Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Catalyst, the new Apex Legends hero that was added with Season 15.

She is a defensive legend with an interesting kit and a passive ability. Since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory, I had to master her immediately so I can do my job perfectly just like before she was released.

So, I’m going to share some of my tips for Catalyst with you today. Let’s go!

Catalyst Abilities

Barricade [PASSIVE]

Starting off with her passive, Catalyst can reinforce doors by strengthening them and locking them to enemies. If doors have been destroyed, she can also reinforce the space where doors were to make enemies unable to pass.

You need to hold the alternative use button (X) for 0.5 seconds to reinforce/rebuild doors. You can do that for up to 2 doors.

Barricade Tips

These reinforced doors require two kicks damage to break, and Catalyst and her teammates can use them normally, while enemies can’t. Other abilities such as Mad Maggie’s wrecking ball, Rampart’s Shiela, Arc Stars, Grenades, and so on can normally break these doors, A fun fact is that Crypto can open enemy Catalyst’s doors with his drone.

This is a clearly defensive ability made for camping positions. Therefore, it has great synergy with Caustic, Wattson. For example, imagine an enemy coming into a room, triggering Caustic’s barrels or ultimate, and then you blocking their way out, ouch.

You can also use it when escaping, if you’re far enough from them but they’re chasing you, barricade the door when you get out to buy yourself some time.

Piercing Spikes [TACTICAL]

This ability allows Catalyst to throw a patch of ferrofluid which turns into spikes when enemies are near. The ability has 2 charges and Catalyst can have up to 3 patches active at the same time.

It creates a 2x11 meter patch. Once an enemy walks over it, it slows them and deals 15 damage every second. In the middle of the patch there is an orb with 300 HP that appears once enemies get close, it can be destroyed, and with it the patch.

These patches last until destroyed or retrieved with the utility action button. Catalyst is immune to her and enemy Piercing Spikes.

Piercing Spikes Tips

This ability is somewhat like Ash’s tactical and a Caustic trap because it slows and slowly damages people who are inside it.

There will be many ways this can be used, for example, you can throw it on the door or just around the door for enemies that walk in get slowed and damaged. You can do the same when escaping the door because you’re immune to it and enemies are not.

You can throw it at your feet for example when behind a rock and you expect to get pushed by enemies, this will help you win a fight around a rock or a building or buy you time to escape.

Ideally, throw one charge like this, and save the other one for maybe when pushing an enemy building or a rock since the range is 75 meters. One defensive and one offensive charge.

It can also be used while throwing grenades when trying to deny an enemy resurrect or paired with Horizon’s ultimate.

Dark Veil [ULTIMATE]

Finally, her ultimate allows her to create a wall of ferrofluid 55 meters long and quite high, basically a proper wall. You can cross through it but you will be slowed and temporarily blinded. It does not block bullets, ordnance, or abilities.

It will block scans for example from Bloodhound. Catalyst is once again immune to both her and enemy Dark Veil.

Dark Veil Tips

This ability can be used both defensively and offensively. Just to be clear, it’s goal is to hide one side from the other one. For example, while escaping you can use it to save yourself or your team, or you can use it while pushing to confuse enemies and disperse them.

It’s ideal to play around the wall as Catalyst because you’re immune to it, quickly appearing on left and right and utilizing this to your advantage, similarly like you would play around a Gibraltar bubble.

You can also use it defensively to resurrect an ally. Combine it with your passive and tactical, barricade the doors and throw the patches.

Catalyst Weapon Loadout

Since Catalyst thrives in close quarters and zig-zag gameplay around her ultimate, she definitely needs a Shotgun as her secondary, therefore pick the best Shotgun for you 100% of the time.

The main weapon should definitely either be a long-range sniper if you will camp a lot with Caustic and Wattson, or a mid-range weapon like R-301 to be more versatile.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you have great success as Catalyst! Don’t forget to check our Apex Legends badge boosting service where we can unlock any badge for you with Catalyst, or play her to any rank of your desire with your Apex Legends rank boosting service.

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