gravity lift, fall, or Gravity Cannons.

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Newcastle can throw a drone in a desired direction that projects a frontal cone shield in front of it. It lasts for 20 seconds or until destroyed.

Mobile Shield Tips

You can press the tactical button again to relocate the shield without changing its orientation. The shield is actually split into two halves, both halves have 350 HP and can be destroyed separately.

Friendly fire cannot destroy it but neither shoot through it. Considering how the shield moves slowly when deployed, you need to know where will you fight upfront before sending it there.

And funny enough, if you bonk the drone on an enemy it will do about 20 damage to them similar to Bangalore’s smoke grenade.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

Newcastle can target an area and leap towards it. When he lands, he will build a large wall in front and a bit to the sides in the direction Newcastle was looking.

Castle Wall Tips

It has a maximum range of 35 meters, but Newcastle can also target a teammate and lock onto him or a Death Box and leap on them, this extends the range up to 75 meters.

The wall itself is built of 7 parts while each has a huge 750 HP. He can take down segments of the wall by pressing H and each part can be destroyed with 2 melee attacks for some reason.

Another thing is that when an enemy tries to climb over your wall, they are stunned and get 20 damage, similar to Wattson’s fence. In case you for some reason don’t land or make the leap, you get 75% of the charge back.

You can also use the wall to enclose tighter spaces and passages in order to block off enemies or camp. You cannot have two walls up at the same time, the first one will disappear if you use the second one.

And lastly, mid leap you can turn around to orient the wall differently, and you can use the ult mid-air for example when flying from a Gravity Cannon launch if you need to jump on an ally or near an enemy to kill them.

Newcastle Legend Synergy

Gibraltar and Newcastle synergy is decent due to Newcastle having a shield within the Gibraltar’s dome which can be used to play around when being pushed by the enemy team inside a Gibraltar dome, also can be used to push an enemy Gibraltar dome with the shield in front of you while you go into the bubble. I actually think picking both Gibby and Newcastle isn’t a good idea since both are defensive legends.

However, picking Wraith with Newcastle is a good idea due to the lack of mobility that Newcastle has. Wraith can build portals behind the Newcastle’s ultimate or a Wraith can pick up a dead guy with a portal herself while he’s behind a Newcastle’s wall.

Caustic, while being a defensive hero, works well with Newcastle due to him being able to position barrels behind the Newcastle ultimate for the enemies that are pushing through or above it.

Wattson also works in the camping composition because her Pylon can be placed behind the Newcastle wall to protect from projectiles, and the fences can be done around the wall.

Essentially you want Newcastle to be played with at least one more mobility legend such as Wraith, Valkyrie, or Pathfinder. While a third should not be someone as aggressive as Octane or Ash, but another defensive such as Caustic or Wattson, or something in between.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something! Good luck!

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