Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Ballistic in Apex Legends. Ballistic is an assault legend added in Season 17.

He’s an interesting legend with a new mechanic that allows him to carry 3 weapons. His tactical is also unique, while his ultimate is not unseen but its still quite good.

Since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory. I need to know how to play every legend out there when my clients ask me to OTP Ballistic on their boosts or for example 20 kill badge boosts. Today, I’ll teach you to. Lets go!

Who is Ballistic?

August was the only one who could inherit the Brinkman wealth, which had been made through shady deals. But when his parents' bad business decisions caught up with them, August was left a wealthy orphan. August joined the Thunderdome Games, which came before the Apex Apex Games. He was rich, angry, and hurting himself.

This is where August would meet the love of his life, Sok Leng, in battle. They got married quickly and had a son named Nathaniel. Sok Leng and her brother Kit Siang were a destructive team that couldn't be split up.

Kit Siang died because August didn't pay attention to his team when they needed him because he was too busy trying to please the crowd. August was crushed by his guilt, so he turned inward and drove his wife and son away. August went to the Syndicate when his son was ready to join the dangerous Apex Games. He made them an offer: take me instead.

His son wouldn't go down the same road that got him into trouble. What could be a better way to use those skills than to help others? And if killing everyone who stands against him is his best thing to do...That's a really lucky accident.

Ballistic’s Abilities

Assault Class Legend

Ballistic has two passives linked to his legend class.

Access Weapon Supply Bins: Ballistic can open each red Weapon Supply Bin's secret section. If he does this, he will be able to get gear and upgrades that fit his current loadout, just like the Smart Loot Supply Bins in Storm Point's IMC Armories.

Carry More Ammo: Ballistic can carry an extra 20 rounds of Energy Ammo, Heavy Ammo, and Light Ammo per inventory spot. Also, he can carry 21 shotgun rounds instead of 16 and 37 sniper rounds instead of the usual 28.

Passive: Sling

Ballistic is the only character in the game who can use a third weapon that is not its main skill, like Rampart and Vantage. He can pick up three guns from the ground or a box, and the third one will go into his sling.

You can get to the sling from your inventory or by using a character utility move. It's also important to know that this third weapon won't let you add any attachments to it.

I suggest getting a shotgun or a Wingman as your third weapon, since it's a good choice even without any upgrades, you don’t need to carry a lot of ammo either. However, there’s also another strategy.

You could play the R-99 in the 3rd slot because the R-99 is heavily dependent on being fully kitted. Ballistic’s ultimate will upgrade your 3rd weapon to Gold giving you all attachments, making the weapon really powerful suddenly.

Tactical: Whistler

Ballistic’s tactical is a one handed launcher that sends out a projectile that once its locked onto an enemy, it heats up their weapon and causes damage to them if they overheat. Now here are the facts you need to know about the Whistler.

  • Deals 20 damage on impact

  • Effect lasts for 12 seconds, if the gun overheats it deals 30 more damage and removes the overheating debuff

  • Holding down the tactical button allows you to get a lock on the target (guidance system). The reticle will change from blue to yellow. The launch is cancelled by Melee.

  • Whistler can be used at the same time as other actions: firing, reloading, healing, etc.

  • If it does not hit a target directly, it will temporarily stick to surfaces and hit an enemy if they get too close. Deals 5 damage and applying the overheat effect.

apex legends ballistic art><br>

<h4>Whistler Tips</h4>

The ability works wonders when shot at an enemy who you plan to engage in close combat because you can negate their shooting. If you shoot it at someone during a long-range fight you really won’t gain much. <br><br>

Its also quite good because the 20 damage is a nice addition considering you can fire it while for example already shooting the enemy. You can also track the icon on your screen that shows whether they’re close to overheating - at that moment you can peek or push because they can’t shoot. <br><br>

You can also use it as a deterrent for enemies. For example if you stick it to the door enemies could see it and will be hesitant to pass through that door, if they do, they will be silenced. Similar to how <a href=Revenant places his silence in doorways. Also, since the Whistler bullet allows 1 “turn” to track an enemy in case the enemy went behind the corner you can still fire the bullet during the “lock on” period (yellow crosshair) after the enemy stepped behind the corner to still lock at him if you’re fast enough. This could make you some nice clips.

Once you land that Whistler, especially in 1v1 make sure to commit and finish them off. A smart player will run away from you and overheat on his own to eat 30 damage and get the effect off before you get to him. You need to account for that.

Ultimate: Tempest

When triggered, teammates nearby benefit from quicker reloads, faster armed movement speeds, and unlimited ammunition. The 3rd sling weapon that Ballistic uses will be equipped and given a gold upgrade.

Now here are the facts you need to know about the Whistler.

  • Takes 3 seconds to activate and lasts 30 seconds. Duration is increased by 5 seconds per kill during the activation period.

  • Affect teammates within a radius of 10 meters. Once they gained the autoloader effect, they can move beyond the radius while retaining the effect.

  • Sling weapon cannot be swapped to regular slot, nor disposed of, during the duration of the ultimate.

  • The speed boost stacks with other legend's speed boost.

  • Once activated, not affected by Crypto's Drone EMP or Revenant's Silence.

  • One more little tip - if you reload your guns before the ult expires, you will pull out the ammo out of the infinite ammo from ultmate and not waste yours.

The ultimate charges really fast so basically use this in every teamfight you have it. However, you don’t want to use it during poking phase, a commit must be sure!

apex legends ballistic art

Best Weapons for Ballistic

When it comes to the weapon loadout for Ballistic. I’ve had most success with Wingman as primary, Peacekeeper secondary, and R-99 for my sling. R-99 gets insanely powerful when it turns to gold and Wingman + Shotgun is the usual combo found on other legends too.

If you don’t like R-99 you can use RE-45 (you get Hammerpoint!) even though that’s quite similar. Third alternative is EVA-8 or Mozambique.

Best Legends To Play With Ballistic

Due to his ultimate which is the core of Ballistic. He goes well with aggressive highly mobile legends:

Wrapping up the Ballistic guide

Thank you for reading my Ballistic guide. I hope you learned something today! Make sure to keep an eye on our Apex Legends Tier List to know how strong Ballistic is in the current meta and whether you should be playing him.

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