Hey everyone! Today I’m going to break down Vantage from Apex Legends. I will teach you how to play her efficiently, tell you about her abilities, tips and tricks regarding her abilities and more.

I am a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and I’ve been playing A LOT of Vantage in order to master her and easily do 20 kill and 4K damage badge boosts.

I will try to make the guide as short as possible without skipping any crucial info, so without further ado, let’s dig in!

Vantage Abilities

Let’s kick off the guide with Vantage’s abilities. The first one being her Passive.

Passive: Spotter’s Lens

Vantage is able to scope in unarmed providing her with a neat 3x zoom. What it also does is that when you equip a 2x zoom or greater scope (not 1-2x holo) to get a bullet drop indicator, Legend’s name, distance from Vantage, and tier of all their teammate's shields.

Your team won’t see this, you need to ping the enemy and then your team sees the armor type of the enemy and the tier of their teammates' armors.

What matters is that you need line of sight for this to work, the moment target goes behind an obstacle, you don’t see anything.

Tactical: Echo Relocation

Once you press your tactical button, you can deploy and/or reposition your little bat Echo. If you hold the button when Echo is deployed, an animation launches and you can jump towards Echo in order to relocate or escape.

Once you “land”, that is, get close to Echo after jumping towards it with your ability, you can then double jump similar to Octane’s launch pad.

Echo Tips

Echo can go as far as 40 meters and can be recalled like a Crypto drone. If you move away, it will simply follow you. It cannot be killed either, however, if you’re trying to keep a low profile you should recall it so other’s dont know you’re 40 meters around.

I must stress that you need to have Echo in your line of sight in order to launch towards it, if you lose line of sight during the animation, it will say you lost it and won’t activate. You can also deploy and relocate Echo while doing other stuff such as moving, shooting, healing etc.

If you’re crafty enough, you can, for example, leave Echo on a cliff or high ground, run off it so enemy chases you, and mid-air activate the tactical and pull yourself back, however, you must not lose line of sight or it fails.

Before you reach Echo while launching towards it, crouch in air to avoid the floating animation if you don’t plan to use the double jump, however, this might get patched. Also, if Echo is not deployed and you want to deploy and immediately launch, simply press and hold your tactical instead of pressing to deploy, unpressing, and then pressing and holding again to launch.

Ultimate: Sniper’s Mark

Vantage gets a custom sniper rifle when you press the ultimate button if you have at least 1 charge, that is, a bullet in it. You can have up to 5 charges at any given time. It deals 50 base damage with a 1.5x headshot multiplier and marks a target for 10 seconds.

The mark applies a 15% vulnerability to the target from all sources, meaning your whole team does more damage to the marked target and the marks do not stack if you hit them multiple times, however, subsequent shots by Vantage will deal 100 base damage and reset the mark to 10 seconds.

What’s also important is that when you’re aiming down sights with your ultimate, enemies can see a laser going out from your rifle making you very visible to them. Ultimate accelerant will charge your 2 bullets immediately so its great to carry some with you.

Vantage Best Weapons Loadout

So, this is a sniper Legend, however, it does not mean you should be carrying another sniper rifle. You should be using a mid-range weapon combined with a short-range weapon. Your ultimate is a great opener for your team, however, you don’t want to just sit behind and do nothing when the fight gets taken somewhere you can’t see.

Therefore, stick to a loadout such as Wingman / G7 Scout / Triple Take, or 30-30 + A close combat gun such as Prowler or a Shotgun.

Vantage Synergy With Other Legends

Vantage clearly isn’t a fast aggressive legend like Octane, Wraith or Pathfinder. She does well with slower legends such as Wattson, Caustic, Newcastle, and Rampart for obvious reasons. Protection and a slower play style.

I hope you enjoyed my Vantage guide! Check out our Apex Legends badge boosting service where we can help you get any badge for Vantage or any other legend. Happy hunting!

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