Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Apex Legends’ Rampart. Rampart was released with the start of Season 6 and since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster, I started playing her a lot immediately and wrote this piece for you all.

The guide won’t be too long and it will consist of the best tips I currently have for Rampart, from the basic to more advanced ones.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Rampart Abilities

I’m gonna start by covering Rampart’s abilities and explanations for each of them.

Tactical - Amped Cover

Rampart places a cover that protects anyone behind it (friends and enemies) but allows shooting through it with amplified damage by 20% (blue side) but blocks bullets from the other side (red side). You can hold up to 3 charges with each charge taking 20 seconds to regenerate.

Amped Cover Tips

The cover has a building time of a couple of seconds and the top portion of the cover has 175 HP while the lower portion has 400 HP. If you shoot the amped cover while it’s building up it's weaker with only 45 HP.

You can climb through the amplifying portion from the blue side, but not from the red side, however, you can climb over the top portion with a good jump from the red side too.

The amped cover is used on chokepoints while setting up a camp and waiting for enemies. You can pick up the cover if you want, and you can have a maximum of 5 on the map at any given time. You also cannot put more of them in front of each other because the shot through the first one will destroy all subsequent ones.

You can also block a grenade or an arc start by planting it in front of you immediately even though it won’t be fully built, it will still absorb the damage. As it’s a real object, you can also use it to climb other walls by climbing on top of the cover.

When shooting at the cover from the red side, you will notice the hexagon that shows you how much HP it still has left.

It’s a good idea to place amped covers on the entrances in the building from the vertical ziplines because jumping off the zipline through the amped cover can be done but it’s harder and will cause the enemy team to lose momentum in case your bunker is on that floor. You can also put it behind doors to prevent the doors from opening. You can also place another amped cover deeper in the house that has a sight at the first amped cover, so when enemies break through, you still have them under fire behind your second cover.

You can pick up an undamaged cover to instantly regain a charge.

Passive - Modded Loader

Rampart has an increased mag size by 15% and decreased reload time with LMG weapons(Spitfire, Devotion, and L-Star) by 25%. This also stacks with extended mags.

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Ultimate - Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”

Once triggered, Rampart gets a mobile Shiela that she can carry with a single magazine of 173 rounds. After firing all the shots it can be destroyed or put down as a static turret. Rampart can also press toggle fire mode to cancel the ultimate and get the remainder of ammo back in form of ultimate charge. While utility button changes between static and mobile mode.

In static mode, it comes with 350 health, 150 mag size, and infinite ammo for anyone to use, she can have up to 3 of those on the map at any given point. The damage is insane, however, you need to be bunkered up or you risk just getting sniped down.

The gun has a ramp up time and improving accuracy with duration of the firing. You need to know that the minigun has a limited range of rotation, it doesn’t rotate 360 degrees but 180 degrees, therefore the placement direction is important. You will notice the minigun rotation range on the top of your screen. Rampart won't get any of the charge back if it's cancelled in static mode.

You can also pick up the turret and get back 50% of the ultimate charge. It’s good to know that Crypto’s EMP won’t destroy Sheila but it will disable it for the duration.

While firing you can enter an unconscious tunnel vision while enemies will work around the turret and flank you, be careful.

Rampart Team Comp

Since Rampart is a campy legend, it’s best to play her with another camp hero such as Wattson or Caustic + Wraith or Pathfinder for mobility. Setting up a bunker is everything when it comes to Rampart, however, you also need mobility to move your bunker and position yourself in the new circles.

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Wrapping it up

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