Hey everyone! Today I'm going to talk about Apex Legends' Revenant, the deadly assassin from Hammond Robotics. Revenant is a Skirmisher Legend. He was debuted in Season 4. He can be unlocked with digital currency, such as 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins, or by buying the Champion Edition downloadable material. Revenant was completely reworked in Season 18 with the name Revenant Reborn.

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Revenant Overview and Abilities

Passive: Assassin's Instinct

This is the first ability that clearly defines Revenant as an assassin type. It allows you to actually move at walking speed during a crouch. It's slower than a sprint but still fast enough to be worth it. The best thing is, enemies can't hear you.

The second part allows you to climb buildings faster and higher (6 times more height). It doesn't get more assassin-like than this. This allows for some insane plays, such as crouching to the building > climbing up behind the enemy team and wiping them out since they will mostly be looking at the obvious entry points and cannot cover every wall. The passive pairs up extremely well with his Ultimate.

Play around the covers with crouch to confuse enemies about your position. You should also be crouch A-D strafing while fighting to make your hitbox smaller and still move left and right at the same speed while also having increased accuracy on many weapons.

Lastly, in his Season 18 rework, he also got an ability to mark enemies that Revenant himself reduced to less than 40 HP, your whole squad can see the marked enemies through obstacles.

Tactical: Shadow Pounce

Revenant's reworked Tactical allows him to jump forward a large distance. If he holds the button for up to 3 seconds the jump will be even bigger. You can use this ability to jump onto walls to quickly transition to climbing.

It's similar to Octane's Launch Pad and Vantage's tactical in terms of repositioning.

This ability will allow you versatility in your gameplay. You will be using it to escape, chase, reposition, in all sorts of way. Revenant really needed a disengage ability.

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Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Once activated, a shroud of shadows surround Revenant and block damage. It has 75 HP and lasts 25 seconds. However, there are multiple things to understand about the ultimate.

- It blocks direct damage and does not block ring, fire, Caustic gas.

- It increases Revenant's upper body hitbox making him easier to hit.

- Shadows slowly recharge over time, however, damage pauses the recharge.

- Knocking someone will immediately recharge your shadow, extend the duration, and recharge your tactical jump.

Revenant now has a synergized kit. He is a true assassin. He can hunt enemies, engage, disengage with his tactical. And his ultimate allows him to fight better, especially in 1v1.

apex legends revenant portrait

Revenant Weapon Loadout

Since the Revenant is an assassin hero, you should play with an aggressive combination of weapons such as R-99/Prowler/R-301/L-Star/Wingman/You name it + Peacekeeper or EVA-8. Any other aggressive combo is great, as long as the weapons are good.

Strategy and Gameplay

Revenant fares more as a loner hero like Octane, sneaking up and wiping people out without them knowing. However, this game is best played in a coordinated team. Therefore, try to coordinate your pushes and totem pushes this way.

Have your team push from a designated side while you will be flanking the enemies, whether that's by climbing a high wall when they don't expect it, or crouching from the flank. The situation will dictate the strategy. It's, however, important that you engage in the fight at the same time.

As soon as you've flanked, open up with the tactical ability into the hopefully grouped up team or a singular target that you plan to wipe. Your first shots are the most crucial as you have the element of surprise, do not miss them. This is why I suggested the aggressive loadout, you want to preferably kill a single enemy before they even see you. Doing an Apex Legends badge boost for 20 kills or 4K damage as Revenant is going to be very easy this way.

More Revenant Tips

1. Use crouch a lot - it's an insane passive for sneaking up to people while still moving fairly fast.

2. Use higher and faster wall climb to sneak up on people and have the element of surprise. Play like a flanker.

3. Use an aggressive weapon loadout for maximum damage when surprising enemies such as an R-99 combined with a Shotgun.

4. Don't engage with a tactical unless you must to - try to preserve it for a disengage or chasing to finish someone off.

5. After your tactical jump you can slide to cover more distance and his vertical jumping sucks.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed my Revenant guide and that you will have amazing success with him. He's surely a fun hero, especially for solo queue where you're more on your own rather than relying on team-play and coordination.

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apex legends revenant meme

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