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These Are The Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List [DECEMBER 2019]

By 08/11/2019Guides
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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of question what is the best Apex Legends weapon in the game, and what is the best loadout, so today, I’m going to show you what I and my team agree on to be the best weapons in the game.

My team and I are all Apex Predator players that play the game as a real job, therefore we depend on knowing what are the best Apex weapons in order to perform at the highest level.

Below you will find the Apex Legends weapon tier list and explanations for S, A and B tier and why I believe they’re the best. Let’s start!

apex legends best weapons tier list

Best Apex Legends Weapon


Not much to say here except that it’s an amazing legendary sniper with a lot of potential for headshot one-shots. It’s quite situational and rare. You don’t want to have it with low ammo if you don’t expect that you will either be stuck with no loot to replace it or in a late-game ring where there will be no mid to long-range combat. Therefore, don’t just blindly use it, and if you do, make sure to use it well so you can grab another weapon that you can gear up quick, like a Peacekeeper or EVA-8.


Another legendary item, this time a shotgun. Pretty good all-round, you have limited ammo so don’t waste it and learn how to aim with it (in training mode) because it has a weird aim, not like a regular shotgun.


Our first non-legendary weapon on the Apex Legends weapon tier list. Peacekeeper has been great since the launch of the game and still is, definitely S tier. Pro-tip for when using choke – allow it to charge a little by aiming down sights, then cancel the ADS and you will still have the charge for a few seconds even when not aiming ADS.


Even though they keep nerfing Wingman, removed the Skullpiercer, reducing its headshot damage multiplier. Wingman is still an amazing weapon. However, there’s a little catch – don’t take it unless you have a ton of practice with it. A good player will shine with a Wingman but a bad player will be a waste of space with it.


Since the nerf of R-301, R-99 has taken its spot. R-99 got its batch of nerfs too. However, there’s a catch just like with a Wingman. An amazing player will be able to clip down enemies in a single mag, a bad player won’t land anything due to its huge recoil. Make sure to get that light mag ASAP.

Charge Rifle

Oh boy, when this rifle got in the game it was an S tier by far. But the developers did a couple of rounds of nerfs, slowed the fire rate, removed the energy mag from it and now you have 4 shots in a 12 round magazine. I’ve decided to put it to an A-tier because it isn’t that good anymore and is quite situational like all snipers. However, A tier is still pretty good and don’t hesitate to pick it up if you feel confident.


Flatline got quite buffed for Season 3, and can now attach an Anvil hop-up that turns your semi-auto fire mode into a beast! An overall pretty decent weapon, if you can get your hands on an Anvil this is an S tier by far.


Longbow used to be good, then bad, now it’s buffed again a little and I believe it deserves an A-tier spot. Overall a good sniper since the launch of the game. For an expert sniper, it’s much better than Charge Rifle since enemies can’t dodge and hide when you’re shooting at them, unlike Charge Rifle. A hit is a hit, and a headshot deals massive damage.


A second shotgun, still in pretty good shape, and even got a Double Tap hop-up recently, you need to learn how to control it with a Double Tap because you’ll just be wasting ammo in the mag and ammo overall if you don’t learn how to control it. Especially because you run out of ammo quite fast and you need to carry at least 32 shotgun (2 stacks) ammo at all times since you don’t want to run out of ammo at any point.

Triple Take

Triple Take also got it’s round of buffs throughout the seasons. What’s good about this sniper is a fast fire-rate, low shot fall-off (near hitscan), ability for you to actually hip-fire at enemies at close range if needed, finish them off with fast low damage shots, or let it charge up as soon as you get Choke hop-up that’s not that rare and do serious long-range damage.


This beauty is one of my personal favorites, however, recent nerfs caused it to be a subpar choice compared to R-99. It’s still a better choice for people who can’t manage R-99 recoil, and on top of that, it gives steady mid-range damage unlike R-99. You can also attach an Anvil on it, but I don’t prefer to use it on it since Flatline is a much better choice for an Anvil.

G-7 Scout

G-7 got it’s time to shine in Season 3, some would argue that it’s even an A-tier weapon. Its damage was buffed, it can attach a Double Tap, it can do serious damage in close combat and mid-range combat and the projectile width was increased too. However, I don’t prefer it as there’s much better weapons out there (read above), but it’s not a shabby weapon like it used to be since you usually find it early game easily.


This one is an alternative for R-99 players who prefer to use a heavy weapon that does more damage than light mags, but a slightly slower fire rate. Heavy weapons also slow down unfortified enemies (Caustic and Gibby can’t be slowed). It’s a good idea to have a Prowler player in combination with an R-99 user, so you can benefit from insane close-range damage and slowing effects. A Selectfire hop-up is also an absolute must and make sure to get it ASAP. With the hop-up, Prowler is easily A tier.


Definitely not my weapon of choice since I don’t prefer burst weapons, but Hemlok is not that bad if you know how to play that style. Definitely B tier.


Havoc is a decent weapon, very good for players who can’t manage recoil as I find it very “forgiving”. A lot of bullets in the mag and not that huge recoil, you ought to hit something with over 30 bullets or more with mags attached. With Turbocharger and at least level 2 mag it definitely becomes A tier.

To sum it up

There it is, I didn’t cover the other tiers because those weapons are just not that good and should be replaced as soon as you get one from the list above.

I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave a comment and check out our Apex Legends characters tier list that we regularly update to find out the best Apex characters for you to play. And of course, our Apex Legends boosting services so we can help you out with your RP and badges ASAP. Good luck!

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