Hey everyone! Seer, the new Apex legend is out with Season 10 of Apex Legends, and today I’m going to make the absolute best guide for you guys to master him.

I’m a professional Apex Legends player here at Boosting Factory’s Apex Legends boosting squad, and I’ve actively played Seer since day one, so today I’ll share this knowledge with you.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Seer Abilities

Let’s dig into his abilities first, I’ll explain what they do and how to utilize them the best.

Passive: Heart Seeker

When Seer is aiming down sights (ADS), he gets a blue circle around his crosshair which shows a little “flame” like animation in the direction where enemies are within a 75-meter range. Once you aim in an enemy’s direction (in a cone), the circle becomes orange.

  • You will also hear heartbeat sounds but they’re subtle so you might need to increase volume. This ability works when you’re holding no gun as well.

  • You can see the 75-meter range around you in a circle if you for example look far into the horizon or a mountain and you’ll notice a blue “edge”. You can also turn off the heartbeat sensor with a keybind.

  • The passive works through obstacles and walls, therefore, make sure to utilize cover as much as possible, seek for the enemy and try to hit them with your tactical before pushing.

  • Focus on being in ADS as much as possible and scanning for enemies while not in a fight or relocating, use it to your advantage to know whenever someone is around you.

Tactical: Focus of Attention

After a short wind-up, Seer shoots a stream of micro-drones in a straight wide line that after it hits an enemy, interrupts their actions such as healing items or legend abilities, and reveals their location to you and your team just like Bloodhound’s scan does, however, you also see their HP and shield amount for the next 8 seconds, with a 30-second cooldown on the ability.

  • The stream is pretty wide and goes a long-range, however, due to the wind-up time, enemies if they’re fast enough can escape the stream and dodge your ability. Therefore, you will need to practice game sense and predict where enemies are running in order to actually make them run into your tactical, and not just have to escape it.

  • Alternatively, you can also use it once you know what cover they are behind, and trying to heal up, interrupt them with the ability and finish them off.

  • Thirdly, you can also use it once you an enemy such as Loba uses their ultimate and you can guess where they are and hit them with the ability. Another awesome usage is to use it to prevent a revive.

  • You can also see the Evo shield level of the enemy to know how strong are they approximately.

  • Do not be super quick when using this ability, try to catch enemies off guard, try to catch them healing, try to catch them while you know their ADSing and are unprepared for your ability. Don't just use it the first thing you see someone.

Ultimate: Exhibit

Seer gets a small device that he can throw quite a bit in range, similar to a grenade, once it lands (it bounces off walls a bit, it doesn’t stick) it creates a large dome area that detects all enemies who are either running or firing inside the dome, not crouching, crouch walking or in the air.

  • It lasts for a whole 30 seconds and has 125 HP, therefore, it can be destroyed. It’s only natural to place it somewhere out of reach for enemies so it doesn’t get destroyed, it doesn't have to be in the line of sight of the enemy to detect them, so for example, mid-floor or the building and it detects everyone up or down. Once it detects enemies it will tell you on your HUD how many are detected.

  • Once someone is detected you also see them similar as if they were scanned and their footsteps in orange as well you get a better idea of their direction when running. This ultimate pairs well with the tactical because now once you detect them, you can try and hit them with your tactical to get a better 8-second detection, including their HP.

Seer Strategy

With Seer you want an aggressive team who can provide mobility and follow up on your reveals either with a tactical or an ultimate ability. Therefore you don't want campers such as Wattson or Caustic. You want an Octane, Pathfinder, Wraith.

Regarding loadout, you also don't want Snipers or long-range weapons. When you catch someone you want to push him, therefore, a combination of a close to mid-range weapon and a shotgun is ideal. Such as R-99 / R-301 / Flatline / Wingman + Shotgun. Check our Apex weapon tier list to find out what are the best weapons currently.

Final words

I hope you enjoyed my Seer guide! Make sure to check out our Apex Legends tier list to check how good is he currently in the meta.

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seer apex legends art
art by Mithryl

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