Hey everyone, today I'm going to show you the best Apex Characters to play in order to reach your dream RP.

I'm a pro player here at Boosting Factory, knowing the best legends in every season is a part of my job and today I'm going to share some of that knowledge with you.

Below you will find the Apex Legends Tier List in a table format and general descriptions and tips for each legend. Note that the list is valid for PC, XBOX, and Playstation. Let's dig in!

Tier Character


Lifeline, Horizon, Bangalore, Revenant, Pathfinder, Conduit


Mad Maggie, Seer, Caustic, Fuse, Wraith, Loba


Bloodhound, Alter, Ash, Valkyrie, Catalyst, Wattson, Octane, Newcastle


Mirage, Ballistic, Rampart, Vantage, Crypto, Gibraltar


Alter was added in Season 21. She is a skirmisher legend with an interesting kit. Her passive allows her to see any deathboxes in a large range and grab one item. Her tactical allows her to place a set of two portals and port in and out, through buildings and so on. Lastly, her ultimate allows her to place a device that she and her teammates can port back to for example if a push goes wrong.


Conduit is a support legend in Apex Legends who's all about keeping her team alive and making sure enemies stay away from important spots. She's a valuable teammate because she can really shape how a fight goes.

Her kit is easy to get the hang of, so she's a good choice if you're new to Apex Legends. But that doesn't mean she can't do amazing things in more advanced matches. She's just as useful as other characters, even in high-skill situations.


Ballistic was added in Season 17 of Apex Legends. He is the first legend to have a mechanic of carrying 3 weapons at once allowing him to be a versatile short and long range legend at once. His tactical allows him to shoot a projectile at an enemy that heats up the gun of the enemy if they fire it for too long, making the enemy easier to fight against. Lastly, his ultimate allows him to buff his allies in a 10 meter radius and give them more movement speed while running with a gun and infinite ammo, while making his weapon gold.


Catalyst was added with Season 15. She is a defensive legend with an interesting kit such as being able to reinforce doors and broken doors with her passive. Throwing a patch of black ferrofluid slowing and damaging enemies who walk in, and raising a long and tall wall that blocks sight and slows enemies who pass through it while allowing her to pass through all of that unharmed.


Vantage was added in Season 14. She is a female sniper legend who has a passive that lets her scope in unarmed and see where her bullets will land with mid to long-range scopes. Her tactical allows her much needed mobility for escaping or repositioning, while her ultimate gives her a custom sniper that marks enemies on successful shots and increases your and her team's damage when targets are marked.


Newcastle was released with Season 13. He is a fortified defensive legend with an amazing passive that allows him to drag and shield enemies that he's currently resurrecting, project a frontal cone shield and leap to allies and build a protective wall around them called a castle. Overall a great legend.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie was released with Season 12. She is an aggressive entry fragger legend who relies on fast pushes and chasing down enemies and forcing them into close-quarter fights. She shines with an aggressive team and is a hard counter against defensive legends such as Gibraltar and Caustic.


Ash was released in Season 11 and is a seek & destroy agent. She uses her passive to track down enemies, her tactical to slow them down while your team bursts them, and the ultimate to either flank, reposition, or escape. She is a true beast.


Seer has been added with Season 10. He utilizes a tracking mechanic similar to Bloodhound. His passive allows him to detect the enemy's location through obstacles via an ADS mechanic of heartbeats. His tactical shoots a stream of drones that reveal anyone hit for 8 seconds, including their HP and shields. And his ultimate also allows him to plant a device that creates a dome where anyone running or firing is revealed.


Valkyrie has been added in Season 9. Her whole deal is basically mobility of herself and her team, repositioning either to escape a bad situation or 3rd party aggressively.

Her passive, the VTOL Jets allow her to fly after you press double jump, she has a limited amount of fuel for flying but it recharges when she’s not flying. On top of that, when she’s flying, all enemies in line of sight get highlighted to her and her teammates. A pretty insane passive. The downside is that it’s noisy revealing your position and you can’t fire weapons. She can also scan a survey beacon-like Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

Her tactical, the Missile Swarm allows her to fire a cluster of rockets in a 4x3 pattern similar to Bangalore’s ultimate that don’t deal much damage and detonate a row at a time just like Bangalore’s ult. It does slow and disorients enemies as well. It’s very useful to stop enemies from pushing or escaping, maybe even zone them.

Lastly, her ultimate Skyward Dive, allows her to press the ability once to prepare for a launch, and then press again to launch in the air and skydive, friendly players can click her to join her in a flight. Once again, this allows insane repositioning either for escaping an unfavorable position or 3rd partying. The only downside is that enemies can shoot you down while you’re launching in the air.


Fuse has been added in Season 8. He's a very aggressive double offensive ability character that excels in late-game small circle plays and zoning other enemies with his abilities that are quite long range.

His passive, Grenadier allows him to carry two grenades in an inventory slot up from one, which is pretty damn good passive. Apart from that, he also throws grenades faster and has a longer range throw.

His Knuckle Cluster tactical shoots a cluster grenade that after explodes, starts shooting little explosions in a small area, which is good for zoning enemies, destroying doors, traps and so on. The damage isn’t that big, it’s more of a utility tool.

Finally, his Ultimate, Motherlode, shoots another grenade that explodes and creates a large ring of fire that damages and slows enemies that try to escape it, again great zoning ability that can be combined with other area of effect ultimates you got on your team.

All in all, Fuse has decent zoning tools and a good passive, however, his numbers need to keep up in order for him to be viable in the meta.


Horizon has been added in Season 7 of Apex Legends and while she is truly fun to play with a lot of opportunities to be made if you’re a creative player.

Her passive allows her to start moving faster than other legends after she lands from a fall or a jump and even makes quicker turns in air, which is useful for the rest of her kit.

Her tactical ability Gravity Lift creates a tall Vortex that any player can use to lift himself up high in the air and jump off it, this allows Horizon and her teammates to create amazing plays, engages, escapes and so on.

Finally, her ultimate Black Hole sends a N.E.W.T. to create a black hole that pulls in enemies caught in it’s range, even if they’re behind walls and obstacles, making them easy targets for your bullets or area of effect abilities.


Rampart was introduced in Season 6. She is a defensive campy legend with a weird passive. Her passive increases her mag size and reload times, which is not a bad passive at all, don’t get me wrong, just, feels weird with the rest of her kit.

Her Tactical ability allows her to place a barrier that increases the damage when shooting through it from the correct side, and prevents damage until destroyed from the other side. It’s a camper ability similar to Wattson’s or Caustic’s, but it’s a bit clumsy to use.

Lastly, her ultimate ability Sheila, allows her to spawn a minigun that deals massive damage and can be destroyed by enemies. It’s again, a camper ultimate, a bit clumsy to use but can be useful.


Loba was introduced with Season 5. She specializes in looting, which is cool but not something you want in a shooter game. You want combat abilities, not looting abilities.

Her tactical allows her to throw a little ring far away in a curved trajectory, and allows her to teleport right there when pressed again. However, there are long animation times which make this ability not that great during fights, but rather when she’s not under pressure.

Her passive ability allows her to see epic and legendary loot through walls and obstacles up to a certain range. And lastly, her ultimate Black Market Boutique allows her and her teammates to pick up a couple of items from around them in a certain range directly from the staff that she spawned.


Pathfinder is a mobility legend that’s been great for the bigger part of Apex Legends. He is definitely one of my favorites to play when I'm doing an Apex Legends boosting order.

He features a recon passive which allows him to scan for the next ring on certain locations on the map, it also recharges his ultimate, lowers his tactical cooldown when he does the scan. His tactical which is his staple, is a hook that he launches and can pull himself and make all kinds of creative escapes or pushes with it.

Lastly, his ultimate is a zipline that he can plant in order for his team to move a larger area faster.


Just like Pathfinder, Wraith has been a great legend since the launch of Apex. Her hitbox has always been small due to her size, she was also nerfed with the Low Profile trait (5% increased damage).

What keeps her in S, or at least A tier is pretty much that she’s still quite hard to hit, has an arguably quick escape from all damage with her tactical ability, however, she cannot open doors to hide while she’s in the Void and enemies can see where she is moving while she’s phased, meaning that if you don’t hide before the ability is over you can be killed easily.

Her ultimate ability provides her and her team with a quick escape or simply a reposition to a more favorable location, which is especially useful in the late game when the circles are getting smaller and you need to secure the best location for your team.


Bangalore is, in my opinion, a balanced legend. Her hitbox is fairly sized and she does not have a Low Profile trait meaning that her damage taken is not increased.

Her tactical ability is a smoke grenade of which she holds 2 charges. A smoke grenade is extremely useful for her and her team to relocate safely, especially in the late game, or simply to escape a dangerous situation when under fire.

The ultimate ability is an airstrike that allows her to drop a series of rockets on the ground, which is very useful as a zoning tool which enables her and her team to either push the enemy team out of a certain location or escape from an enemy team that is chasing her or her teammates.


Crypto is a legend that requires a different playstyle. Coordination and strategy are more important than pure mechanical skills. When you properly utilize him, you can gain an incredible advantage over reckless teams who rely solely on their mechanical skills.

Crypto’s tactical - the drone, allows you to scout for enemy teams, loot boxes, traps, pick up banners of dead players, open doors or even get info about nearby squads when you place the drone near the big posters that are showcasing players.

The ultimate ability can slow and damage enemy players, destroy Caustic’s traps, Wattson’s fences and pylon, Lifeline’s heal drone, and Gibby’s dome - meaning that Crypto counters camping compositions.

However, Crypto needs a team to play around him in order to be useful, just like Wattson, therefore, not a great choice for solo playing, but a very good choice for a trained squad.


Lifeline’s passive is definitely one of the best in-game. She can press resurrect on an enemy and spawn a robot to resurrect for her while she can go and resurrect someone else herself, or continue fighting. The person being resurrected by the bot also has a shield in front of them so enemies can't shoot at them. On top of that, she finds these blue bins around the map for extra loot.

Her tactical is spawning that same bot that heals anyone in range of it up to 150 health split among those players. Lastly, her ultimate allows her to spawn a care package containing loot. Lifeline is a great support hero.


Gibraltar has been buffed throughout the patches and is now very much playable. In competitive he's a definite S tier due to buffs to his Dome and shorter cooldown on his ultimate that not only allows zoning but also heavy damage to players hit.

His hitbox, unlike Low Profile legends, is quite big which made him unplayable for a decent time since the launch of Apex Legends. It’s not usual for characters to have different hitboxes in an FPS game, especially when the hitbox is larger than the rest of the roster. Therefore, Gibby has been given the Fortified trait which reduces his damage taken by 15%.

His passive ability is a shield that triggers when he’s aiming down sights and can block up to 75 damage, which is similar to having a second blue vest on yourself. It’s worth noting that the shield does not have the Fortified trait. He kept getting buffs and now you can heal, shield and resurrect faster inside the dome.


Octane is one of those aggressive solo heroes. His passive restores him hero slightly every 1.5 seconds while out of combat which goes well with this tactical Stim. His tactical speeds Octane up quickly allowing him to escape or push aggressively, but costs 12 health to use.

Lastly, his ultimate Jump Pad allows him to place a jump pad on the floor that anyone can use and bounce off it high in the air, and even double jump, allowing players to cover a lot of area with it.


Wattson was imagined as a legend that counters aggressive teams who prefer to rush and take advantage of slow players, something like Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane composition.

However, in order to utilize Wattson fully, you need a very patient team and coordination, which many teams simply do not have. She is arguably S tier when played in a proper composition and coordinated players.

Her fences allow her to make a little bunker inside any, preferably closed area which slows and dazes players who pass through them. Her ultimate ability compliments the tactical ability by denying any grenades (including your team’s) and airstrikes. and slowly recharges shields of any friendly or enemy players in the range of it.


Mirage is a fun legend to play. His passive makes him invisible when knocked for 5 seconds and also becomes invisible when resurrecting friends.

His tactical allows him to send a clone that can mimic Mirage’s moves, firing etc. (doesn’t really fire) just confuses enemies, they get destroyed if fired upon. And lastly, his ultimate does the same, but with 5 clones which is actually useful. Mirage doesn’t have a kit good enough for a shooter and is mostly just a fun legend.


Bloodhound’s passive allows him to see traces of enemies that recently went through and he can ping them. His tactical is what makes him shine. He fires a scanner in a 125 degree cone in a desired direction that marks enemies for everyone in your team letting you know where they are. This is extremely good in a game such as Apex Legends because it allows you to push and loot areas safely. It lasts for 4 seconds and the ability has a 25 second cooldown.

Lastly, his ultimate allows him to transform into a predator, making his sight black and white but enemies are marked clearly with red, making them easier to target, he also runs faster and knocks extend the duration of the ultimate. His tactical’s cooldown is also significantly reduced to 9 seconds.


Caustic is a defensive camper hero. His passive makes him immune to his and enemy Caustic’s gases and highlights enemies inside the gas for easier targeting. He also takes 15% less damage due to his size.

His tactical allows him to spawn up to 3 barrels with a 25 second cooldown per barrel. When enemies come close to them, they trigger and release gas that damages enemies only and makes them move slower. They can be destroyed when not triggered. The damage also goes directly for health of the enemy and ignores shields.

His ultimate allows him to throw a bomb that explodes when it reaches the ground and does the same effect as the barrel but just larger.


Revenant is an aggressive hero with a passive that allows him to crouch as fast as his walk meaning he can sneak well. He can also climb faster and to higher walls than other legends. After he got reworked in Season 18, he can also track low HP targets additionally.

His tactical is a leap forward that can be used to close gaps, chase down enemies or retreat.

Lastly, his ultimate provides him with a shield that increases his survivability and makes him a truly great 1v1 assassin legend.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed my Apex Legends tier list and that it will help you reach the rankings you dreamed of. Make sure to understand that I try to update this tier list every patch, however, unless there was a significant buff or nerf, it’s valid for a longer period of time.

However, if you still need a little push to reach your desired RP or get those badges you always wanted, check out our Apex Legends boost services and order today, I'll be waiting! :)

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