Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Apex Legends’ Season 13, all the changes that it brings, including the major ranked changes, start and end date and more. Without further ado, let’s dig into the content!

When Does Apex Legends Season 13 Start?

Apex Legends’ Season 13 starts on May 10th, 2022.

When Does Apex Legends Season 13 End?

Apex Legends’ Season 13 will end on August 9th, 2022. The first split will last for 1.5 months and will be played on Storm Point. Second split is played on Worlds Edge.

Storm Point Rework

The Downed Beast

A new zone called The Downed Beast was added. It’s actually a “living” beast that you can go on top of, through it and play around it. It’s like a building but a living one, which we have not seen so far.

IMC Armories

A new PvE encounter has been added called IMC Armories. The seismic activity after Downed Beast showed up has resulted in IMC Armories from the past war to resurface.

There are 4 armories that you can enter and activate to start fighting robots and unlock “smart loot” after you defeat the 60 second encounter. Smart loot meaning that the dropped loot will be upgrades for your current gear.

They are located in four areas:

  • Northeast of checkpoint

  • Southeast of Lightning Rod

  • Between Gale Station / Fish Farms

  • North of Cenote Cave

storm point rework imc armories

Season 13 Ranked Rework

I will now list all the changes in a short and concise matter.

  • Everyone on team will receive some RP when someone from your team kills an enemy

  • Kill RP cap is removed meaning that the more enemies you kill, more RP you can get, however, the RP gained per kill drops with each kill

  • Assist timer is now 15 seconds up from 10, and the timer will be refreshed if a player you downed has been revived

  • You can now get demoted from a tier, for example from Platinum IV to Gold I 50%. At 0 points you will have 3 lost games a demotion protection.

  • When you promote to a new tier you will get 100 RP promotion bonus

  • Entry cost in a match increases with each division now, not only tier. Also, in Master with every 1000 RP, entry cost will increase by 5, starting with 75. Maximum is 175 RP.

  • Killing lower tier players will now grant a little more RP than before

  • New tier called Rookie is now added below Bronze and has no entry cost, while Bronze has one now

Apex Legends Season 13 ranked rework

Other S13 Changes

  • New Legend Newcastle is being added

  • Rampart is getting a little buff

  • R-301 and Rampart are now replicator crafting weapon only, and Longbow and Flatline are back on the ground

  • Kraber is getting nerfed

  • Spitfire is back on the ground instead of care package

Thanks for reading! And yes, we will have our Apex Legends rank boosting ready for the Season 13 launch with new ranked changes. We’re ready for your orders.

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