Hey everyone! Today I'm going to teach you how to play Octane in Apex Legends so you can start dominating games using him and even reach a higher rank than you were before with your new main.

I'm a professional Apex Legends booster and Octane is a legend that I often play when I'm with my squad and we're playing the aggressive strategy instead of camping and sweating, hence why I believe I can teach you a lot.

Without further ado, let's dig into Octane...

Who is Octane?

Octane was the first new legend added to Apex Legends after the game's release. He was released on March 19th, 2019, just before the release of Season 1. He can be purchased from the Legend Shop for 750 Apex Coins, or 12,000 Legend Tokens.

Octane is an offensive hero whose abilities enable him to cover a lot of ground in a hurry. He is a perfect choice for a high kill game, flanking, scouting, and an overall aggressive playstyle.

He's on par with Wraith and Bangalore, Ash and others when it comes to playing aggressively. This guide will cover the basics of Octane, and will also provide advanced tips, tricks, and strategy to have you getting the most value out of playing Octane for your squad. Let's resume with Octane's abilities.

Octane Abilities

Octane features an aggressive kit made for running, closing gaps, and a fast-paced playstyle. Perfect for getting fast high kill games especially in lower RP tiers where our Apex Legends boost players love playing him. Let's see further...

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Next up is Octane’s passive ability, Swift Mend. This allows Octane to gradually heal himself over time after not taking damage for 6 seconds. The rate of healing is 1 health per second. The generated healing will be visible in a light green color, just like when activating any other healing ability. This will not cause you to stop what you are doing, the heal is automatic.

This ability is automatically activated when Octane is not at full health. Swift Mend does NOT raise your shields. With Octane’s Stim ability costing 20 health per use, the Swift Mend is very effective. You will not be healed when taking damage from enemies, the circle or your tactical ability.

Swift Mend Tips & Tricks

1. Swift Mend does not heal while Stim is activated. This means that when activating Stim, your passive heal ability will not kick in until after the 6-second long ability is over. Be sure to allow some time to heal in between if you find yourself running for long periods of time.

2. When playing Octane it may be helpful to carry an extra inventory stack of Syringes or Med Kits. As Stim can be activated at just a 2-second cooldown it might not be uncommon to find yourself activating the stim ability several times before finding enemies. If this happens do not be afraid to take a quick break and heal up.

3. With a coordinated team, ask them to give you the legendary shield. Octane relies heavily on his shields as he will often be down in health with his tactical ability.

Tactical Ability: Stim

Stim allows Octane to run 40% faster for 6 seconds. This ability costs 20 health per use so make sure to watch your health! It is also on a particularly fast cooldown. It refreshes just 1 seconds after the ability ends.

You will want to use this ability as much as possible when trying to escape, when fighting to dodge more, chase enemies, when running away from the circle, the possibilities are endless.

Stim Tips & Tricks

1. Using Stim will never result in death. If Stim is activated at 10 hp or less, you will stay 1 HP. Do not let this stop you! You should generally look to run with Stim as much as possible when playing Octane. Just be sure to not get too far away from your team, or engage with particularly low health. If running away with 1 HP means you survive, it's a great deal.

2. Stim is perfect for looting in early game situations. You should play aggressively knowing that you will most likely be able to swipe a gun or shield before your enemy has a chance due to your increased speed. This will give you a particularly high advantage in crowded drops such as Hot Zones.

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3. Use Stim during a gunfight. Many players fear the loss of health during a gunfight, but that is absolutely the wrong way to play Octane. Stimming allows a nearly unhittable strafe. With just a 20 health penalty per stim, you can think of that as one bullet hit on you. The use of Stim should allow you to dodge more than one bullet on an enemy with ease.

4. Be sure to control your aggression when playing Octane. Always communicate when you are flanking enemies so your team knows the perfect time to engage. Be sure to check your surroundings at all times, and not drift too far away from your teammates. This leaves your teammates in a bad position if they get attacked, and also leaves you in a situation where you may have to face a full squad by yourself.

5. “Scouting” enemies is a great way to use Octane’s Stim ability. You can cover a good portion of the map looking for enemies while staying a reasonable distance away from your teammates. Make sure you don’t engage in the gunfight until your team is ready. Take the time to hide, heal up, and wait for the opportune time to strike. If you are spotted, use another Stim or Launch Pad back in the direction you came from and get to safety.

7. The Stim makes a really loud noise, enemies at a large distance will still hear you using it.

8. Be careful with the end of Stim animation where Octane takes the needle out of him and you can't shoot for a short time.

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Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Finally, we have Octane’s Ultimate Ability, Launch Pad. This allows Octane to deploy a launchpad, propelling you forward for a large distance in the direction you are moving and allowing you to double jump in the air to change direction or go further in the wanted direction.

Launch Pad Tips & Tricks

1. Incorporate a jump right before taking the launch pad. If done correctly you can propel yourself to further distances. Timing is everything here, you don’t want to over jump it, or jump and hit the wrong part of the launch pad and go the wrong way. Use your momentum logically, and remember, practice makes perfect here.

2. The launch pad has a very quick cooldown for an Ultimate Ability (90 seconds), so be sure to use it often. It can be beneficial in almost any fight to gain position, be more elusive, and get out of a sticky situation. Do not be the guy that doesn’t use a single Launch Pad.

3. The launchpad can be used during Stim which will allow you to go even further. Keep in mind that if you throw the pad straight down while being stimmed you will run past it! Angle your aim to throw it a bit out in front of yourself so you do not outrun the pad. Another option is to place the pad down and then stim. This will make it easier to ensure that you do not outrun the launchpad.

4. The Launch Pad can be used to quickly gain a good position on an enemy. It will most likely take them by surprise and allow you a few seconds where it will likely be very hard for enemies to hit you in the air. Be sure to compensate for your momentum with the bullet drop when taking the launch pad! 5. You can place the launchpad in tight corridors or on the doors of the place you're protecting so your enemies have trouble getting past it.

6. You can place it for a downed teammate so he can jump away to safety faster where he can be resurrected.

7. Don't be afraid to use it when running away from the circle, if it's necessary, do it.

8. Hitting the jump pad while walking or sprinting will launch players along a high arc. From a crouch or slide, players will launch along a low arc, meaning they'll fly lower but farther in the horizontal direction.

9. Use it to troll your enemies, place it in front of them when they run or when they're AFK to have fun :).

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Octane Gameplay Strategy

With all of the abilities covered, it is time to dive into some of the more advanced strategies you should utilize while playing as Octane, even though the strategies can be applied to other aggressive Legends as well.


Octane is used most optimally as a flanker similar to Revenant. You can cover a ton of ground in a short amount of time, as well as a sustainable exit strategy. This allows you plenty of time to safely belly around objects in order to sneak behind enemies. When caught, you can safely escape back through the way you came.

At this time, you will cause a diversion. The enemy team will now be forced to turn around or be shot from behind. This allows you to sneak behind enemies and get free shots from behind, while also taking attention away from your teammates. Be sure to communicate when doing this with your team. I like to count down from 3 before engaging to give my teammates a heads up. Timing is key here, otherwise, you may give the enemy team an easy kill.


When playing Octane you should always beware of how far away you get from your teammates. You should be ahead of your team because of your capabilities as a scout, but be careful you don’t get too far! You want to stay within a reasonable range of your teammates so you can help them if they are attacked by enemies. A good strategy here is to be sure you can get back to your teammates with two uses of Stim.

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Legend Picks

If you are going into a game with a preset squad, it may be best to play Wraith, Pathfinder, Ash, Mad Maggie, Revenant along with Octane. The reason for this is that they are the most mobile and aggressive legends, who will be able to compliment your play style. Many of their abilities allow them to move, and their teammates faster. This allows you as an Octane player to be as aggressive as possible.

This meta is also the best meta for a high kill game as you will be able to come in contact with the most amount of enemies because of the ground you will be able to cover. Launch Padding for your teammate making a Wraith portal can particularly be super effective to maximize distance traveled.

The Perfect Octane Weapon Loadout

Finally, you should be sure to use weapons that enable you to be strong in close-range engagements. Such as R-99 + Peacekeeper, Prowler + Peacekeeper or Wingman + R-99 and Wingman + Peacekeeper. Octane shines in close to mid-range and those weapons you should be aiming for each game.

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Octane, named beautifully, is an extremely explosive legend. He is capable of making very big plays, but he can also do more harm than good. You have to take care when playing him. Just because you can sprint around the entire map does NOT mean that it is the best/only way to use him.

You still need to coordinate with your team and control your rushes, flanks, and scouts. If you have an aggressive team, pick Octane just like our Apex Legends boosting squad do when they're in for a lot of kills or 4K damage / 20 Kills badges. We can also get you higher RP or your desired badges easily, anonymously, and carefree. Just select one of the services and you're good to go.

I like to relate Octane to “Chaos.” He can be very chaotic for enemies. Running side to side like a mad man while an enemy tries to shoot you is the perfect way to utilize your chaos the right way. Use your speed and diversions effectively. Remember this piece of advice, just as fast as you can run yourself into a kill, is as fast as you can run yourself into a death. Control your chaos and you will find yourself playing like a pro Octane in no time.

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