Hey everyone! Today I’ll be talking about Ash from Apex Legends. Ash was released on November 2nd, 2021 with the new Season 11. Ash is a hunter legend whose kit is based on tracking and hunting down enemy squads.

Since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and an Apex Predator player, I need to master all legends, including Ash, for when people buy a 20 Kill Badge or a 4000 damage badge for Ash here.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Ash Overview and Abilities

Just like I said, Ash is a hunter and her passive reflects that.

Passive: Marked For Death

Ash’s passive has two parts. The first part shows you the location of all recent (died less than 3-4 min ago) death boxes in the range of the passive. This can be used in a way to figure out how many players are currently left fighting so you can estimate your chances if you 3rd party. For example, 4 death boxes and you still hear guns, this could mean that there’s a 1v1 ongoing and you should definitely push and 3rd party it.

Another usage is that if you’re coming in from outside the circle to inside, and you see death boxes on the outside, it could mean the enemy team is behind you and you can wait for them while they’re damaged from the circle to finish them off.

The second part of the passive is that you can walk up to the death box, press the designated key and it will ping all the remaining enemies who have destroyed that squad. It will tell you how many enemies, however, it will also tell those enemies that Ash has revealed them. It won’t track them permanently, just ping them once and that’s it. They can move away and you won’t know where, however, it gives you a good guess.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Ash can throw a projectile that has an electric field around it in a straight line. Once it hits an enemy on its way, it does minor damage and tethers the enemy to it (similar to Horizon’s ultimate) who cannot move away from it for 3 seconds. If no enemy is hit, it lasts for about 5 seconds.

Since the ability remains in place even if you don’t hit anyone, it can be used as a zoning ability, while you’re escaping through corridors or you want to block a corridor because you’re hunting. Blocking doors, passages and so on.

It can also be used to push people out from behind boxes or rocks for example, since if they get tethered you can easily push them, and if they try to dodge it even when it might be smarter for them to just get tethered, you can shoot them while they’re dodging in the open.

Since the ability travels slow, you will need to account for that when thinking where to shoot the ability. Also it has a lengthy 24 seconds cooldown so it’s not really spammable.

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Ash’s ultimate is a similar version of Wraith’s ultimate. It allows Wraith to open up a portal about 60 meters away in the desired direction. Ash will immediately enter it upon activation, while the allies can follow through if they want. It lasts for about 15 seconds and Ash can manually close it. You cannot go back with it as well, it’s a one-way portal.

The difference from the Wraith portal that you already probably know of, is that Ash opens up the portal in the target direction immediately, which allows her to use the vertical axis too in order to reach elevated positions. The portal also opens up immediately while Wraith can run around while the portal is being created.

The portal is an amazing tool for reaching high grounds and flanking unsuspecting enemies since it opens up immediately and you’re basically right in someone’s face within a second. Note that the portal is a bit thin and hard to notice so tell your teammates that you’re opening up and where.

You can also enter houses through windows as long as the window is in your line of sight and flank people who camp the houses.

Ash Weapon Loadout

The best weapons for Ash are definitely a close to mid-range weapon + a shotgun. Since we established you’re going to be flanking and hunting people, you want to get in their faces with for example an R-99 + EVA-8, or maybe an L-Star + Mastiff. It depends on which weapons are currently OP but you get the point.

Ash Synergy

Ideal legends to synergize would Ash would be high mobility ones that can match her tempo, meaning Octane, Revenant, Pathfinder, Bangalore regarding mobility, and Bloodhound regarding tracking.

That’s all folks. I hope you have good fun with Ash. Meanwhile, check out our Apex Legends rank boosting services where my colleagues and I can help you reach any RP in Apex. You can play with us in a squad or we can play on your account and do it even faster. Completely risk-free. Get in touch, today!

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