Hey everyone! New Apex Legends Season 17 is here and everyone has a lot of questions. You can read the official patch notes on the Apex website but it has a lot of text and language that isn’t easily understood by everyone.

I am a pro Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and I will now explain all of the Apex season 17 ranked changes, including the new provisional placement games.

Bear with me!

Hidden Matchmaking Rating (Hidden MMR)

You may remember from previous seasons that every season we got demoted about 5 or so divisions lower? That was problematic. For example a Diamond player missing 2-3 seasons and coming back plays in Bronze lobby and absolutely destroys everyone on his grind up. That’s not good.

Hidden MMR will now sometimes be different than your actual rank and the game will match you with others depending on your MMR and not your visible rank. You will not be able to check your hidden MMR.

The game tries to make the most fairest match by matching solos vs solos, duo + solo vs duo + solo etc. Sometimes it can’t do that when there’s not enough players. For example, if you run a full squad and enter a match during higher queue times vs everyone else who is solo, those solos will be higher MMR than you are so that it’s more fair since you have an advantage by being a full squad.

New Scoring System

Ranked Points are now called Ladder Points (LP). They’re adding more bonuses to the system that you will only see when the match ends. There are three groups of bonuses.

Elimination bonuses - You gain more LP when you kill and assist, nothing new. Oh, and the assist timer is now 30 seconds instead of 15.

Rating bonuses - You get these when your hidden MMR is greatly higher than your actual rank. For example when you didn’t play for a season or two and your rank is now lower than MMR, you will get these bonuses to catch up.

Skill bonuses - You get these when you beat higher rated players or perform well in an unfavorable match.

Placement matters the most

Placing 10th or better is now considered a win. If you placed in Top 10, you won. The higher you place, the more LP you get.

apex legends placement per match table
In the table above that includes a flat 35 LP entry cost you can see that you will lose points if you place lower than 10, and gain points for top 10 or better. The entry cost is now flat regardless of rank and its 35.

Placement Provisional Games

The new addition are 10 provisional placement games. Every season you will need to play these 10 games that will allow you to climb higher than your rank if you do well in them, but won’t push you lower if you fail.

apex legends placement games
Our team of pro players will be able to help you win as many of these games as possible, often even all 10. Visit our Apex Legends placement boosting service page and book your placement boosting today! We can play with you, or you can allow us to play on your account for you.

Ranked Structure

The ranked split is now removed too. Seasons will last fully for about 90 days. We expect Apex Legends Season 17 to end on August 8th, 2023.

The division width is now 1000 points flat for all divisions. So for example Rookie 4 to Rookie 3 is now 0-999. Rookie 3 to Rookie 2 is 1000-1999 and so on. Master starts at 24000 LP. You can also demote into Rookie now.

Promotion bonus is now 250 down from 300. Every season your rank will fully reset and you need to do 10 placements again to get a new rank, however, your MMR will play a role.

And lastly, level 50 is now required to enter ranked in order to prevent smurfs and cheaters from making new accounts. Don’t forget that you can boost your Apex Legends rank with us easily. Check our service page and order your Apex Legends rank boosting today.

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